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  • Former Providence Basketball Player Bilal Dixon Is Now Teaching His Students How To Do Racial Power Salutes In Class 

    Former Providence Basketball Player Bilal Dixon Is Now Teaching His Students How To Do Racial Power Salutes In Class

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    This seems like an inappropriate thing for a teacher to be doing in class……

    Oh good, he’s teaching them to do racial symbolism in class. This is why schools exist. This is normal.


    He’s not a regular teacher. He’s a cool teacher. And this is the only way to teach these impressionable young children that their lives matter. By putting their fists in the air and emulating an organization that killed cops while wearing fake afros.

    I have no idea where this school is, someone just sent it to us. But the teacher’s name is Bilal Dixon, and he was a former basketball player at Providence College.

    All I know is, this is the exact opposite of what we should be teaching kids. That the only thing that defines them is the color of their skin.

    You’ll notice that there’s a serious lack of diversity in this one particular classroom. But what if there was a white kid, or an Asian kid, or any other kid to who the black power salute wouldn’t apply? Would they be encouraged to do the black power salute, or would they not be allowed to?

    Or imagine a white teacher proudly filming himself while teaching his all white students how to do the symbol for white power. Might look a little something like this:

    Either way, this guy obviously has no business teaching, although his Facebook friends believe otherwise:

    Sorry Bilal, but contrary to what Celly and the crew think, this is far from dope. Oh yea, and you probably shouldn’t film your students in the classroom for the purpose of sharing it on your Facebook page. I would imagine that’s Teacher 101 stuff.

    Anyone have any idea what school this is? Let us know if you do.

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    1. Steven Stover

      Malcolm X wannabe. Teaching hate. Kids ain’t going to college anyway. He got nothing to teach them except bigotry.

      1. Dumfq

        Middelsex county college Edison, nj

      2. chrissy

        “Kids ain’t going to college anyway.”

        mindsets like this are the reason they feel it necessary to take a stand

    2. Over it

      So the kid at Mass Maritime can’t dress like a Nazi but this clown can dress like a frigging Black panther…. makes total sense

    3. Carl

      His LinkedIn page looks like a 10 year old wrote it.

      1. Anonymous

        Well, maybe one did. I am sure there is nothing of much academic use on it.

    4. Barack Obama

      Keep it up Bilal. I am very proud of you. Never forget that EVERYTHING is about race and the color of your skin. I am glad you have been paying attention the last 8 years as I was preaching the same stuff. If I was still in White House (I am still mad I could not get name changed to Black House) I would invite you over.

    5. Sue

      How is this okay in anyway?

    6. Ol Banjo lips

      Lookie here folks, how am this different than standing for the pledge of allegience?

    7. Whatever

      Oh, the horror. Black people learning about the history of a country that was built on their backs. Your poor white asses can barely stand it.

      1. Aware voter

        Sorry idiot, it wasn’t built on the backs of black people. The industrial revolution is what made the USA a prosperous nation. That was post slavery. Yall just picked some cotton for rich demokkkrat plantation owners. Got history?

    8. Joe Shmidlap

      “Sorry to ruin your black panther party”

      -Forst Gump

    9. chrissy

      I could never understand why picking cotton is so bad because it sounds like so much fun. Just walking around with a basket on a beautiful sunny day looking at the clouds and dreaming about all the fun things you can make with cotton like a pillow.

      I go Blueberry picking every year and it’s dope! 🙂

      1. chrissy

        happy Monday, whoever you are :p

        as for my own opinion, not that anyone would care but ok..
        i hope this teacher understands that it should be okay for every race to do the same
        if he does then i have no problem with this historical Halloween display

        1. chrissy

          I mean, Wednesday *watches my votes drop further*

      2. chrissy

        damnit, yet again, your adorably inappropriate racism outvotes me >:(

    10. Anonymous


      And we are paying for it among other things.

    11. KaaL

      He is too stupid to realize what he is teaching. Black Panthers were a domestic terrorist organization.

      1. chrissy

        dude is going to get fired because of this, as pointed out by turtleboy, it’s equivalent to having a historical display of the other old salutes

        1. chrissy

          (and that’s not me speaking against the black power salute, it’s just saying how our nation views it as a threat, dude is fucked if they still view it as the equivalent)

        2. Strata

          C’mon, he’d love to be fired from a crappy paying job like that and ascend to “cult” status and get all that Facebook attention. He’ll be looking for every microphone he can find …… and these poor kids will just be another generation lost …….

          1. G

            Well good thing nobody reads this web page lol

            1. chrissy

              you got that wrong, G

            2. mitch

              yeah, that’s why the failing boston globe bought ad space here. you are a total loser g. see ya at the revolution…haha

          2. chrissy

            Strata you nailed it

    12. Anon.

      If he was a good teacher he would be teaching them useful and important things to help them in life.

    13. Your favorite coach

      Lmao the author of this blog is dumb.
      I swear!!!
      Black panthers were not a hate organization stupid.
      Seems like you need to go have a seat in mr Dixon’s history class.
      He’s teaching kids to love themselves , who they are and their history. i commend this teacher for teaching actually history. Allowing them to know there were groups in place to protect them . Groups of black people who stuck together and loved one another. During the worst times in the country.

      ***NEWS FLASH***

      The worst times included racism on all levels including law enforcement. Discrimination and many senseless murders of innocent brown people.

      Black Panthers were NECESSARY protection and family for people.

      •They were NOT nazis or cold blooded murderers.

      •They ARE NOT EVEN CLOSE to similar to nazis.
      Were black panthers ever guilty of genocide?
      Oh ok. …. next…..

      Black panthers were protectors , thinkers and civil rights activist.
      You my friend are the worst blogger of all time
      I hope this article puts your sad blog career to sleep

      I would love to know where this school is so I can donate and support him this teacher . I pray future educators educate my children on their TRUTH!

      1. chrissy

        starting off your statement by calling people dumb. wtg, Coach Love!

      2. chrissy

        “Groups of black people who stuck together and loved one another. During the worst times in the country.”

        fine to be cool with this if you are cool with mexicans, Asians, caucasians etc do the same but they are called militias and extremists and hate groups instead of protectors of Love

        1. chrissy

          my autocorrect is biased for Asians it only capitalized that :p

      3. mitch

        I’m sorry coach but i have to reply. As i remember it, the black panthers were a black nationalist, socialist party that preached violent revolution and overthrow of the American govt. They wanted to create a race war to achieve their aims. Their ideology was Marxist. Most of the leadership were criminals, and, they murdered each other regularly. They also, just like BLM, ranted about police brutality, and one of the first things they did was murder a black policeman. They were a failure in every way , except one. They built a mythology that the panthers were like a robin hood to fellow blacks. This is not only a complete lie, but the opposite of the truth…they set blacks back big time.

      4. jamesso33

        The black panthers were terrorists and what justifies their existence today? Whites aren’t forcing blacks to murder each other.

      5. Mike

        If you think the worst time in American History was Racism, you have a twisted sense of what hardships are. Also, I think you vastly overestimate the number of racially motivated murders in this Country, but hey, revisionist history is the new black now-a-days.

    14. Dick Hertz from Holden

      Black Power !!!! White Control . . . .

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