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I Hate To Say It, But There Are Some Things That Just Don’t Add Up About This Viral “Help Us Save Mikey” Campaign

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Editor’s note: This is Part 1 of a 3 Part in-depth investigation. You can read Part 2 and Part 3 by clicking the links.

We’ve been getting tons of messages in the inbox over the last few months about an ongoing campaign entitled “Help Us Save Mikey“. I finally got a chance to look into it last night, and it appears that the entire saga has recently reached a crescendo.  I’ll start right from where I did, and walk through my research into the matter.  The whole story centers around 4 year old Mikey, son of Michael Cadena of Weymouth, MA and Amber Buck of Illinois. He is a beautiful, happy looking little boy with a mop of fair hair set atop an adorable chubby little face lit up by bright blue eyes. Definitely a face you feel sympathy for immediately. Especially when you get into the story put out by his paternal family members and supporters, that allege this sweet angel face was the victim of horrible child abuse, drug fueled neglect and instability from infancy, at the hands of his mother. Heartbreaking.

After all is said and done, I hate to say it, because I just like most people want to believe in the good fight against child abuse, but the whole thing just sort of reeks of suspicion from where I’m standing. I can’t say for sure, because I’ve never even meet this little munchkin. But a little delving into the case online, and cracks do start to show.

First of all, there’s not just one, but three online fundraisers attached to this already. Anyone who reads us knows, that when multiple gofundme’s pop up, it’s wise to at least be a little skeptical.  Via one of them, Mikey’s Recovery Fund, this is the story you’re opening up your wallet for:

“Since infancy, Mikey was abused and neglected. He was victimized while living with his mother and repeatedly subjected to criminal activity, trauma, and violence. Police reports, court documents, and medical records show that Mikey had been burned, beaten, thrown, and tied up so tightly he had rope burns.  Close to twelve complaints had been relayed to DCFS concerning his care, many of which were filed by medical professionals. Specifically, the Pediatric Center Resource Center for Child Abuse and Neglect (PRC) in Peoria, Illinois examined Mikey and documented multiple injuries incurred while under the care of his mother, including: severe bruising, blunt force trauma, human bite marks, black eyes, anal bleeding and tear, forehead bruising, rope burns, burned fingers, sores, misplaced hips, and excessive dental problems.

Concerned for his son’s safety, Mikey’s father began pursuing full custody.  During this period, visitation appointments with his son became a time to provide Mikey medical care, nutritious food, and proper hygiene in addition to lots of love and nurturing.  Finally, after a police raid of his mother’s home, Mikey was removed on an emergency order when it was discovered the child was living in an active meth lab. In addition to the use and manufacturing of methamphetamines, authorities found marijuana, six types of ammunition, and dirty syringes left all around the home.

 Research shows the dangerous and potentially life-altering effects a home-based methamphetamine lab has on children.  Exposure to neglect, abuse, violence, psychoactive stimulants and lethal chemicals can damage a child in ways that may not surface for years.  Fortunately for Mikey, he was given a second chance that day in March 2016.  Mikey’s father was granted full custody after an Illinois judge found the mother unfit.  He then relocated to Massachusetts with Mikey where the 4 year old child has since been living in a loving, structured and supportive environment with access to leading medical treatments offered in the Boston area.”

Tragic, amiright? The poor kid is born to a Meth addicted mother, abused heinously, and finally removed. Thank goodness for his loving father, who swooped in, rescued him, and has given him a stable life! Oh, my bleeding heart! But what is it that Mikey and his father need your money for?

“With legal fees on a continual rise due to an ongoing court battle to keep the child safely in his custody, we decided to create this Go Fund Me page to help Michael  focus on solely on his son’s care and the fight to keep him safe, not on overwhelming medical costs.  While Mikey is covered by his father’s insurance, not all specialty services are; thus, resulting in approximately $3,000 per month in out-of-pocket expenses.  Without this treatment, Mikey would have had significant difficulty processing his experiences and developing coping skills for trauma and anxiety.  It would also have hindered Mikey’s social development and impede his ability to trust and connect with others. Undoubtedly, this treatment is crucial to his son’s recovery and we want to help alleviate  some of that cost if possible. Our goal is to raise enough funds to cover a full year of this specialized care. All funds raised will go exclusively to Mikey’s therapeutic needs.”

As soon as I read that, it gave me some pause. We live in the state of Massachusetts. We have a little something called Masshealth, that covers comprehensive mental health and trauma services for children and youth. I know this very, very well. I also know, that in the case of a family not being eligible for Masshealth standard, there are two other tiers that can cover a child’s uncovered services: Masshealth Commonhealth, and Masshealth Family Assistance. These are programs offered to cover the cost of treatment for children who are affected by significant mental health needs, or a serious emotional disturbance, as is described of poor little Mikey. So how the father is incurring these exorbitant healthcare costs seems rather suspect to me. From the way his behavior and functioning have been described, and the hard evidence of prior abuse they insist upon having, there is slim to no chance that this child would not qualify. Any Massachusetts based provider would be aware of this, and often are more than willing to provide documentation to ensure eligibility. Here’s an overview, straight off Masshealth’s website:

And that’s just the first whiff of bullshit I got, really.

Now, let’s be completely reasonable here. I cannot possibly know that the family here in Massachusetts is being misleading, disingenuous, or running a scam for certain. No more certain than any of the people who are clamoring to support this father can really know for certain that he’s being 100% honest here. But this story entails more than just raising funds to offset the (in my opinion, dubious) medical costs incurred by the family. This poor child has also been at the center of a lengthy and contentious custody battle spanning two states. Which brings us to fundraiser #2.  

“Please take a moment to support our friend Michael Cadena as he faces a huge obstacle in the Courts this week. He was granted custody of his son Mikey who had been subjected to constant physical and emotional abuse at the hands of his mother and her boyfriend in Illinois. He brought Mikey back to Massachusetts last year and has been working to heal his beautiful 4 year old son, who beaten and burned and tied up so tightly he had rope burns.

His biological mother was arrested for operating a Meth Lab in her apartment and Mikey was taken from her and his dad was given custody. She has now retained an attorney and the courts demanded that he return Mikey to Illinois. He is being threatened with arrest if he doesn’t go to court.

We are all hoping he is able to keep both Michael and Mikey here in Weymouth with their extended family and where he has a great career. He is taking care of his son and his mom, providing them both with a nice home. Nobody is saying the mom should never be with her son again; everyone deserves a second chance. The problem is her manipulating the courts to take him from his dad who basically saved him. I hope justice will prevail and Mikey gets to stay here with his daddy.”

And here’s a third one, through fundedjustice.

All together, it’s up to $20,338 raised through online fundraising efforts alone so far. This isn’t counting charity events put on to benefit Mr. Cadena. I’ve found 2 of those so far.

So here’s red flag number two for me, ready for it?

This account is not entirely accurate. The child was not taken from his mother’s custody in March 2016 and immediately placed in his father’s care. The full story is, that both Mom and Dad lost custody of the child in March of 2016, due to mother’s ongoing drug abuse and legal issues – as well as Father’s. That fact doesn’t seem to be prevalent in any of the publicity put out by Michael Cadena or his supporters, although mother’s drug history is set out on full display.  Here’s Dads for you, too.

The child was not immediately given to his father in March of 2016 as stated in public releases, publicity materials, and fundraising efforts on behalf of Michael Cadena Sr. He was put into foster care, and after about 4 months, released into his father’s care in July of 2016. A permanency order awarding father legal and custody was issued on February 16, 2017, and the case was closed. Almost exactly a month to the day later, Dad takes the kid, and leaves the state, without notifying the mother, or seeking permission from the courts, although the mother’s legal case was still pending. Don’t take my word for it, though. I’m a huge proponent of objective fact, so take Mr. Cadena’s word for it.

Now, I’m not going to come in and defend a mother using, manufacturing and selling meth. That would be insane. I’m simply wondering out loud, that given that the general consensus is that meth and moms don’t make a successful mix, why the lack of transparency, Michael? It’s not like you don’t have enough on Mom as it is, she had a goddamn meth lab in the house with her children. Why hide your past mistakes, too, and appear to be coming from much high moral ground? This man is not a perfect parent, either. Which is fine. But be upfront.

This transcends just a custody battle between two struggling addict parents. This man is condemning a district court judge in Mclean County, Illinois, and as now, one of our own Massachusetts judges as well. I acknowledge that court corruption does exist – how could I write for Turtleboy and not? But I don’t just accept it based on emotionally charged issues where adorable little boys are put front and center. I need FACKS.

And of course the father is describing just the most harrowing child abuse one could imagine, suffered by this innocent baby allegedly at the hands of his own mother. He claims to have photographs, police reports and medical records detailing the abuse. So obviously, the mother has been charged, right? One would think. Well, no. No she has not.

This struck me as so odd, because I cannot imagine here in this state such well documented abuse going completely unnoticed by authorities, especially when the bio family is so vocal and credible enough to run a pretty lucrative fundraising effort thus far. Honestly, in Massachusetts, were the police to respond to a complaint of child abuse, and find sufficient evidence, they would have to file with Child Protective Services at the very least, as mandated reporters. Often District Attorney referrals follow not too far behind.

But, I’m not from Illinois, so I reached out to their DCFS’s office of communication, who assured me, that without specifics to any particular case, if they were given such comprehensive and compelling evidence detailing abuse to a child, the matter would not be simply dismissed, and the odds of a referral to the District Attorney’s office would be pretty high. I think that’s common sense, but, you know, due diligence.

Could it have been overlooked in this particular case? Yeah, of course. But when mom gets busted running a meth lab, I doubt it. It just seems too conveniently stacked against a guy with his own checkered past, who flees the state immediately after closing out with Child Protective services, without obtaining permission from the courts. Some of this just doesn’t sit right, I’m sorry.

So Michael takes little Mikey here to Massachusetts, and essentially cuts the mother out cold, citing the alleged abuse and subsequent trauma suffered by this boy. And the court case continued over in Illinois, because local accounts, mom went to jail, was released and placed on probation, and started to work on getting her life back together.  It was covered by a local news outlet, The Pentagraph, in this article.

Apparently she came into court with a binder full of evidence of treatment, admitted what she has done, and cited her children’s removal as the reason for change. Maybe she’s being honest, maybe not. Maybe she means it now, but might fail later, or maybe she won’t. I don’t know. But I know that if you can accept your failures and are willing to change, it can happen. It has happened. And sometimes it doesn’t. More importantly, I know that at the end of the day this isn’t explicitly about her, or about the father, it’s about the child. And every child deserves the chance to a mother, and a father.

DCFS found Ms. Buck, Mikey’s mother, to be fit in July 2017. Her other child was returned to her care, and to date, appears to remain with her mother, and be doing ok. All I know is, Michael Cadena, whatever the reason, took it upon himself to decide for his son that if it were up to him, that child would not have the chance to know his mother. Right, wrong, or indifferent. And I personally, can’t forget, that Michael doesn’t have an impeccable past himself. If he was able to change, who’s to say the woman he chose to create a child with can’t? Certainly not me, and certainly not the thousands of people who have blindly come out to support this man, and condemn this woman.

So within the past fews days, a heartbreaking video has been released of little Mikey Jr. being told in what appears to be a courthouse, that he was to be taken from his Massachusetts family and returned to his mother. The child shows obvious grief, and it’s a tough watch for sure.

But my gut feeling, was how fucking exploitative is that? This child has undoubtedly been traumatized in at least the sense that he was exposed to maternal, and presumably to some extent, paternal drug use. His familial relationships were disrupted during his earliest and more formative years. And there, in a public setting, he is told that he will be disrupted yet again.

He shows understandable grief and apprehension, but how dare they videotape that child’s pain and broadcast it for millions of strangers to see? Maybe the kid is distraught because he truly fears his mother – maybe its because change is terrifying to a four year old, regardless. Maybe he has been alienated from his mother by his relatives, maybe not.

But I cannot blindly condemn anyone based on that video, and I simply can’t see it as morally acceptable. Kids are not pawns, and that kid deserves privacy and dignity, for damn sure. It says a lot about the people who would participate in such a charade. But hey, it sure seems to have ratcheted up the donations! As I was researching last night, they were visibly ticking in by the minute.

I can’t blindly believe that an abused child would be forced back to the home of his drug addled, abusive, unfit mother by not one, but two judges, in two separate states. Yes, children are often failed by the state. We see it in our own more than I think anyone would ever want. But this isn’t a voiceless ward of the state – this is a child fervently advocated for, who resides with biological kin. He wasn’t dumped off in a foster home and forgotten about, or given back to abusive parents to get out of state custody because CPS states a directive to at least try to keep these kids with family. I’m sorry, it stinks. The question of the hour is, how did this happen? And I put my time into finding out why. I have a pretty good guess now.

Let’s start with the looming custody battle, and point out yet another misrepresentation put out by the campaign. As reflected in court documents I have obtained, the mother did not set out seeking to rip her son away from his father by manipulating the courts. Oh, no. She originally filed seeking mere contact with her child. The father did not comply. He would not let her know where her son was living specifically, obstructed phone calls, and made no effort to accommodate visits. So, the courts focus was, for many, many months, not changing over custody, but simply getting the father to pack up the child, come back to Illinois, and be heard in a best interest hearing regarding the child to determine appropriate parenting time allocations.

Dad refused. And refused, and refused. And the courts, as well as the mother, gave him chance after chance to comply. At least six.  Finally, in June of this year, after repeated failed attempts to just get Dad to follow due process and comply, the courts got serious. He was found in such marked contempt that he now sits in jail, with a sentence of six months for criminal contempt awaiting him back in Illinois.

That is why mom has custody now, that is why this kid’s life has been uprooted. Because this man, who claims so publicly, in videos, websites, Facebook posts and public releases, to be willing to do anything for the benefit of his son, wouldn’t even get on a plane to be heard on the matter of the child’s best interest. I mean, really. I’ve been to court over my children. I have a hard time understanding how, when faced with a custody issue, a parent would decide that polished looking, videographer-produced and edited internet videos, photo shoots, charity events and fundraising is more necessary than just showing up to court? Why raise money for legal fees, just to keep dodging court dates?

According to the warrant issued out of the Illinois court where the case originated, the courts took notice of this as well, and acknowledged exactly what I’m thinking – if the evidence he claims to have is so compelling and concrete, and he just wants what’s best for his son, why not just show up? The court even acknowledges that had he just complied, shown up and been heard on the child’s best interest, he very well may have been permitted to retain custody of his son and remain in Massachusetts.


I mean, for what it’s worth, the allegedly meth addled monster of Mother hopped on a plane not once, but twice, to retrieve her son. I’ve known a lot of junkie mothers. Not often do they show up to court consistently, maintain the same job for 18 months, maintain custody of another child, and fly across states just to see their child. Again, maybe she’s just a really good actress, or maybe she’ll fail. But when we’re looking at evidence here, what I can say for certain, is that this isn’t at cut and dry as presented by the “Help Us Save Mikey” campaign. Sorry folks, if you want people to blindly believe a viral Internet sob story you came to the wrong place. We do FACKS here.

I’ve further counter with this – while Michael Cadena is benefiting from fundraisers, I could find no evidence of the child’s mother, Amber Buck, doing the same. Michael Cadena openly discusses his side of this sordid story on social media, and actively smears the mother of his child. Amber Buck is essentially silent. I hope, for the sake of this child, that this isn’t what it looks like to me. But either way, the real loser in this whole thing is little Mikey, undoubtedly, no matter where the material facts may lie. He is unfortunately stuck in the middle of two parents who clearly cannot for the life of them come together to serve his best interest, and that’s the real clear tragedy from my vantage point.

35 Comment(s)
  • Mrs. C
    March 9, 2019 at 3:11 pm

    It’s funny now all of you stupid ass mfers can put your nasty foot in your mouth! The fact that you believe a 4 year old child shows your mind set belongs in his age range lmao! Comical least to say. You can easily frighten a child into Hysteria over time just by telling him horrible frightening things and of course he wouldn’t want to go back to that. Morons damn. TBS thank you for having the common sense of an adult and doing just and fair reporting. I’ve read all the stories and did back ground checks myself and he did not fabricate or lie in anything he has written. With that being said the father is a piece of shit will always be a piece of shit and you all 4 year olds play follow the leader.

  • Southern Mess
    October 27, 2018 at 5:04 pm

    First of all, “I need FACKS.” Really? You call yourself a professional writer and you can’t even spell facts?

    Second, “He shows understandable grief and apprehension, but how dare they videotape that child’s pain and broadcast it for millions of strangers to see?” If someone who was abusive got custody of my kid, you bet your butt I’d do ANYTHING to get the story out and get my baby back! If that took videoing the really hard and nitty gritty of the situation, so freaking be it.

    This entire “article” was written terribly and really it’s just opinion based. The dad has a past, yes. But this isn’t about his drug past, it’s about her past of obvious neglect and abuse. The fact that there are multiple crowdfunding campaigns means nothing. ANYONE can make one trying to help and who knows if they actually get the facts right. Your “research” is really just your opinion of what you’ve read.

  • TNR
    October 27, 2018 at 2:00 pm

    Are you insane? The boy had burns, ANAL BLEEDING & TEARING, and rope burns while under his mother’s care and you’re defending her? Just because there were no charges doesn’t mean anything, only that they did not have enough evidence, mainly due to the child’s age so he cannot testify. Usually in child abuse vases, you need a complaining witness to make an arrest. Even if the dad is unfit, that is no reason to defend the mom let alone suddenly make her a fit parent. Under no circumstances should this boy have returned to his abusive mother, regardless if dad is unfit or not.

    • TNR
      October 27, 2018 at 2:25 pm

      Also, obviously the father doesn’t want his son to ever have contact with his mother. That’s just common sense. Most SANE parents don’t want their child to ever see their abuser again. Nothing fishy about that. What parent would ever want their child to ever have contact with the person who physically and sexually abused them. Even the victims themselves don’t want that. In the video, Mikey clearly says he doesn’t want to go to his mom’s house and also says “She hurts me.” Her binder and ability to hop on a plane twice doesn’t make her a good mom. Also, not starting a gofundme doesn’t make her a good mom. All it means is that she is smart enough not to make a gofundme when she severely abused her son so bad he required surgery and sexually assaulted him. Anal bleeding = no gofundme donations.

  • Kelly
    October 26, 2018 at 2:15 pm

    Turtleboy- you have some very valid points but again there is a reason the father, 4 months later received sole custody of his son. I have read some other articles you have written, including the Mickey Rivera case. I personally know his case from 2015 and of 2018, you have no idea about what your talking about. And its shame people bashed his family the way they did, like they were the ones that drove the car. By the way you have to many fucking ads on your page.

    • October 26, 2018 at 3:41 pm

      We covered the reasons, and why they aren’t valid, in other blogs. I can’t speak to the Rivera case – I didn’t write those blogs. But I stand by what I wrote. Mike Cadena is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  • Kristina
    October 25, 2018 at 9:05 am

    I need to say something….I couldn’t even finish what you wrote. You have no idea how the system works at all…..I have been battling my abusive ex for years and I have a lot of dirt on him, and it got me no where. This article pisses me off because you dont even know what your talking about. You have no legal education or experiance. You know nothing about how the health care system works actually. Honestly with how your writting things you just sound like an ignorant child. Do yourself a favor and don’t talk about things you have no clue about. Your just like the news giving people false ideas. Please don’t listen to him this is just his opinion not actual truth. He even states in here that he knows nothing of the case or the child…….So question why say anything…..Cause you just wanna start shit…..like I said a child!

  • SH
    October 24, 2018 at 6:44 pm

    I have a friend that fought for years while the mother of his child abused his daughter. Burns, bruises, broken bones, mental and emotional abuse…the whole damn awful thing. She lived her entire life this way and wouldn’t give my friend more than partial custody. He has no record and is in the military.

    I have another friend whose husband abused her for years and when that wasnt enough he turned to abusing their kids too. Cigarette burns, bruises, broken bones, mental and emotional abuse for years and he still has partial custody of his kids and has them overnight and there isnt anything their mom can do, even with years of documented abuse. Not that long ago their 5 year old came home to her with more cigarette burns and all she could do was go to the hospital and have the abuse documented and have the court notified. They gave him monitored visits for a few months and then gave him over nights back..nothing was really done

  • Renaee Fox
    October 18, 2018 at 10:43 pm

    Both parents may have made mistakes in their lives. But, one is definitely worse than the other, o many levels.
    But, the piece that matters more than their troubles is the piece that Mikey tells in that video. You may condemn the video being taped, and it hurts to watch it. BUT, it proves that Mikey knows what pain he went through and who caused it. He clearly say “she hurts me” with tears and fear all over his face. He said “sorry” as if he is to blame to be forced to go back to a place he clearly fears with the person he is frightened of.
    THAT is the only part of this that matters. She was not a loving mother who cared for her son. She does NOT deserve a second chance to hurt him again.

  • bob dobalina
    October 16, 2018 at 1:58 am

    Everyone pray for Mikey, his family, and all those involved. God can heal all! The scriptures instruct us to pray. Mikey needs prayer! God loves little Mikey. Pray for everyone’s well-being. if you don’t believe in prayer, or God, then pray to God that you’ll quit being wrong, and then continue with praying for Mikey and his family. And… go.

  • Brenda McIntosh
    October 15, 2018 at 3:32 pm

    My focus is on the safety of an adorable little boy who, according to his father, suffered horrendous abuse while in the care of his mother to include: Anal bleeding and tears, blunt force trauma, displaced hips, rope burns, cigarette burns. I know of children who have been found to have been subjected to such despicable abuse at the hands of their drug addicted mother’s boyfriends or customers after their dead bodies were autopsied.

    I don’t believe the father would have chronicled such horrendous abuse in a press release if the abuse was not verifiable.

    I watched a video of the boy with his father. He was filled with joy and happiness. He was laughing and extending hugs in an environment where he obviously felt loved. I observed that same happy little boy while being held in the arms of the family friend, and even still when in the arms of the child services representative.

    I then observed the little boys anguished tears when told he was going to his mother’s home. He said he wanted his father. He felt safe away from his father with the family friend, with the social services rep, but not. . . with his mother.

    He’s four. His fear is not a deceit. Believe the child and keep him safe.

    I don’t care about the money. People are voluntarily donating and I have no idea what the father is doing with it, nor do I care. I care about Mikey’s safety. His mother kept him in a meth lab where a spark could have reduced him to fragments of flesh. If the injuries his father described in the press release actually occurred, I don’t blame him for getting the child as far away from the source of that torture as possible. I would never allow her within a mile of Mikey if she either committed, or failed to prevent whoever did commit such horrible abuse of him.

    Whether people make donations or not, whether Mikey is returned to his father right away or not, he should not be returned to his mother unless the injuries alleged are proven to be false. Apparently the father’s family is also concerned for Mikey’s well being. Let them foster him while this matter is thoroughly researched with the sole focus being to make sure Mikey is safe and happy.

    • Bristol Turtlechick
      October 15, 2018 at 9:02 pm

      We have the medical reports, the Help Us Save Mikey Team provided them. There is no evidence of this abuse, if we could publish the reports to show this, we would. We legally cannot, as we do not have permission to
      Quite the contrary, we were asked to not even specifically refer to them. If you read later parts of the blog, we were able to publish court transcripts where Michael Sr admits he took Mikey to the exam with no injuries. None whatsoever.

  • J
    October 15, 2018 at 3:09 pm

    Oh Turtle boy, you think you are so well versed in family court shame on you for being a know it all!!! The court would rather restore a mother child bond then look at the facts… I am raising a child who’s mother was clearly neglectful and reckless. I raised him for 3 years no help from momma or daddy. She finds out oh wait I can get disability for him now and took me back to court. A judge told me that she is the bio mother she has more rights than me to the child. How about the rights of the child??? Long story short 17000.00 dollars later, I have custody of him still but really it cost me dipping into my 401k months of stress not only for me my family but for child that was in fear of leaving his safe zone. A licensed psychologist which I had to pay testified the long effects MY son would have if ripped from the safety and placed in the unknown. Don’t even think you know anything about the court system when it comes to children..

  • false equivalency
    October 14, 2018 at 7:55 pm

    Possession of weed and METH MANUFACTURING are completely different crimes and smoking weed and being a methhead (and manufacturer) are literally two ends of the scale yet you call them both addicts as if it’s a level field. Also does it strike anyone else as even a little weird that a woman charged with running a meth lab received probation instead of the usual 10+ year sentence? With that said, I appreciate that you’ve brought to light details not shown on social media.

    • October 15, 2018 at 10:52 am

      Did you actually read the blog? He’s got a lot more than just weed on his record..

  • Pissed Off
    October 14, 2018 at 1:36 pm

    The only evidence you need is in the viral video. Four year olds are not going to lie about what happens to them. He clearly said his mom hurts him and then asked for his dad. SMH. You’re exploiting this kid to get attention, just another typical right wing shithead.

  • JailTrumpKillTrash
    October 13, 2018 at 10:16 pm

    All this specific site is, is just a bunch of fucking cashiers with zero forensic analysis expertise or any expertise in the American judicial system, trying to create conjecture about a case they only know about from – looks like – the mother’s point of view.

    I bet this is the shit headed skag mother’s little brother trying to make that child abusing meth addict criminal sound a little better in the court of “public opinion”.

    Or in other words, more white trash, trying to polish shit and saying that it isn’t a child abusing meth addict criminal.

    But trash will be trash. Like Trump voters to racism, trash will always go back to trash.

    • October 15, 2018 at 10:54 am

      Thank you for your brilliant, albeit flawed assessment. How much are you profiting off the exploitation of this child? You sure are angry that we did so much research. Not a fan of the truth? That’s unfortunate, because I am.

    October 13, 2018 at 5:02 pm

    This seems like the father knows he is about as likely to win custody as the mother, and since he apparently wants to live in MA he decided to “cash in” on some sympathy so he could easily afford his future legal costs of his own drug addiction and related criminal lifestyle. This looks like a case of he said she said with very little real facts of abuse. Obviously the child has messed up parents but I doubt he has been anally raped or repeatedly beaten per fathers accusations. In fact I havent seen any proof of actual related CSD paperwork at all. These types of allegations are hard to disprove, so the father knows he can claim the moon and well meaning types will give lots of donations. When the truth finally does come out, as some internet sleuths will no doubt get every related piece of documentation available to show it, we will see that this is just another case of parental custody mud slinging taken to the next level for personal gain by a greedy opportunistic father. Hopefully he will have multiple counts of wire fraud added to his list of criminal records. I sure do wish the best for the child though, he seems like a real sweet kid.

  • He Man Woman Hater
    October 13, 2018 at 9:46 am

    Someone give this methhead a hot shot and end this already.

  • MCG’s smoke detector batteries
    Inspector Gadget
    October 6, 2018 at 1:40 am

    The fathers charges seem to all be for marijuana possession. How one gets pinched that many times, who knows.

    But it definitely reeks

    • Hugh-Bo Mont
      October 6, 2018 at 5:34 am

      Read much? At the same time as felony possession of something else…

  • The Friend that Knows
    October 6, 2018 at 12:06 am

    Mamma’s a hoe crank head puffing and sucking from Chicago to Boston. Daddy got popped with momma’s drugs, which is why he came back into the safe parent fold faster than the crack head. That man has truly spent his entire payload and taken the role of father serious enough to know all the facets going on and the needs of his son who in turn needs him. Dont buy Amber Buck’s BS, all of us close to her know it is only a matter of time before she is smoking cocks and sucking on the glass pipe again. In fact, I doubt she is even clean now as she claims. She has always been a master manipulater. What the fuck is wrong with this author, for heaven’s sake she couldn’t even put down the weed while she was pregnant. The peices of ass she brings home are also very sketchy. We are concerned one of them was a diddler who made matters much worse. If Mikey ends up for good back with his momma, we’ll be buying him in a little 3×4 pine box. She is truly a skank drug mule and will never ever put her kids first over her need to get high. Fuck , enough of this bs. Who are you people?

    • Bristol Turtlechick
      October 6, 2018 at 12:40 am

      The correct place to air any and all of that would have been one of the 6 scheduled dates for a best interest hearing the courts kept trying to drag Dad in for, not our comments section. But thank you for the input, you sound super supportive of this kid, especially when you refer to his mother as a cock smoking crank hoe. I couldn’t find any evidence that she behaves in that way, either because she’s rehabilitating herself, or smart enough to keep it under wraps at home. That’s why to date she has not been up on one of my blogs in a particularly negative light – if you aren’t acting like rancid hot garbage, you’re doing ok enough not to poke the turtle. Dad’s clearly a different story – he made this all public, on behalf of a child who is too young to even consent to it. Don’t poke the turtle, “friend”, we only dig deeper to make sure we’ve got the whole truth, and I dont think that’s what you want here.

  • Burt Hurtensteiner
    October 5, 2018 at 11:09 pm

    Does TBS pay its bloggers per word?

    • Fed up with idiots
      October 6, 2018 at 2:03 am

      The mother doesnt behave like him? U havent found any proof? Well u suck at research!!!!! The maternal family has threatened w emails for years! And that has been made public! She also lied on her 911 call to obtain custody which she should be in violation of her probation for that! Michael needs these fundraisers because his family isnt paying off every cop and judge the way this mother is and has! I know nobody who has gotten probation for class x meth manufacturing, especially in mclean co. This woman has deceit written all over her. Always has and my bet always will! Michael knew her family was what they are and thats why he made the choices he did! Your a really shitty person even making an article like this when you of all people are clueless! Lets compare weed charges and dad being caught up on moms shit to her lifetime of being shitty person and pathetic ! How dare you! Did you see over 15 court ordered phone calls w the mother where the boy cried and threw the phone and or co puter each time because he is terrified of her! And lets not forget when she came to mass for court she refused a visit w her son. Get all of your facts before you make a stupid article that coukd seriously affect the well being of an innocent young boy!

      • sketchytown
        October 6, 2018 at 9:44 pm

        “Michael knew her family was what they are and thats why he made the choices he did! ”

        I am curious – Did he know “her family was what they are” before “made the choices” to have sex with Amber?

        Was he even married to Amber?

        Good reasons here to follow the old fashioned path of date someone, get to know about the person and family, get married, and THEN have sex (ie: potentially create a child).

        Great if he is now stepping up, but those GFM do look very sketchy.

        • Ben
          October 13, 2018 at 10:31 am

          lmao must be nice living in the 1950s.

  • gravy train
    October 5, 2018 at 9:55 pm

    “The full story is, that both Mom and Dad lost custody of the child in March of 2016, due to mother’s ongoing drug abuse and legal issues – as well as Father’s.”

    Saw that coming a mile away.

  • CE
    October 5, 2018 at 9:52 pm

    Would throw it in Slamber. She needs an iud pronto!

  • whatevuh
    October 5, 2018 at 6:13 pm

    Sorry, you lost me at about page 13, this site is getting too long winded, pain in the ass

    • RC
      October 6, 2018 at 6:08 pm

      This article was too long? JFC, what reading level are you at? Would a meme suit you better?

  • Dr.. Ford
    October 5, 2018 at 3:45 pm

    She needs to be believed and supported. Look at my go fund me page. Over 1 million for lying about a Supreme Court Justice

  • Judge dread
    October 5, 2018 at 3:41 pm

    I would imagine that kid grew up in conditions like the movie Spun, where Mickey rourke was the meth cook. Poor kid.

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