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  • Hanover Comic Con Cancels Sex Offender Photographer After Our Blog, Promoter Calls Patrons Racist, Says Sex Offense Is “New Thing To Hate”, Compares Himself To Harvey Weinstein

    Hanover Comic Con Cancels Sex Offender Photographer After Our Blog, Promoter Calls Patrons Racist, Says Sex Offense Is “New Thing To Hate”, Compares Himself To Harvey Weinstein

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    Yesterday we blogged about how this Comic Con at the Hanover Mall had hired a convicted child sex offender to take pictures of children at the event. Somehow when they got called out for it they saw absolutely nothing wrong with it, blamed the whistle blower, and equated it to the Salem Witch Trials:

    The guy putting on the event couldn’t possibly have been any creepier himself:

    Naturally he couldn’t stop using his company’s business page to rigorously defend the honor of a man who did not bother pleading not guilty when he was accused of grabbing a 12 year old girl’s gerber servers, went to jail, and is still a registered sex offender.

    That was smart.

    Shortly after our blog was published the page posted this letter from the sex offender, announcing that he would no longer be photographing the event, and it only made it a billion times worse:

    Why? Why on earth would they post this and think it’s a good idea? What planet are these idiots on where employing a convicted child sex offender is no big deal?

    “Yes sex offense is the new thing to hate and shun.”

    Translation – “I’m sorry, was I not supposed to diddle that kid? Because I gotta be honest here, if I had known that was a big deal I wouldn’t have done it.”

    No Chester. It’s not a “new thing” to hate on. Sexually abusing children has always bee a big no-no. We get it. You’re playing the Joe Paterno, “no one talked about sex abuse back in the day” card. But for the company’s Facebook page to then post this and think it would smooth things over? You can’t make up this level of insanity.

    “Look at what has happened to politicians and celebrities over the last few months.”

    Oh yea, this is smart. Go to bat for Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, Roy Moore, Kevin Spacey, Louis CK, and Matt Lauer. These are people the general public empathizes with.

    Oh, and it was his daughter’s breast that he grabbed. That’s way better.

    Somewhere along the line someone associated with Boston Comic Con must’ve decided to relieve Creepy McGee of his social media duties and they posted this:

    So they knowingly brought a sex offender to take pictures of children in the past, but it’s OK it’s “never been an issue” until now. Translation – he resisted the urge to fondle children, and we didn’t tell anyone about his past. Therefore it was never an issue.

    Apology NOT accepted.

    Plus, Gary’s still going at it, blaming people for “ruining a man’s reputation and business,” and “shuting down a good man”:

    “We really don’t want prejudiced people at our event anyway….who knows, you may hate gays, blacks, aliens, and other innocent people.”

    Oh yea, that should smooth things over. If you have a problem with your kids being around a convicted sex offender ten you don’t like the blacks OR the gays.

    And of course it wouldn’t be a Turtleboy followup blog without an Internet deformation lawsuit coming our way:

    Can’t make this stuff up. They almost always say “deformation.” Amazing.

    Here’s a message we received on the Turtleboy Sports Fallout Shelter page:

    See that? That’s why we do what we do. We protect children from sexual predators and their mother’s appreciate it. Why would anyone wanna shut us down? The only people who have a problem with our page want sex offenders to harm children. That includes Didi Delgado and Kevin Lynch. Both of them want kids to get molested. We don’t. That’s the difference between us and them.

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    1. Mayor Lynch

      I don’t want kids to get molested! That there is deformation. I’m taking a screenshot, so don’t bother trying to take back what you said. I will add it to the 3.72 million screenshots that are already on my memory stick thumbdrive marked exhibits A through ZZZZZZM. And, I will be filing my lawsuit on Monday. (Again, assuming I can get a ride. The DMV won’t even talk to me anymore and the jellyfish at Uber and Lyft revoked my accounts.)

    2. 2wEntEe

      I rather be a racist than a child molester.

    3. Alex Delarge

      I <3 Turtleboy sports!

    4. TJ

      Daniel Silverman. Let me guess, Italian….no. Irish…. nope. Any guesses ?

      1. Mayor Lynch

        Palestinian. A man without a country. Like me. I’m 75% Asshole. Our land was taken by the white man and we were forced to march on the Trail of Sewage and made to live on reservations.

    5. Craig

      I wonder how many kids he sexually assaulted, what did he do to them too ? Usually, the pervs have a whole bunch they got away with in the past before they are busted.

    6. Savage Squaw Bitch

      How are there so many people who are so stupid they don’t know the difference between deform and defame?! This world makes no sense anymore.

    7. justiceforsethrich

      I bet he loves “pizza”

    8. Jojo

      Wasn’t he the scientist in Independence Day at Area 51?

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