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Help Us Save Mikey Part 3: Dumb Supporters Threaten To Sue Turtle Riders, Dad Plays Them With Fake Abuse Allegations But Doesn’t Mention His Convictions Or Other Time DCF Took Mikey From Him 

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We’ve already written two blogs covering this ongoing controversy with a Weymouth Dad running a publicized smear campaign against the mother of his child while internet panhandling for cash  fundraising for very disturbing custody case where he claims his son’s mother horrendously abused the child. Dad is currently sitting in jail on criminal contempt of court charges, the mother now has custody of the child again, although we have already very clearly established that she previously neglected the kid, and was arrested for running a meth lab out of what I envision to be a sad little Mid-western trailer home.

Regardless, we’ve also proven that Michael Cadena, the child’s father, has plenty of Google trophies of his own, and can produce no concrete proof that the child was in fact abused at all, let alone by his mother. We haven’t disputed thus far that Amber Buck, the child’s mother, has quite the garbage history. We did point out that Michael Sr. does as well. Today is the climatic finish – then I’m lighting a smoke, rolling over and never calling this one again. You can catch up on Part 1 and Part 2 right here if you haven’t already. After the first blog, Lisa Bordeau, Michael Cadena’s apparent spokewoman, had reached out to us following the first blog to tell us, in the most condescending, whiny and self important way possible, to get out FACKS straight. Which is hilarious, considering this entire campaign seems to be based off picking and choosing facts, or just making them up as they go.


I bet she smells like pumpkin spice and musty Uggs.

Lisa had been trying to contact us for months, really hoping we’d take them at face value and write up a promotional sob story for this chud. Sorry, Lisa, we’re smart and reasonable people here, and we look in to everything we write about.

Oh no, not another internet lawsuit! Somebody must’ve missed the memo, that we are currently undefeated. You know, because, we research our facts well, and distinguish them from opinions.


And considering we have more information than she does, she really does just look freaking dumb.

But she’s well versed in deflection, anyway.



This lady really expected us to just read their sad story, watch a video, and feel bad for this chud. I don’t know how, because even she can’t fully comprehend what exactly is going on. In fact, she can’t figure out what it is she’s doing here, exactly.

Weird, because you reached out to us, you empty headed, virtue signaling broad. Go choke on a gluten free pumpkin spice latte on your way to yoga. The adults are talking now.

Furthermore, despite their best efforts to garner some media support we are one of only three media outlets who seem to be covering this at all, and out of all three, only this gem of a human being seems to be full on supportive of the dad. Meet this media mogul, Diane Benjamin – the owner, editor and only contributor to the worst piece of steaming dog turds ever to be typed up and published online.





Check out this ace detective! She has finally outed Turtleboy, and he’s going down. How you gonna pay for that slam dunk lawsuit Diane is filing with no advertisers, Nick? This may be the end of Turtleboy! We’ve finally met our match, and this is what it looks like:


Here’s the link to her news blog rant diary’s Facebook page. Do NOT troll her, or tell her what a joke her writing is. That would be really mean, and she will sue you.


There is not one medical report that substantiates abuse. I saw the reports, and I saw the pictures of the injuries to poor little Mikey. There were some pictures of some typical four year old bumps and bruises, some scabbing on his arm and back of his legs – not sure whether from a scratch, or burn, because I’m no doctor and all I saw were pictures. They took the time to even take a picture of a bump on his ear. There’s no time/date, and in no pictures did the kid look covered in bruises or beat up. My guess is he probably wasn’t being watched all that well, because, meth. Toddlers run around a lot, and if you don’t watch them, they hurt themselves. Fuck, sometimes even if you do. But neglect is neglect, not psychical abuse as alleged. It wasn’t a doctor, police officer or social worker taking the pictures – it was Michael himself. Odd.

And the timing of the exam he took Mikey to is also suspect. Despite having a living arrangement of every other week (as is reflected in the police report from Amber Buck’s 2016 methamphetamine arrest),

the father did not chose to get the child examined by the Pediatric Resource Center For Abused Children until a day when there were no visible injuries to the child, just some faint scars. I can show you this excerpt from court transcripts where Mr. Cadena admits this himself.

So, you have the kid every other week, and out of a full seven days that you have him, you can only go get him to a doctor to be examined after the injuries heal? Hmmm. Seems legit.

Nowhere in the medical reports provided to us by the HUSM Team are there any independent conclusions that Mikey was abused, and the report makes no recommendations even surrounding the issue of physical abuse. Not once. The only evidence to support the abuse allegations is Michael Cadena’s narrative. And the only one who has made the conclusion he was abused by his mother, or even at all, is Michael Cadena.


Then there’s the fact of Mikey being put into foster care…twice…once after a week long failed reunification with his father.

Likewise, the therapist notes provided offered no independent corroboration of the child’s behavior – only reports given by Mr. Cadena and his mother, the child’s paternal grandmother. It’s just them reporting things that no one else is around to verify.

This, in my opinion, appears to be a narrative driven solely by the father and those close to him. They are making allegations and presenting them as fact, although in reality (as they readily admit in emails), these allegations are drawn by their opinions of the matter. Not facts.


This isn’t about opinion to us. We have lots of opinions, like Chicago Bulls apparel is the office uniform of failure, that internet panhandling is shameful and incentive to breed more apathy in society, or that a meth addict is not the prime breeding choice one can make. Opinions are malleable, and facts are not. But that doesn’t stop Michael Cadena from continuing to try to make them bend to his narrative.

Coincidentally, the opinions of his supporters are also driven solely by the father, because Mom is all the way in Illinois. None of these people, including the therapist, have even actually seen Mikey interact with his mother.

And as apparent from the Facebook postings put up shortly after reuniting with her son, the only time Mikey has been shown displaying fear or apprehension towards his mother, is in the presence of his father. It’s almost as if Michael is training the child to fear his mother and this whole thing is a charade meant to elicit sympathy from gullible women.

We also proved through court records, that although he is making a crazy-dedicated effort to put all of the mother of his child’s dirty laundry out on the line, he wasn’t very specific with his own, which includes drugs, and violent crimes.

And it turns out Michael had a girlfriend around his kid, too, and she just sounds lovely. Here’s an affidavit he wrote for a petition for a harassment order against the ex girlfriend he had been living with, along with little Mikey. It describes a wonderful and wholesome situation to raise kids up in, obviously.

Those are his own words. If that’s not concerning to be around a child, I don’t know what it. How is Michael so unlucky as to just be an unwitting perpetual victim of all these crazy ladies? And again, it’s more “evidence” that equals his word, and his word only.

In May 2016 there was a domestic disturbance to which the police responded. Mikey was in the dad’s home, which he shared with the girlfriend. He was removed from his dad’s care again – that’s two times so far, if anyone is keeping score, not including October 4, 2018.

So dad has a drug history, just like mom, lost the kid twice to CPS, and clearly doesn’t keep the most calm, loving stable homes for a child, historically speaking anyway. I just feel so horrible for the kid, I can’t imagine. Living with a meth-addled mess of a mother, then shuttled over to dad’s for Fight Night with dad’s new crazy girlfriend. It’s appalling. And yes, the kid was definitely home with Dad for this shit, making warm and fuzzy family memories:


I think the end of the report sums up my feelings on Michael’s credibility perfectly.

The other thing I found really notable here, was the how Michael Cadena spent a lot of time explaining to everyone how much little Mikey clung to him, had a hard time separating from him, and generally just loved his dad so, so much. 

He put this in videos, playing on people’s emotions, manipulating gullible dipshits with too much free time on their hands into fighting his battle. And it’s a battle that, regardless of the outcome, this kid has already lost. Every dumb, naive broad I spoke with bought this whole story hook, line and sinker, despite the evidence that something is amiss here.

So I spoke to a professor of psychiatry from a very prestigious school regarding this matter. He asked to stay anonymous, and we always respect our sources. But here’s his take:

The only reason Mikey is back with his mother right now, with his father sitting in jail, is because the father refused to attend court hearings in the boy’s home state of Illinois. You can’t simply take one person’s word for it, and accept without question that it is the truth. We just proved that. Allegations without due process are wrong – whether it’s a parent/child relationship on the line, someone’s career, or someone’s freedom. You cannot claim the system to be corrupt just because it won’t swing in the direction you please at a whim – that’s not justice. That’s not the rule of law and order.

It is so tragic to me, whenever I see this sort of thing. Divorces, or separations (because these chuds were never married, obviously) are hard on kids regardless. Double that if both parents a couple of unstable junkpiles. And even more so when your own father will videotape your crying confusion and post it for millions of strangers who you will literally never even meet. I don’t buy this guy’s victim card for a second – it looks fraudulent as hell to me. His next relationship looks like it was just as unstable as the one he had with his kid’s mother, and definitely not a great union to expose your child to. At the end of the day, nobody is ever going to know the full truth of this situation, because nobody is telling that. And it’s not our business anyway, this is the suffering of a child that should have never been put on display. It’s morally reprehensible and a disgrace. I really do hope the kid’s mom has cleaned her act up, but let’s be real about it – the odds are not in her favor. But if it was my child, I would want to work to stack those odds in his favor to the full extent of my ability. Tearing down the other parent’s reputation in from of millions of pearl clutching gullible strangers doesn’t seem to be the best course of action for that.

19 Comment(s)
  • Ruby
    December 6, 2018 at 11:52 am

    I’m really sad and scared for Mikey…..doesn’t sound like he should be with either parent. Kids like Mikey end up dead EVERY DAY. Somebody needs to step up and PROTECT THAT CHILD. PERIOD! Fighting each other doesn’t work.

    • Raven
      May 30, 2019 at 10:24 am

      You can say whatever you want, but when a 4-year-old begins to cry hysterically because he has to go home with his mother, and says “she’s going to hurt me,” I think that is all the evidence you need. The baby was very happy in that video until he learned he had to go home with his monster of a mom. The boy was TERRIFIED. I have two children and they cry when they are NOT with me. My children would NEVER cry if they were told they were going home with mommy. My daughter has opted out of fun events simply because I was not going to be there. This is obvious to anyone who has children.

      • Raven
        May 30, 2019 at 10:25 am

        FYI Ruby, my comment wasn’t actually to you lol I just had no other way of posting. Sorry for any confusion.

  • Gea Fowler
    October 27, 2018 at 3:51 pm

    I have to admit when I first saw this heart wrenching video on FB I too immediately hated the mother for putting that precious angel through all of this. I was then asked by my friend to sign a petition to help the father get the child back (I believe is what it was for). My gut reaction was to sign the petition, but I never put my name on anything without doing my own research first, and after reading all of your articles on this matter I am so glad that I have adopted that policy. I personally feel that Michael Jr should be removed from BOTH parents at the present time until this case can find some closure. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that both parents seem to love this boy because obviously, they wouldn’t be fighting for him if they didn’t, we all know that either one could walk away at any moment if they didn’t want this child. It seems they both obviously have a past and are going about all of this in completely the WRONG way. SOMEONE needs to step in and finally put this young boys needs before everyone else’s. All involved seem to be damaging this child!! I hope and pray that’s NOT their intent but it is the truth. I won’t sit here and say that I agree with everything you put into this story, but I will say thank you for putting enough of the truth in it to open some people’s eyes, or at the very least make them investigate a little further before just jumping to conclusions based off of one FB video. Bravo to you Bristol Turtlechick!! You might have made a new fan today. I will definitely be checking out more of your work.

  • Nae Fox
    October 26, 2018 at 2:15 am

    So, in 1997 you show some information about Michael. Interesting enough it seems to be checked off in multiple places. And one of those places is a “dismissed” box, and the others say “guilty” or some kind of probation. Wasnt that like 21 years ago? What does that have to do with Mikey? Uhm… nothing. What does that have to do with his parenting skills or his concern for his child? Uhm… nothing.

    Let’s fast forward to more recent information… Amber got beat by an old bf in front of her kids, probably more than a couple times. One time a gun was shot off with BOTH her kids present. She had her daughter with her high school sweetheart and Mikey living in an apartment where they produced METH.

    Yes, Michael has a past and yes, he smoked pot so they took Mikey from him. POT vs. METH…. Big difference there, in my opinion.

    BUT!!!!! Let me say what really matters! Mikey’s reaction when he found out he had to leave with his mom. His immediate reaction when he sees and heard her voice. His reactions were not acted out. Let’s be serious he’s FOUR!! It is one thing to try to get a kid to lie or say what you want. It is a whole different situation when you see their REAL, TRUE reaction and emotions. Mikey’s mom did not protect him, she allowed him to be harmed and emotionally scared him.

    Say what you want and try to defend a terrible person. She doesn’t deserve to have these precious, innocent kids. Mikey’s dad may not be perfect, BUT he’s by far the best choice.

    It does amaze me how you wanted to try to make this “mom” look somewhat better by attacking and smearing Mikey’s dad. I would assume someone paid you to do so. At least if that were the case it would make sense why you would be okay smearing a dad whose been nothing but good to his son, regardless of his past.

    • October 26, 2018 at 9:28 am

      Unlike good ol’ Mike, we can’t be bought and paid, sorry. IF he cared about that child, he would first and foremorst, have followed the law and shown up to court. At least one out of the six times he was ordered to. He knew what would happen, he just didn’t care. He knew his evidence was bullshit and nobody was buying the shit he was trying to sell. He would’ve worked out a fair parenting schedule so that his son could have some semblance of a relationship with his mom. Whether it flourished or failed would have been totally up to her, but at least that child would have the benefit of not having to wonder his whole life. He would have respected his son’s privacy, and not used him as a pawn. Do you understand just how unsafe it is to broadcast a child all over the internet like that? In his most vulnerable state? Lady, there are pedophiles out here. There are crazy people who wouldn’t think twice about kidnapping a child to “save” him, because they are insane and Mike is banking on people emotionally investing themselves in this. The mother of his child is getting death threats online, over what? We saw all the documents. She’s a methhead, not a child abuser or rapist. And who would want all this shit following their child around forever? Save it, lady. Mike’s a selfish shitbag. This is his third time losing that kid in the short 4 years of his life so far. How many more chances does this chud deserve? Get real. If you think we care to “make the mom look good”, we don’t. She had a meth lab in her house with her kids – she doesn’t look all that good. But there’s not much more to say on her, and we care about the truth here. Truth is, this whole spectacle is gross and it’s 100% Mike Cadena’s doing.

    • Raven
      May 30, 2019 at 10:29 am

      Couldn’t agree with you more!

  • Cora
    October 24, 2018 at 11:55 am

    Hey, just so you know, near the beginning where you’ve got the screenshots of the info on a form, the SSN is still visible.

    • October 24, 2018 at 12:46 pm

      Thanks for the heads up – oversight on our part! Corrected.

  • mike
    October 13, 2018 at 3:17 pm

    I never heard of you, but this whole report was incredible. good job

  • pedro
    October 13, 2018 at 1:48 pm

    Dont know if I ever saw a worse piece of “journalism”. Why would somebody upload screenshots how he is insulting people in chats?

  • A random
    October 13, 2018 at 12:19 pm

    This isn’t a smear campaign…I know this Mike and his kid via a close relative. He’s got a past, yes, but in the year or so he’s been close to said person, he’d been a model citizen and dad. Amber on the other hand, crack whore. This whole case is simply so she can get more money for her rocks.

    You should go look at the abuse reports about Mikey. They’re gut wrenching.

    The reality is, Mike just ran out

  • Stunt Princess
    October 11, 2018 at 1:32 am

    Someone needs to tell Ambers attorney about the smear campaign.

    • October 15, 2018 at 2:24 pm

      He’s aware, we made sure of it.

  • The Doctor
    October 10, 2018 at 9:59 pm

    Ooh my. Her for needs to be amputated.

  • ithejury
    October 10, 2018 at 8:08 pm

    “It’s almost as if Michael is training the child to fear his mother and this whole thing is a charade meant to elicit sympathy from gullible women.”

    Weaponizing their kid’s emotions against each other. Downright shameful. Also please expose that scumbag of a PR person, what a piece of shit she is.

  • Y
    October 10, 2018 at 12:06 pm

    One thing is clear, Michael Cadena loves the crazies!!

  • Hugh-Bo Mont
    October 10, 2018 at 11:59 am

    Good job, BT!

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