Fat People Are Calling Doctors Bullies For “Fat Shaming” Them By Telling Them To Exercise And Lose Weight


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There’s been a lot of bullying talk in the news lately, but apparently we’ve all missed the biggest bullies out there…. DOCTORS!!!! Apparently they’re using their fancy medical degrees to tell fat people that they should try to be less fat. On the website XOJane, we found a bunch of these poor heavy hitters who have shared some of their bullying experiences, or “fat shaming” as they’re now calling it:

He asked this time too, and he asked what I ate, but he didn’t wait for an answer. I had to exercise more, he said, having no idea how much I was exercising. I also needed to eat less than whatever it was I was eating which I hadn’t gotten a chance to tell him. Dear god, what cutting-edge medical research! I certainly never thought of “eat less and exercise more,” 

“I’m not concerned about it,” I said tightly [when the doctor advised her to lose weight], “and if it comes up again I’m going to have to find another doctor.” 

“Any other doctor would tell you the same,” he said, as though I hadn’t been coming to him, just as fat as now, for several years.

“Well, I prefer a doctor who at least waits to hear what I eat before telling me to eat less.”

He looked exasperated. “There’s no possible way you’re not eating too much.” 

After that, I was sort of blinded by a fine mist of fury particles for a little while.

I feel so bad for this poor doctor. Don’t you? Here he is trying to make a difference in the world, trying to tell this lady that her fatness isn’t good for her. And what does she do? Write a blog about what a dooshnozzle he is for doing his job. This is why I could never be a doctor, or a teacher. Your job is to tell someone to do something a certain way, and then when they don’t do it that way they blame you for being mean. No thanks, I’ll stick to blogging.

Newsflash to this plus sized catch: the doctor is 100% right when he says you’re eating too much. That’s how you get to be fat. You eat too much and you don’t exercise. He doesn’t need to ask what you’re eating, the jelly donut residue on your cheek was a dead giveaway. I know it sucks to here this because it’s the truth and all, but it’s the truth. Clearly this poor dingleberry is just another one of these idiots who got a trophy for doing nothing growing up. Now when they go to the doctor they expect them to tell them how healthy they are. Five foot two, 240 pounds? Looking good girl!!!!


Weight shaming from doctors not only makes you feel bad, it actually discourages people from getting check-ups as often as they should. 

Last Tuesday, I went to my gynecologist for my annual. My doctor is a cool lady, and even gave me a recommendation for her favorite sex toy shop, so I have a lot of respect for her. I was not so cool with what happened after the exam, however.

“So, I’ve noticed that you’ve gained 19 pounds in the past six months. Maybe you should think about changing your lifestyle habits.”

Given that I am aggressively working on dealing with the stress-related eating and lack of exercise that led to this weight gain, I was predictably pissed.

This doctor broke the cardinal rule of American society: you can’t ever make anyone feel bad. Ever. If you tell a fat person that their fatness will slowly kill them, then they might never go to the doctor again. Then they’ll live happily ever after and drown themselves in hot fudge. Stupid doctors.

This poor girl doesn’t get the obvious hint from the doctor. She thinks she’s cool because she pointed her towards a sex store shop? Ummmmm, you realize that’s because she has come to the conclusion that this is the closest thing you will ever come to a relationship at your current mass right? Nineteen pounds in six months? Yea, that’s a perfectly normal and healthy way to live. Why is this doctor being such a bully and pointing out that gravity is being so unfair to you? It’s not your fault you gained 19 pounds in six months. It has absolutely nothing to do with how you’re living your life at all.

Gotta love her excuses there at the end too. She’s fat because she’s over eating. She’s overeating because she’s stressed. She’s stressed because she doesn’t exercise. None of this is her fault. None of it. God bless this woman.



It started when I stepped on the scale during check in and noticed that I had finally slipped (barely) over the 200 line — I’d gone from the high 180s in July, when I was last forcibly weighed, to 201. I flinched. I couldn’t help it. I’m acculturated to hate myself for being fat, and there’s something about 200 that makes it a particular Fatness Milestone. 

“How tall are you,” she asked, eyeing me where I was perched on the edge of the exam table, hands loosely folded into each other. 

“Er, about five feet,” I said. 

So I suspected my weight might come up in our appointment, because this was our first meeting, and doctors tend to like to hassle me about my weight on first encountering me. We all know that fat-shaming is big in the medical community, right?

You should really be watching your weight,” [the doctor] said, which created a momentary vision in my mind of being asked to watch a friend’s luggage at the airport while she darts to the bathroom to take a pee, but I know that’s not what she meant.

“Watch your weight” is code for “get less fat.”

The thing is, I know that the science behind “fat=unhealthy” is bad. I’ve read numerous studies on the subject and I’ve written about it. I could have countered her on purely medical grounds with discussions about set points and health as a complex issue, and how fat hatred and the diet industry drive mainstream medical approaches to weight. And I could have said, too, that people have a right to be treated like human beings regardless as to their weight and health risks.

I remember what I was like at 120 pounds. I don’t seem to have any photos, because it was a long time ago and I avoided the camera like the plague then, convinced that I was fat and disgusting, but I was thin: I was a size four, and I had a pronounced collarbone, and I was mean as a snake, because I was hungry and irritated all the time. I exercised constantly and practiced extreme caloric restriction to stay at that weight, and the result was a person who, while thin, wasn’t very nice to be around.

Five feet, 201 pounds. Ain’t nothing wrong with that doc. Stop fat shaming this poor gravitationally challenged woman. Why you hassling this poor girl about her weight? There’s absolutely nothing abnormal about her. It’s a perfectly healthy way to live.

Gotta love this girl’s excuses though. She’s obviously much smarter than the doctor because she read somewhere that being fat is a healthy way to live. She even wrote about it!!! This whole “get skinny” thing that Michelle Obama is trying to push on poor little fat kids nationwide, is nothing less than a conspiracy between the fat cats at the diet industry, fat haters, the mafia, Spiro Agnew, G. Gordon Liddy, E. Howard Hunt, and the one armed man who killed Richard Kimble’s wife!!

The even more priceless excuse is that she doesn’t want to lose weight because it turns her into a mean 120 pound person. Because everyone who weighs 120 pounds is mean obviously.



Look, I’m not hating on fat people at all. I’ve been a fat bastard before. Why? Because I was in college for four years. Getting fat is one of the funnest experiences of your life. The process of getting fat is just a great time all around. You eat whatever you want. You never have to exercise. You sleep till noon. You spend a lot of time in the bathroom. It’s like your a freaking king.

I know it’s not easy for some people to lose weight, but blaming it on a doctor for pointing it out? That just makes you seem like a fat person who hates the world. The doctor isn’t the reason you can’t lose weight. Doctors can tell you that you’re fat. Your friends and family can’t because of manners. You obviously lack the inter motivation to do what’s best for yourself, so another person is helping you out with that. But yea, they’re the bad guy.

A doctor’s office is a magical place where all your secrets remain. You can tell the doctor all the filthy things you’ve done to your body in the past six months, that your friends and family would make you feel actual shame about. But a doctor doesn’t judge you because they’re trying to help you. They became doctors because they want to help people live longer and healthier lives. So when you tell the doctor that you drink a six pack every night, smoke a shit ton of weed, and having unprotected relations with women who don’t love you, the doctor is going to tell you that these are bad ideas. Because the doctor doesn’t want to see you die in a cesspool of bud light, lung cancer, and herpes.

There’s nothing wrong with being shamed once in a while. No one likes to be shamed, but it forces us to get our act together. Unless of course you’re a loser. Ya see, the difference between a loser and a winner is how they handle setbacks. Losers get a bad grade on a test and say “I can’t do this.” Winners say “Shit, I gotta study more next time.” Losers get told by the doctor they put on too much weight and they say the doctor is fat shaming them. Winners say “Shit, I gotta get my ass down to the gym and stop making excuses.”

America is one of the fattest countries on earth, because ultimately we’ve pretty much got rid of winning and losing. Everyone’s a winner now. If you think only some people can win then your’e a bully. And no one like bullying!!! So get with the program Doc!!!

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  • November 28, 2015 at 10:40 am

    It’s beyond ridiculous. Doctors have a duty to remind us about our health! If they’re being crucified for this, who would want to be doctors at all?

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