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Gay Dude Tries Hooking Up Butterball Buddy With Jr. Bangshow, She Declines, He Flips Out, Gets Kicked Out, Runs To NECN For Interview About “Hate Crime”

Another day, another professional victim looking for something to be offended by.








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Holla atcha girl:








SOURCE:A man says he was kicked out of a popular Boston bar for being gay.

The manager of Coogan’s says the bouncers took action to protect another customer, but 23-year-old Nick Ivancic says he was physically removed after he was called a homophobic slur and threatened by a woman there.

“Because I was gay,” he said. “She was the one who spouted homophobic comments. Why didn’t she get kicked out, too?”

Ivancic says he was at the Financial District bar with friends on Tuesday night when he approached the woman for a friend. She wasn’t interested, and when Ivancic walked away, he says she called him the slur.

“I went back over there, I was like, ‘Yeah, I am, and what?'” Ivancic said. “She started to get confrontational and threatened me and said she was going to hit me.”

Cooghan’s manager Sheldon Cohen flatly denied that someone was thrown out for being gay. Off-camera, Cohen said no one called Ivancic a slur and that he was thrown out because the woman felt harassed.

Ivancic says he is considering filing a complaint with the sate’s commission against discrimination.”


Let’s set the tone here: Nick, the chudstuffing self-proclaimed bear, approached this Jr. Bangshow, Colleen Larry, for his straight (or cis-hetero, don’t want people thinking we’re being offensive to trans men) friend, Sloppy Sam Barr at Coogan’s, a popular hotspot in the Financial District in Boston. They were there to celebrate what appears to be Sloppy Sam’s 30th birthday.

For reference, here’s Colleen:

She’s a certified Jr. Bangshow and even has NSTB questioning her sexuality.

And now, let’s meet Sloppy Sam:

I think his set of jugs rivals Colleen’s

He looks like the biggest douchecanoe on the planet – his pants don’t fit right, accentuating his thunder thighs, his jacket is too wide in the shoulders thus highlighting his stick arms, his shoes don’t match the suit… and he’s got gay friends letting him go outside like this! That’s the biggest travesty here.

Now, imagine you’ve got this guy

Nutty Nick, front and center, in all his glory

Coming up to you, as a beautiful, young girl at the bar. I’d feel threatened immediately. Then, further imagine he’s coming up to you because his portly friend is too chickenshit to come and talk to you himself. This would be any self-respecting woman’s reaction

Now, Nick is claiming that she called him a “fag” – which Colleen, and the bartender who happened to be right there, both vehemently deny. I think it’s more likely she declined with “No, he’s fucking fat” which could easily be misconstrued as “fucking fag” especially in a noisy bar.

But in Nick’s mind, of COURSE Colleen knew he was gay the moment he sauntered up to her. I bet he wore the cupcake shirt to the bar for the sole purpose of letting everyone know he was gay, and that he was in the mood to be offended.


Except… it makes no sense that Colleen would have called him a homophobic slur even if she had an inkling that he was, because… Colleen’s sister is a lesbian, and she’s perfectly fine with her sister because in today’s day and age, the vast majority of people are accepting of one another, sexuality be damned, especially in Boston.

Now look, I’m not saying there aren’t bigots, homophobes, racists… the whole shebang. But COME ON. This is a fucking reach. Nick WANTED to be offended by something that night, he was looking for a fight. Why else would he get in this chick’s face? And for him to say he was threatened by her just means he’s a giant fucking pussy. If this dude got in my face, I’d probably threaten to slap him if he didn’t back up, ‘cause NSTB don’t play like that. Invade my personal space and we’re beefin boo.


Sam was SO butthurt about the experience, he took to Yelp to leave this scathing review of his version of events from the night

Boohoo. All I see is a grown man whining like a little bitch. “This sort of discrimination is unjust!” except… you acted like a dick and tried to put the moves on a chick via your gay wingman, and said chick clearly wasn’t having it. You were tossed out of a private establishment accordingly. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, tubbo. Also, it’s more likely that she didn’t get kicked out because she wasn’t behaving like a putz and has a firmer rack than you.

Also, I don’t think Coogan’s gives two shits about your business. They’re a hot spot, and do well regardless of your stupid review. Not to mention,you just moved to Kentucky like, yesterday, of all the tolerant places in the world…


ManTits McGee also took to the Facebook machine to cry about the discrimination he experienced on behalf of his gay friend

And here come all the back-patters. “Aw, you’re so great!” And what’s that, the news in LA is gonna cover this HUGE, earth-shattering story? Nah, they didn’t, LOL. The only other station that picked the story up is NBC Boston, because, even some people in the MSM still have sense, and their bullshit meters were going off the charts.



What do you think, turtleriders? Was the butthurt strong in Tubby Tits and his Gay Wingman? Or did Colleen start slingin’ slurs at him like there was no tomorrow?

7 Comment(s)
  • Beige Caulk
    June 14, 2017 at 12:54 pm

    Well if you don’t want to be called a fucking phaggot don’t act like a flamboyant bear with fire sparking out of your ass.

    Bear week in Ptown is in July go get a month head start.

    Nothing worse than a bitchy hypersensitive queen

  • Wabbitt
    June 14, 2017 at 11:42 am

    She’s definitely cute, but I don’t know if I’d call her a smokeshow. Maybe a prim stargazer.

  • Anon.
    June 14, 2017 at 8:37 am

    Just a typical narcissistic girl. Too many good men get overlooked by women and treated like absolute creeps.

  • Greg
    June 14, 2017 at 8:18 am

    Have been to Coogan’s many times (During the day to watch the game, after 9pm I’m the creepy old guy) and I can tell you those guys and girls there are great.

    I actually know Sheldon pretty well, the guy is simply awesome and is really laid back about things, he doesn’t kick someone out unless they’re being a flat out asshole. Never once heard him use a any kind of racial/sexist term in my life. He’s honestly a great guy.

    So yeah, this guy is looking for something to bitch about and thinks he’s somehow more important than he is.

  • Jack Mehoff
    June 14, 2017 at 7:37 am

    A gay ice cream shop? What the fuck has this world come to?

    What’s the special? Poo peanut swirl with rainbow sprinkles?

  • Big Raymond
    June 14, 2017 at 6:03 am

    The only guys that get smoking-hot party girls are certified Narcissists with a variety of sociopathic behaviors and shitty personalities under the charm. You also have to be tall, thin and good looking, which gay-fatty and his strait-friend aren’t.

    Side point, the irony is the narcissistic, defective men that get these women don’t enjoy the experience in the sense other men would, their mind is elsewhere as they try to feel better about themselves.

    Guys you’re not missing out, most women who present like her are a lot like the guys they get.

  • Mr Butthurt
    June 14, 2017 at 1:46 am

    Would smack that chicks ass.

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