Here’s What Boston Celtics Should Do If Kevin Love Doesn’t Work Out

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After some long thought I finally figured out what the Celtics should do with their sixth overall pick. Well, obviously the first choice is to trade it for Kevin Love. Whatever happened to that? Is that just done now? Who starts these rumors and then why do they suddenly just let them die? Come one, you’re competing with the Preakness Stakes for big stories right now. Love needs to be on the Celtics. I’d trade five years worth of fifth round picks for him. Chances are none of them will ever be as good as him, so what’s the point? You need stars to win in this league. That’s why this league sucks.

But if we do end up keeping the pick, I NEED Donte Exum in my life. Been reading about and watching a lot of him lately. This is the kind of player you can build around. He’s a clone of Steph Curry (also a top 10 player in the league). His Dad was an NBA player who moved to Australia after he got cut and ended up liking it so much that he raised a family there. Hard to think this guy is an Australian. I just can’t stop looking at people who speak with an Australian accent. They are marvelous.

I know he’s probably only 17 in that interview, but man, he sounds like an Australian dumbass. Place was founded by criminals. Don’t need a college degree to kill wallabies.

He can shoot the lights out, he’s 6’6″ with phenomenal wing span, he can play either guard position in a league where you it seems like winning teams always have players of his ilk. Like I said, I’d take Love any day of the week over any of these chumps. But I’m telling you right now the best three in this class will be, 1) Jabari Parker, 2) Donte Exum, 3) Julius Randle. Parker and Exum just look like they’re built to last in the NBA. Pure gut instinct guarantee. Randle reminds me of one of those power forwards who comes into the league as an out of control dooshnozzle, and matures into a wise old power forward. It’s the Zach Randolph evolution.

I think it moved. I understand that was some really, really shitty competition. But this kid’s got what it takes. You can’t teach that size and length. You can’t teach that swag either. You gotta be an absolute killer to make it in the NBA.

I don’t trust Joel Embiid simply because I’ve seen his kind before. These can’t miss 7 footers. He’ll be the first to get injured and by far the biggest bust of the draft.

I can see Marcus Smart and/or Randle being a bust. I just don’t see Andrew Wiggins going anywhere. He’s too raw. One of those Jeff Green types. Gigantic performance one game, suckbag city the next. Marcus Smart I think will be a good NBA player, and he’ll have a solid but not spectacular career.


Exum’s gonna be a stud. Don’t forget that you heard it here first on Turtleboy Sports.

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Turtleboy has gone mainstream. Check out our blogs for WEEI.COM’s Dennis & Callahan’s Producer’s Blog.






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  • Margee Pesikov
    May 31, 2014 at 9:24 pm

    Exum sounds like cum. I’m turned on already.

  • Eric L
    May 31, 2014 at 7:52 pm

    Couldn’t agree more about Exum, but gotta drop the heard it here first. This guy’s been a super prospect for some time and some Mocks actually have him going 3. Don’t think we have much hope. Vonleh or Randle would have to do (either are very solid). Hopefully we don’t make a pick in this draft thanks to Mr. Love. If we do I’d love to package 17th and a future first for a 2nd lotto pick (Smart, Saric or McDermott).

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