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  • Fitchburg Mom Wants You To Pay Her $700 For Car Repairs Covered By Insurance, But Make The Check Out To Landlord And Stop Asking Questions

    Fitchburg Mom Wants You To Pay Her $700 For Car Repairs Covered By Insurance, But Make The Check Out To Landlord And Stop Asking Questions

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    Tis the season for the scammerama mommas to use their children to try to get free money from strangers on Facebook……

    So she’s a single, deaf mother of two and was in a car accident. Now she needs $700 to fix her problem. Let’s hear the sob story:

    So she needs $700 to get her car fixed. Back in the day you’d just kind of find a way to pay for your own bills. But it’s 2017 and begging strangers is socially acceptable now. Everyone’s doing it. Naturally she’s also collecting SSI and could get a job but chooses not to.

    She probably could’ve just left it like that and a couple nudniks would’ve donated to her. But instead she chose to start answering people’s questions in the comments, and the whole thing fell apart. It started when someone asked her why her insurance didn’t pay for it…..

    Wait……what? A year ago? An attorney for a $700 accident? That’s what it costs my attorney to write me an email. Naturally her only reaction when someone started asking a logical question was the sad face emoji. Very sad.

    She also claimed that insurance wasn’t paying for it because she’s under her mother’s name for insurance. Just don’t ask her any more questions –

    It’s “personal.” Shut up and donate. No more questions.

    “I’ve tried everything.” Everything except calling your insurance agent and finding a job apparently.

    After that she asked people to send the money directly to her landlord, which makes perfect sense since the money being raised was for car repairs.

    Someone asked her about this, but Raquel didn’t have time to explain it all:

    Just shut up and write the check.


    She also claimed that she was a college grad who couldn’t get a job until 2020 because her student loans somehow disappeared then:

    Sounds like someone is banking on Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders becoming the next POTUS.

    The story began to unravel, so Raquel pulled the “thank you for nothing” card:

    As usual we can just go through this chick’s Facebook page and find all sorts of things she’s blowing money on that could go to fixing her car instead. Ya know, like tittoos


    Plane rides

    And professionally done badass photography

    Of course all you really needed to see was this:


    All sorts of mammal filters. Nuff said. You simply cannot trust any chick who has more than one profile picture using a dog filter. That’s just science.

    Anyway, here’s a novel idea for the holidays – take care of your own shit. The rest of us are all doing it. I hate shelling out all this cash to give my kids a Merry Christmas but I find a way that doesn’t involve Internet panhandling. But then again I’m not sitting at home collecting SSI and refusing to get a job, so I can’t really relate to what it’s like to be in this situation.

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    1. Shhhhhhhhhh

      Ever fucked a dead chick? So hot…..they have no idea how loud they are…..only time in my life I ever had the cops called to my apartment

      1. Shhhhhhhhhh

        Wooops…..honestly that was supposed to say deaf chick!!!!! Swear to god!

        She was definitely alive and breathing!

        1. They call me Ponch

          Heh, heh……he said dead chick.

          1. SHHH

            i saw that. lol

        2. SHHH

          yes i am still breathing. thanks for double check on me 😉

        3. Itsjustme

          Bahahahaha that was awesome. Not sure how I missed that comment since it’s the very first one.

      2. SHHH

        oooohhh. that must be wrong person. nice to know. keep watch out of the window.

    2. ElJefe72

      I bet she hasn’t even contributed to Didi Delgado yet.

      1. SHHH

        cool. i never heard of Didi Delgado. what is that?

    3. Hughbo Mont

      Not 1, but 2 kids. And there isn’t a glut of signers. They make good money.

      1. SHHH

        good money? tell me about it.. hmm..

    4. Just Wondering?

      Does being deaf make you lousy at English grammar, and being unable to construct a proper sentence? Just wondering?

      1. 5HourEnergy'd

        Believe it or not, it does, from my experience. I know two deaf girls in one of my sports leagues and they both friended me on Facebook. They are the nicest girls, but I cannot understand them so I was thrilled when they found me on Facebook. Holy crap, neither of them can type in proper English, or even close to it!

        However, both of these bad typists are upstanding individuals with actual JOBS. One has a child and both of them are incredible athletes. So this woman’s only real “disability” is a severe case of Rachetry and the inability to scam well.

        1. SHHH

          interesting story.

          1. 5HourEnergy'd

            Yes! Interesting what can happen when people actually WORK hard at life… especially when they are parents.

            You are what they call a “cautionary tale.”

      2. Sped teacher

        Actually it does if the person lost hearing prior to age 4

      3. ANGRY GIANT

        I want to inform you about how deaf people write. If you are a hearing/speaking person, you probably think in English or Spanish,or whatever language you understand. People who are deaf think in the language that they understand, and that is American Sign Language. ASL and English use the same words, but the structure of the thoughts is different. In English, you’d ask someone, “Do you want to eat a cookie?” with an inflection in the voice to indicate it is a question. In ASL, the question is “Cookie, you want eat”, with a “questioning” facial expression to indicate it is a question.

        Some deaf people become excellent writers in the English language. But like when people study a second language, not all people become excellent.

    5. SHHH

      wtf is this? make fun of me.. and make me famous? Hmm. interesting.

      1. Shhhhh

        whose making fun of you? People are just wondering why your story makes no sense

        1. SHHH

          no one ask me directly. they just jump to conclusions… i dont even explain anything.. hmm..

          1. shhhh

            all the screenshots of your comments above where you were asked directly show that the story doesn’t make sense.

            Anyways….don’t let it bother you….you’re probably a nice girl….and let’s face it we can never get the whole story from any source…..

            so if you really want people to donate you will have to explain yourself better; otherwise you just have to kind of laugh this stuff off….

            If you really do need help; then I wish you the best

      2. Finn

        Why don’t you just pay your landlord with mouth hugs?

        1. SHHH

          my landlord, Joanna Donnelly? wow. hmm..

          1. Finn

            I’m sure she appreciates you throwing her name out there. Why don’t you just sell back your tittoes. Can you do that?

            1. Makes sense now

              It’s her mother, I did a search on her and her mother’s name is Joanna Roy, so she probably remarried or changed her last name and now her daughter “rents” from her. Good way to get all the assistance you can. Mom writes a letter and she is all set. Such a joke

      3. TortugaNino

        Not just famous, Turtleboy famous!!! You have nooo idea just how interesting this will get for you. RUN, RUN like you are on fire!

        1. SHHH

          that’s cool to see you guys do this. that’s just most delirious i have seen. every person just like to jump to conclusions, just like this. I let you guys be. Its totally to be a judgmental. I don’t blame any of you to be like that.

          1. TortugaNino

            I don’t know what any of that means, sounds important. I just want to say that I’m surprised someone with a real disability is able to live in such a shameful way, it speaks volumes to how you were raised. I would think that being deaf you would have learned how to overcome hardships and struggles to some degree to be able to make it in life, it is so unfortunate that you were obviously coddled and also given a trophy every time. My mother was born deaf waaay before they had special needs classes or schools for the hard of hearing and she still somehow managed to graduate high school and college with a muuuuch better grasp on the English language. She also WORKED and raised a family and never once asked for a handout. Even now as an elderly woman she refuses to collect disability and still works to support herself. People like you are killing this country quicker than fatboy lynch with a 9 iron.

          2. Makes sense now

            Don’t beg on social media. Their are people who really need help and they don’t get it, because of people who abuse the help that’s given. Your story makes zero sense and yes people have the right to question things if you think your gonna get money from them. If you owe money for rent you probably would have been better off with that story. The whole you need it to fix a car, but need the check made to your landlord.. ohhh lmao I get it, you said it was your moms car that was crashed and she had insurance, but you couldn’t make a claim. So is mom your landlord also? That would make sense. Mom is your landlord and you claim government assistance for your kids. Mom writes the letters as your landlord and you probably don’t even pay rent. Forget your shit.

          3. Makes sense now

            If your a professional photographer.. why the hell would you use the dog filter constantly? Doesn’t seem very professional.

          4. Girl in NH

            Jesus shut up already and get a job.

      4. 5HourEnergy'd

        Gold Gold Gold

        1. SHHH

          never happen. fr. its nice to hear you to say it.

    6. Itsjustme

      I know exactly why she can’t work until 2020,she probably had a doctor file a form with her student loans that she was disabled and if approved they wait three years before they fully discharge it. In those three years she can still work as long as she doesn’t make over the poverty amount. So basically she doesn’t want to work.

      1. Shhhh

        great point! thank you for sharing that with us

        1. Itsjustme

          That’s what you did isn’t it?

        2. Itsjustme

          Sorry confused you with her.

    7. 2wEntEe

      I’m like 92% sure that deaf people can’t get a driver’s license.

      1. TortugaNiño

        They most certainly can. This is Massachusetts, we will give an illegal imigrant with 2 glass eyes and a peg leg a drivers license if they promise to vote democrat 3 times every election with it. Yet if u get caught selling drugs one too many times they will take it away and hold it for 20k in ransom money while your on probation for life. I mean fees and penalties, welcome to liberal hell.

      2. Meems

        My ex was deaf. He drove. It’s just one of those “restrictions” on his license and he has to be super observant and make sure none of his mirrors are missing.

      3. hehe

        pretty sure it was a tongue-in-cheek comment :p

    8. Local real local

      Wow. Where to begin? Let’s start with the student loans. Assuming for the sake of argument the loans will be forgiven in 2020 is based upon her disability and lack of work based upon that disability. She can apply to the loan holder for a waiver and under certain medical conditions or change of status the loans can be permanently forgiven. Usually you see this scenario (but not always) when a parent signs a parent plus loan or individually signs the loan for the student — not co-signs. This is a case by case basis.

      Second, if she is disabled, why was she issued student loans and not straight grants and loaded up on disability scholarships?

      Deafness is some circumstances is not a complete disability. She doesn’t have the ability to get a Kochlear implant?

      If a ratchet doesn’t hear the money drop into the go fund me page, did it happen?

      1. ANGRY GIANT

        A cochlear implant can allow a deaf person to hear, if the deafness is due to a problem with the ear drum. If the deafness is due to a nerve issue on the other side of the cochlea, then there is no hope of hearing sound. The implant requires surgery, and there is an “over the ear” piece that is expensive. Usually private insurance covers this, I don’t know about for someone on Obamacare. There is a need to have followup meetings with an audiologist to tune the equipment, and with a hearing therapist to learn how to process the sounds as having meaning. The earlier in life that the implant happens, the more likely it is that the recipient will be able to process the sound as language. Some people get the cochlear implant at later ages, and never learn to understand spoken language and to talk. But some people do.

    9. Stunt Penis

      Maybe if she had spent less money on tats she’d have the $700 for the car repairs

    10. juror seven esq.

      Reviewed the pictures two times just to be certain. I’d tag that no questions asked. Why waste time if she can’t hear.

    11. Clive McFarlane

      Turtleboy sports, a sports blog that never blogs about sports. Anyone with a gofundme is at risk. Who cares, it doesn’t affect you, if people want to donate just let them and mind your business

    12. Uisfatcow

      Learn how to speak English you lazy bitch

    13. TheDudeAbides

      The google machine shows an arrest for operating with a suspended license. Funny how insurance companies aren’t cool with unlicensed drivers. Mom however is not the landlord – Joanna v. Joanne.

    14. #shesnotdisabled!

      Lmfao, is she really that stupid?!? Her mom is her landlord, she’s scamming the disability and welfare systems, and begging for money like Didi. I bet she sounds like chewbaca when she gets mad and yells, I love arguing with ratchet deaf chicks(I’m allowed, I’m half deaf). The grammar, holy hell, how did she pass second grade?? She’s far from disabled, I don’t know any other deaf people that don’t have a job, shes milking the hell out of disability.

    15. DididelgadoeatsJIZZ

      I got $20 for her if she puts on the knee pads and drops down too Service tha Turtle.

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