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France Protest Just Emasculated US Ferguson Protesters

french protest terrorists

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YahooMore than a million people thronged the streets of Paris Sunday in the biggest rally in French history, led by dozens of world leaders walking arm-in-arm as cries of “Freedom” and “Charlie” rang out across the country. The interior ministry said 3.7 million people took to the streets nationwide, with Paris alone seeing an “unprecedented” 1.5 million demonstrators.

In the capital, President Francois Hollande linked arms with world leaders, including the Israeli prime minister and the Palestinian president, in an historic display of unity. A sea of humanity flowed through Paris’ iconic streets to mourn the victims of the three days of terror that began with a slaughter at the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and ended with 17 dead. 

The vast crowd chanted “Charlie, Charlie”, in honour of the cartoonists and journalists killed at Charlie Hebdo over its lampooning of the Prophet Mohammed. Emotions ran high in the grieving City of Light, with many of those marching in tears as they came together under the banner of freedom of speech after France’s worst terrorist bloodbath in half a century.

french protest terrorists

Hey hippies, where were you on this one? You just got emasculated by FRANCE. A country that surrenders first and asks questions later just showed you how it’s done. Yup, FRANCE just showed you what an actual protest over a real cause is about. They protested the deaths of 16 innocent civilians, who were guilty of nothing more than exercising free speech and being born Jewish, while you dingleberry hippies are blocking traffic because a criminal died while trying to steal a police officer’s gun. And you FRAUDS are nowhere to be found for this tragic attack on free speech. Meanwhile in FRANCE they get 3.7 MILLION people to take to the streets and let the Islamic terrorists know that they ain’t shit.

And guess what? They have actual goals too:

They urged a strengthening of the EU external borders to limit the movement of extremists between Europe and the Middle East and said there was an “urgent need” to share air passenger information.

Ya see that? They actually have a plan. A reason to march. They actually listed what they specifically wanted to come out of this, instead of throwing a hashtag in front of “black lives matter” and yelling at white people who are on their way to work.

Honestly, I’ve never been more ashamed to be American than I am right now. There were leaders from all over the world in Paris for this peaceful demonstration today. None of them were named Barrack Obama. So the next time a protester whines about “institutional racism” or other vague things that can’t be proven, remind them they didn’t say a fucking word after 16 innocent civilians were killed by terrorists in France.

P.S. If you hippies insist on hashtags, how about you start using #jesuischarlie, so at least then you can stand with free speech.

je suis charlie

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