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  • Hilarious Elderly Leominster Women Triggers Townsfolk With Letter To Editor Published In Fitchburg Sentinel Blaming Women For Being Sexually Assaulted

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    When old people take pen to paper and write letters to the editor of their favorite newspaper, hilarious consequences often ensue. Such was the case in the Fitchburg Sentinel today…..

    In a recent edition of the Sentinel & Enterprise on the celebrity news page there were two women — a singer and an actress — that were very suggestively dressed. Some women wonder why they aren’t respected. First, if you want to be treated like a lady and not be taken advantage of, you should try to dress like a lady. A woman’s body is too tempting to some men, it seems.

    Our women and girls need to have a good example set for them by their mothers and even grandmothers and teachers. And fathers and husbands, if you think your wife, girlfriend, or daughter is dressed inappropriately, speak up. I’m sure you don’t want them to be assaulted or, worse, raped.

    Muslim women seem to save their femininity for their husbands and good for them.

    On another note, It makes me nervous when I see women jogging with their hair in a ponytail. It would be so easy for some guy to grab that tail. Could you pin it up somehow? I’m praying that you won’t be grabbed by it.



    God I love old people. I obviously don’t agree with a single thing she said (although I understand the point she tried to articulate but failed so miserably at), but there’s nothing more amusing than an elderly person who has run out of fucks to give. It’s one of the most hilarious and entertaining things that can happen. Social justice warriors are always telling each other to challenge their racist uncle or grandfather at Thanksgiving. Newsflash – it’s not gonna work. No one over the age of 70 in the history of time has ever changed their opinion about anything. Ever.

    So many strong points being made at the same time. First of all, it’s the woman’s fault when she gets raped by a man according to Marilyn, because women’s bodies are just too tempting to us guys. As a male I lack self control and when I see a woman who is attractive and dressed provocatively I just can’t help myself. There’s literally nothing I can do. Contrary to popular opinion men do NOT have free will.

    Oh, and those Muslim women really have it all figured out:

    Because Saudi culture is a culture that we should be embracing in the land of the free and the home of the brave. While we’re at it let’s ban women from driving. They could run into a guy at a red light and get raped. Naturally it would be their fault.

    The best part is the tangent at the end where she just had to get that monkey off her chest – women should NOT be running with pony tails. There, I said it! It’s a huge problem these days. No one’s gonna be grabbing Marilyn’s hair during her next half marathon….

    LOL. The fact that Marilyn is a poll worker is the most predictable thing ever. That right there is why I always vote at least 3 times in every election. Because Marilyn is every poll worker I’ve ever seen. They ask you your address. You look at the book that is right in front of you and filled with addresses. You pick one that hasn’t been crossed out with her red color pencil. You vote. You come back 3 hours later and repeat. But yea, our elections aren’t completely flawed or anything like that. It’s not like Marilyn lives in a city where a write in candidate lost to the sitting mayor by a hundred votes.

    This is far from her first letter to the editor either. But usually she’s complaining about those out of control kids driving 30 mph:

    Look, you can’t get upset with old people. My grandmother once yelled out in church, “too many gays in church.” Shit happens. Nothing you can do about it. They got us through World War 2 so they have the ultimate trump card. Ideals and values change over time. When I’m older I’ll probably resist the shit out of whatever social justice flavor of the month bullshit is being cooked up too. Just let them have their say, don’t take them too seriously, and laugh it off.

    Unfortunately this letter has caused a huge shitstorm as many have not heeded this advice:

    “Dangerous and destructive?” She’s 81. Da fuq is she gonna do? She wrote a letter to the editor of a small town newspaper. Everyone who is normal is laughing at the hilarity of it all. Remember humor?

    A lot of people were upset with the Sentinel for printing the letter:

    Guess what? I’m willing to bet that Marilyn Carter pays for a print subscription to the Sentinel, while everyone else hear reads it for free. When she writes a letter they’re going to print it. Because she gives them money and you don’t. She probably has no idea what Facebook is, and certainly wouldn’t know what to do with the Internet machine to find the Sentinel online.

    More importantly, who wouldn’t want this letter printed? I couldn’t stop laughing at it. The overreaction to this is everything that is wrong with society today. Stop telling me what I can and cannot laugh at. Stop telling people (yes, even bigoted ones) what they can and cannot say. The media should show everyone’s opinion and let us decide if we agree with said opinions, rather than protecting us from unpopular opinions that make us feel uncomfortable. This is how a free society works. This is what Nazis do – they define certain speech as “dangerous” and then they ban it. Stop being Nazis.

    Of for fuck’s sake. Where the hell did the Sentinel endorse this? The woman wrote a letter, they printed it and shared it on their Facebook page. Do you really not understand how a letter to the editor works?

    Anyway, keep doing your thing Marilyn. I completely disagree with everything you said, but I’m not naive enough to try to change your opinion. The beauty of this country is we are allowed to exchange ideas and disagree with one another without the threat of censorship. At least we used to be able to. See you on election day. Several times.

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    1. Steven Stover

      Actually she is right. When I see pics of DiDi I have a involuntary reaction. I gag. I can’t control myself and then I throw up.

      1. Stephanie Jesse

        But didi is a babe and is so damn smart and well spoken. I bet she is a lady on the streets and a freak in the bed. 

        1. Finn

          About as smart as a bag of rocks. She uses the race card so her lazy, pathetic ass can never work.

        2. Lisa

          Love it when white liberals claiming to be the furthest thing from being racists refer to black people as “well spoken.” You would never point out that a white person speaks coherently, because you assume that black people are incapable of doing so. 

          Some people would accuse you of being a racist or at the very least prejudicial.

      2. A chef

        That comment wins the internet today cheers.

    2. love

      I was with her until the ponytail bit lol

      is this another internet hoax

      1. No Haircut for Me

        You must have been dreaming she was describing your favorite beta metrosexual, huh? Is that your best bro, or your boss?

        1. love

          who what?

          explain yourself, troll

    3. Michael Hutson

      some of them do dress like tramps-it’s all the rage nowadays! as a man,i can restrain myself,and i like to look,but ladies there can be too much of a good thing-try to be subtle

      1. Mastah Baitor!

        Hey we do need material for the spank bank!

        1. Savage Squaw Bitch

          Yeah, and women are stupid enough to give it to you for free. If they wanna dress like whores, they oughtta get paid.

    4. Stunt Penis

      Wait for her next letter to the editor, entitled:

      “Fat women should not wear yoga pants”

      Have some self-respect, ladies.

      1. Savage Squaw Bitch

        Someone needs to write that one!

      2. mitch

        Stunt hits it outta the park !!

    5. Paul Larson

      Some people just shouldn’t write letters to the editor. It take a certain skill and panache. You can’t just put rosewood pen to paper and expect to weave gold. It takes a serious wordsmith to turn quality phrases. I am an award winning letter writer… Take for example this letter I received back from the esteemed Chris Sinacola…

      Worcester Telegram & Gazette

      Dear Mr. Larson,

      July 2, 2012


      Your letter to The People’s Forum has been selected as the Letter of the Week.
      Your engraved rosewood Telegram & Gazette Letter of the Week pen is enclosed. We hope you enjoy it.

      Chris Sinacola
      Editor of the Editorial Pages

      Of course now the T&G is just an apologist for the undemocratic Democratic Party! And to further comment on the ponytail remark… When I’m not specifically retaining my semen for vitality purposes, I do on occasion date females. I often bring a scrunchy with me for tying my date’s hair back when the time arises, the benefits are twofold. 1. Added visibility during oral sex. (I love to watch!) and, 2. A handle when I’m hitting it from behind. (My favorite.) Fellas, if you pick her up for the date and she already has a scrunchy around her wrist… be prepared for some world rocking!

      Paul Larson

      1. Savage Squaw Bitch

        Take two ponytail bands. You’ll get handlebars.

      2. Gingy Kid

        Scrunchies are SOOOO 1996.

    6. Lakeisha

      An jus how we apposed to let da niggaz no we lookin for welfare babies if we aint dressin da part?

    7. MCarter Jr.

      Marilyn Carter should know about projecting a provocative appearance. MC was once known as the go-to Anal queen in Fitchburg, Lunenburg, and Ashburnham. Working the badboy matresses up to well into her late 50s, she was the best deep back port, squirter, bar known. Maryilan had a talent for taking hard rimmed deep ball thrusting and cap it off with a turd shot that could travel the length of many a cheap motel room. Funny thing, she ALWAYS had a long ponytail too. She had double ponies when I went Choco-fishing in 1989. She actually screamed for a fisting because her turd shot got stuck sideways. I went into, gloveless, and worked that baby dorsally until she was able to bag it out with a decent cheek pump force. Can’t say it was the most pleasant smell, but I did cap it off with a back alley quick pump fisting and name writing on her back. I am happy to see MC has taken on the role of hoebag support, you could not find an old cheeker poke with a better resume. Live long and prosper Maryilan Carter, this anal bang shot is for you!

      1. z

        Yeah. That’s really hilarious.

        You’re such a fucking herb you give me douche chills. Kill yourself.



    9. Savage Squaw Bitch

      The old lady has a point. Whatever happened to actually having respect for ourselves as women? Sorry to bring it up, but what we choose to wear WILL create biases of approval or disapproval, and YES it will stir up SOME men (not blaming the females, but seriously, let’s be adults here and face facts). How we choose to display ourselves WILL impact the perceptions and impressions other have about us as individuals. I’d hate to sound like a raving feminazi, but one would think the man haters would rally violently against slutwear because it is what the so-called patriarchy has brainwashed society to violently believe is the only thing that can empower our genitalia. Nope, no respecting ourselves at all, let’s just slap on the dental floss G string and see-through teddy-turned-daycare-playdate outfit with the seven-inch clear Pleaser heels we got at the porn shop next door to the local strip club. All in the name of VAGINA!

      Cue the eyeroll right and lip smack about now. They call them the good ol’ days for a reason, ya know?

      I also somewhat get her point about how muslim women save their femininity for their husbands, but only at face value. There is a lot more to Islam and, in my opinion, it needs to be eradicated from existence. Women saved their femininity for their husbands right here in the free world back in those rightly named good ol’ days, and a lot of them still do; the mainstream culture, however, is trying to break that completely apart. What is sad is they are winning. Values are a good thing, remember people? One of those values is modesty.

      Okay, I’m done with this rant.

    10. the pizza in Worcester sucks

      You need not go any further than the WormTown Walmart to see the latest in neck tattoos and pajama (not just for bedtime anymore) fashion . If three hundred pound women pushing shopping carts full of five gallon jugs of cooking oil ( you know you could for once bake that chicken ) wearing. Yoga pants is your thing head on down !

    11. No sympathy for rapists

      Unbelievable! And we wonder why there are so many rapists… because their mothers or grandmothers told them its ok to do – ‘Boys have needs and can’t help themselves’… what a joke!

    12. Kneeeeekkkkoooooooo

      Is it accurate that she does NOT believe Adam Jones story?

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