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Google Autocomplete Stereotypes For Each State Will Blow Your Mind

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So apparently some genius decided to make a state by state map of what comes up on Google autocomplete after you type the in prompt, “Why is (any particular state) so…..”

Here are the results…

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 5.52.16 PM

Now, this map is complete BS. Wisconsin has the one of the most conservative governors in the country. They  elected him, he got recalled, and then they elected him again by more. Indiana voted for Obama in 2008, so they can’t be THAT republican. And who honestly asks Google why Arizona and Florida are so hot? It’s called the sun moron. New Hampshire expensive? That’s where Massholes go who wanna save $1.50 on sales tax. I do agree with some of them though. Why is Illinois so corrupt is a great question, especially since being the Governor of that state is statistically one of the most likely jobs to lead to incarceration. Here’s what people should’ve asked Google for each state though….

Why is                                         so….

Why is Maine so Moosey?

Why is New Hampshire so Massachusetts Jr?

Why is Vermont so honky?

Why is Massachusetts so Elizabeth Warren?

Why is Rhode Island so mafia?

Why is Connecticut so useless?

Why is New York so terrible?

Why is New Jersey Godless?

Why is Pennsylvania so Amish?

Why is Maryland so shaped like a gun?

Why is Delaware so existent?

Why is Virginia so uppity?

Why is West Virginia so teen pregnancy?

Why is North Carolina so NASCAR?

Why is South Carolina so obsessed with confederate flags?

Why is Georgia so rap music?

Why is Florida so hilariously entertaining/fucked up?

Why is Alabama so trailer park?

Why is Mississippi so Nicaragua?

Why is Tennessee so prude?

Why is Kentucky so District 12?

Why is Ohio so filled with depressing post-industrial midsize cities?

Why is Michigan so depressing?

Why is Indiana so average?

Why is Illinois so hard to pronounce?

Why is Wisconsin so cheese/flannel?

Why is Minnesota so hockey?

Why is Iowa so many vowels?


Why is Missouri so shaped like a guy with a broken nose?

Why is Arkansas so Walmart?

Why is Louisiana so filled with debauchery?

Why is Texas so George Bush?

Why is Oklahoma so dusty?

Why is Kansas so hard to pick out on a map?

Why is Nebraska so shaped like that annoying Tetris piece that won’t ever fit?

Why is South Dakota so South Dakota?

Why is North Dakota so Canada?

Why is Montana so unabomber?

Why is Idaho so Uncle Rico?

Why is Wyoming so rectangular?

Why is Colorado so high?

Why is New Mexico so atomic bomb explodable?

Why is Utah so lame?

Why is Arizona so Mexican?

Why is Nevada so hookers?

Why is California so screwed?

Why is Oregon so hard to get to on video games?

Why is Washington so suicidal?

Why is Alaska so Sarah Palin?

Why is Hawaii so Asian?

There you have it. The first things that came to my mind. If you have anything thoughts you’d like to throw out there then feel free to share it in the comments.

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  • January 29, 2014 at 3:54 pm

    Your poll should have included Ohio. For shame!

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