• Fitchburg/Leominster Selfie Queen Selling Food Stamps On Facebook

    You know the first of the month has arrived when gutter slugs like these are on Facebook selling their food stamps.

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    Here’s your daily dose of sewer guppies trying to sell their food stamps on Facebook:


    So this lovely twin cities creation apparently has two kids, who appear to be around middle school or high school age. Dad seems nice too. LOL. Just kidding. I think we all knew there’s no Dad here. Way too much family planning and responsibility involved.

    And of course the government is just loading up her EBT card at the expense of the taxpayers, because she obviously really, really needs it. But we give her so much free shit she doesn’t even know what to do with it. That’s why she’s selling her surplus on Facebook for the world to see.

    The best part about going through a ratchet’s Facebook page are the never ending sea of selfies:











    This is one thing we’ve noticed about every gutterslug we profile on Turtleboy Sports. They’re all obsessed with themselves. If your Facebook profile pictures is just a collection of you doing duck face selfies, you should probably go ahead and get over yourself. Especially if you’re an irresponsible welfare leech who needs the taxpayers to pay your bills for you.

    You know what normal mothers have for profile pictures on Facebook? Pics of themselves with their families. Ya know, doing things that don’t include looking in the mirror and pretending to be an Instagram model. Because pretending to be glamorous while you’re committing EBT fraud for the world to see isn’t a good look for you. You’re not the Queen of France, you’re a ratchet from Fitchburg. Report this chick to the authorities by clicking hereAnd by all means, keep sending us screenshots every time someone on your Facebook roster pulls a stunt like this. Time to drain the swamp.



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    1. Rochambeau

      ‘sewer guppies’. That’s some funny stuff right there.

    2. Mr Butthurt

      Mr Butthurt would pass

      1. Sasha The Fire Gypsy

        Liar! You know you’d knock the bottom out of it just like you did to me big boy.

        1. Mr Butthurt

          Sasha I only have eyes for you now.

    3. Boondocks girl

      Thanks for reporting shit like this.I hope she loses every penny of her free ride from the government. She looks like a hooker in some of those pics. Instead of selling your stamps, go sell your nasty ratchet ass. What a looser, no wonder he babies father ran the other way.

    4. StupidIsAsStupidDoes

      LOLOL, I love how her make-up is actually all SnapChat filters. Like, girllll, your eyeliner shouldn’t be overlapping your bangs and Bruins hat, that ain’t a good look!

      Seriously though, when is duck face going to go away for good? UGH.

      1. Harvey's Dent

        I am SO glad someone called that out

    5. Hughbo Mont

      $100 says she’s a Stamp Tramp with a Tramp Stamp.

    6. Pats

      And there’s not a person on your buddies friends list driving around Worcester in a brand new Mercedes convertible screwing the system too… selfies and boats oh please what a bullshitta

    7. I'm Rick James, bitch!

      She’s gonna need to pull a few extra shifts (or shafts) at Sweaty Betty’s to make up for her lost “income”…

    8. FiestyLawyerLady

      She looks like she feels sticky to the touch.

    9. Trump2017

      No matter how hard she tries, with her cvs eyelashes, and her caked on makeup, she still has that quintessential white trash ghetto look on lockdown! Last time she took a pic showing her teeth was in 7th grade, so I’m gonna go out on a limb and say her teeth are as yellow and jagged as those crack rocks she smokes.

      1. Blahblahblah

        The sad thing is her make up is put on by an app. It changes eye color too. If you look you can see it overlap her real make up. Lol

    10. Reddog


    11. Mike D

      Mick Marrs from Motley Crue selling food stamps now? I’ve seen it all!!

      1. Sexual Chocolate

        Mike D,

        Mic drop please. That was outstanding.

    12. GFY

      She looks like Mick Mars LOL

    13. Steve French

      Next step…. a good turtle rider should copy and paste these shit bags and email them to a person of accountability at the food stamp office… and see what the next move is,

      best case they stop wasting money on these shitbags that don’t need the help and with a little hope and a lot of naivety maybe they will get to people who need it..

      worst case , the idiots at the food stamp office take no action , and then it could be fun embarrassing them for their complacency .

      ps…that bitch is nasty

      1. T Rider

        Nothing will happen. A bureaucrat functionary in the EBT (or nearly any other government agency employee) is concerned first and foremost with making their own job easier (even when it involves human life-see DCF).

        Chasing rachets and cutting off benefits involves a LOT of extra paperwork and following up, and you get no extra pay. Easier to just sit at your desk and press the button that refills her EBT card again. No skin of the bureaucrat’s butt.

        Maybe if the government worker got to keep 10% of all fraudulent benefits that were cut off it might make a difference.

        1. Llc

          For shits and giggles. I reported her, complete with a screen shot.

          I’ll send the pic every day for weeks if need be…I’m nice like that.

    14. Illegal

      Making money off the taxpayer. Nobody busts her or even cares.

    15. wabbitt

      Are we certain that was always a woman?

    16. Sloppy

      What’s up with white trash chicks and putting eyeliner on with a masonry trowel ?

    17. Lola Bunny

      Turtleboy stop calling these people out! I wanna buy the discount food/ EBT card thingies. They take enough of my fucking taxes- I want to get some of it back! Half price groceries is a good start. And maybe the cash will help them OD quicker, boom! less people collecting. You’re welcome.

      1. Bbbbuuuuuuugggggs

        Love how your thinking here…

        1. Bbbbuuuuuuugggggs


    18. Phong

      Does she have holes in her cheeks? It looks like she has holes in her cheeks. You can’t play a trumpet with holes in your cheeks. Trombones either. Damn cheekholes.

      1. Turd Burglestein

        Not true…even with holes in her cheeks she could play a rusty trombone.

    19. Lives in Webster

      She looks like a turtle…(no offense)…but, really, she does.

    20. E. Warren

      She’s obviously not from Worcester. She could walk into any of the small crappy Spanish markets that pop up almost every other day and cash out her EBT for 50 cents on the dollar. They are on every other corner in the City with the big EBT signs in the windows. A lot of people go in but no one buys anything….except crack or heroin.
      They also take in all the stolen merchandise from the local supermarkets.

    21. T.Kennedy

      Better than the stupid Facebook duck faces are the occupations listed for these slugs. I like all the teenagers with the “full time mom”….Lol, your on welfare stupid!

    22. Butterboy

      Those stamps are the new Worcester currency.

    23. What the F**k

      She should buy her kids food and sell that big mouth

      1. Buck Futts

        She looks like she could suckstart a Harley

    24. Meatball Slidders

      Is this kevin lunches daughter or nece or whatever he calls her?

      Looks like a relative of Kevin, not as fat or slobbish look like his lazy momma

    25. gfldgadfly

      Pro tip : if you feel the need to use the fake lashes selfie filter, at least wash off your lopsided dollar store cat eye lines first.

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