FSU, Jameis Winston Emasculation Vs. Oregon Is Must See

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I really thought Florida State would take care of business today against Oregon. They easily could’ve been leading at halftime, but then reality set in. What I just witnessed in the second half has been the biggest abortion in NCAA history. And nothing could’ve made it more hilarious than this play:

It’s been nice to see Jameis on the other side of a raping for once. But unfortunately with such glaring video evidence it’s gonna be hard for the Tallahassee PD to say that this rape didn’t happen. I could watch that Vine all day and never get tired of it. It’s funny because it’s Jameis. Maybe he was sacked by Manti Te’os girlfriend. Has there ever been a quarterback who is more ready to put on a Jets uniform than him?


Seriously, is there a team in NCAA history that people have taken such pleasure in watching get destroyed? Then of course they didn’t shake hands with Oregon after the game and everyone’s all surprised. Why? They certainly don’t go to class so why would they all of a sudden start showing class?

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A lot of people are saying that TCU or Baylor should’ve been in the playoff over FSU. You’re looking at this the wrong way. What you should be thinking is how many times college football fans have been ROBBED over the years with shitty championship games because teams like Florida State ended up in the championship game. Because if there weren’t a playoff it would’ve undeniably been a Florida State-Alabama “BCS Championship.” Anyone who says otherwise is delusional. There’s no way the BCS would’ve kept an undefeated reigning national championship team led by captain crab legs out of it’s title game.


FSU most definitely deserved to be to be in this game and they most definitely deserved to be emasculated as well. Sure they were literally handed the Notre Dame game win on one of the worst calls you will ever see, but they earned their spot. Ohio State is about to get destroyed too, so we’ll call it even.

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