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Hanover Theater Won’t Cancel Bill Cosby Show Even Though He Raped Half of America

Bill Cosby rape meme

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Telegram and GazetteHanover Theatre representatives say a plan to host comedian Bill Cosby in February 2015 is still on. President and Chief Executive Officer Troy Siebels said the theater is being rented out to promoter Bill Blumenreich for the Feb. 6 stand-up performance and the facility is now contractually obligated to honor the request. However, Mr. Siebels said the theater is receiving complaints from members of the community, questioning why the facility would host Mr. Cosby, who in recent weeks has been accused of rape and sexual assault. 

“I wish we hadn’t had him booked in the first place,” Mr. Siebels said. “But given that he’s already booked and we have 1,150 people that have bought tickets already, I’m not sure what the best thing is to do at this point. We’ll just work with the promoter to find that thing and make it happen.”

The theater holds 2,200 and tickets are still on sale. Mr. Cosby has appeared several times in Worcester, most recently at the Hanover in May 2012. Mr. Cosby, 77, who has a home in Western Massachusetts, has been accused of rape and drugging his alleged victims by more than a dozen women, most recently by former model Janice Dickinson. She remembered him handing her a pill for menstrual pain in 1982 and claims she woke up the following day in a hotel room and with Mr. Cosby on top of her, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Bill Cosby rape memes

Yea, I don’t get this one. Look, I grew up and thought Bill Cosby was really Heathcliff Huxtable too – a learned, wise, hilarious, middle-aged black family man who loved jello pudding and the JAZZ!!


I too am shocked that the same man who taught his daughter Vanessa a very valuable lesson about the dangers of drinking alcohol

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 3.24.04 PM

has been giving anyone with a pulse and two X chromosomes a a roofy colada.

This is after all, the same man who tried to keep his friend from hanging out with boneheads like Cockroach

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 3.16.43 PM

and tried to keep sexual deviants like Buuuuuddddddd from getting in Rudy’s pants.

Bill Cosby bud

But believe it or not Cliff Huxtable and Bill Cosby are two very different people. If you can’t trust a wise TV dad then who can ya trust? Next thing you know Danny Tanner and Carl Winslow are gonna be running a child prostitution ring!!

Well it turns out he raped half of America. If you are reading this right now, odds are fairly decent that Bill Cosby coerced you into at least giving him a HJ during an “interview.” I mean, it’s pretty much impossible at this point to think that Bill Cosby isn’t a serial rapist. If one or two women comes forward and says Bill Cosby raped them then you have to question whether or not they’re looking for a quick pay day I suppose.

Bill Cosby rape meme

But I feel like I can’t go 24 hours without another Bill Cosby rape story. At this point he’s pretty much guilty until proven innocent. So what the hell is the Hanover Theater thinking here? Let me get this straight…..they’re not canceling the show because they’ve already sold 1,150 tickets? Ummmm, maybe refund the tickets on account of all the rapes? There’s a thought. What if Bill Cosby died? You gotta have a contingency plan here in case of unforeseen things like, I dunno, two dozen rape accusations.

Here’s another question – who the hell wants to go watch Bill Cosby now…or ever? How many  jokes can you listen to about dumb things three year old kids say? And how are you supposed to laugh at them now? If I was at that show listening to this old dude tell wise cracks all I could think about the whole time would be, “I wonder how many more wannabe models he coerced into HJ’s?” Kind of hard to laugh and have a good time with that thought constantly going through your head.

But that’s just me. This guy from the Telegram’s comments section seems to have come to terms with it:

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 3.10.30 PM

Yea, a little rape here and there might bother you oversensitive Nancy’s but it’s not gonna stop this guy from listening to two hours of “artistic” jello pudding jokes.

The bottom line is that if Bill Cosby actually performs in Worcester as scheduled then the biggest joke that day is gonna be the Hanover Theater itself.

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