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  • Gaggle Of Goopy Brained Girls Buy Pet Rat, Only To Blow It To Smithereens As A Way To Say F U To PeTA Via Instagram

    This is a whole lot of irony








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    This one just came screaming into the inbox, and I haven’t been more disgusted since I saw Sarah Burke spreadeagle on a bed



    So these little thunder queefs decided to hit up Petco, grab themselves a cutie patootie Stuart Little

    and… just blast him away to smithereens.


    Of course, they recorded it and uploaded it to Instagram, tagging PeTA

    Unfortunately, I don’t speak white ratch, and I have no fucking idea what she’s saying


    The video shows the rat blown clean in half by a .308.

    Image result for .308 actual size

    For reference.


    And yeah… it’s “just” a rat, but it’s the cold, calculated way in which they went about doing this that’s got the baby hairs on my neck standing on end.


    No automatic alt text available.

    Oh, OK. Yeah, totes normal.


    Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text

    Take a gander at that caption. They bought the rat, toyed with it for several hours, only to blow it up with a bullet bigger than it was to post on the interwebs. Oh, and they tagged PeTA. Guess they’re mad that PeTA is trying to put an end to gutterpiglets like them being consumed.


    But of course, these swinelettes have a combined IQ of 3, and don’t understand the irony of all of this: PeTA is one the biggest perpetrators of animal abuse. They’ve legitimately gone door to door in Virginia, where they have a “shelter,” tricking people into giving up their pets to bring to PeTA HQ.Only, most of the animals never actually make it back to that shelter. PeTA’s cronies, in an effort to sate their bloodlust, load up Fluffy and Fido in a back of a rapey-man van and euthanize kill them on the spot. And then they dump their bodies into whatever dumpster is handy



    Oh, and you’re a cruel and unusual jackass if you own a pet. Don’t look at me, PeTA said so:

    “‘The selfish desire to possess animals and receive love from them causes immeasurable suffering;’ Their vision includes a future in such our dogs and cats would be successively neutered into extinction.”




    Anyway, these freeze-dried whackaloons appear to be juniors at Brookland High School in Jonesboro, Arizona:


    And one of them goes by the name of Britney Pyle(oshit)

    Brit-wit says her parents know what type of extracurriculars she’s up to, and they apparently approve. Feel free to let her mom, Robin, know what a bang up job she’s doing with her little schizo.


    Again, I know there is a huge argument that it’s “just” a rat. I get it. If she’d just come across the rat in her yard and shot it, fair enough. But she and her gaggle of thundercunts sought out a creature to toy with, to torture, and to kill in a horrific fashion. And then they decided to take it a step further, document it and post it online in an effort to “troll” an organization. Sorry girls, you missed the mark here and miserably. Once we find out the identities of the rest of the piglets involved, it’s game over.


    Have fun being known as “rat girl” for the rest of your life, Brit.














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    1. Andrew Zimmern

      Nothing. Nil. I must watch too much liveleak

    2. Carumba

      meh. Now if they did it live that would be something. Naked.

    3. Nasty Brit

      First it’s a rat, then it’s a kitten and you know how that story goes. Nasty little bitches. It my have just been a rat. A rat they bought at a pet store with the plan to blow it up. They need a slap. And if their parents are cool with it then god help what they become

      1. Fake Rant Queen

        Correct, it always starts with “experimenting” on animals.

        Saw a video where Jordan Peterson was talking about studies that prove rats actually laugh when tickled, at ultra-high frequencies humans can’t hear.

        Couldn’t find an email for the school system so I sent a link to the mayor, with a concerned, respectful message.

        We are truly living in days of diabolic disorientation.

    4. Ryan

      They’re cuties.

      1. Cunt

        They’re juniors in high school you fuckin loser

        1. Cunt 1 and 2

          Hey cunt, juniors in high school know better. They know not to buy an animal with the intent to kill it. I’m a junior at Dartmouth high and trust me, I know better. Stop making excuses cause you want out the friend zone. Your comment got two likes lmao. From cunt one, and cunt two. Sad thing is you won’t ever get to touch either one of em. Hate pukes like you. But keep tryin

    5. Sickkids

      Just because they went a bought this animal, not for food for another animal such as a snake. Just to kill it, they should be charged with animal cruelty. Rat or not

      1. The Decider

        Exterminators that murder and cause suffering to rats should be charged too! Fishermen that put living animals on hooks too. Don’t even get me started on the entire medical field and cosmetic companies!

    6. Firing Squad

      Shoot each of them in the foot with the same .308.
      Just so they’re reminded what scuzzy and cruel strumpets they are for the rest of their lives.
      Should make them real attractive in flip flops.

    7. Stewie

      Cruelty to animals is the first sign of a future serial killer.

    8. no more bait and switch animal articles please, we need these to be pure as animals are worth the truth

      this is such a bait and switch.

      it indicates the animal was tortured prior to being killed but i found nothing about that?

      i can’t take offense to some rat getting killed otherwise.

      makes no sense.

      the switch was at the peta link and substory

      just like in the fattie shooting the golden retriever had a side story about gun fanatics being psychotic dicks.

      1. peta puts up a united front but...


        1. peta puts up a united front but...

          is like BLM and Anonymous

          a many headed disorganized entity full of good bad and inbetween people

          mostly crazies, granted, but all over the map.

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