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Ho Chi Thin Skin Asks Organic Mommy Facebook Group For Referral For Non-White Therapist, Goes Hambeast On Women Who Point Out This Is Racist  


This is Julia Demillones from Montague.

She’s in the market for a pelvic floor therapist so she posted in a Facebook group called Crunchy Moms of Massachusetts. Except there was one caveat – no white people allowed.

White people don’t know what to do with a pelvis because they’re insensitive and unaware of racial trauma.

Obviously this chick was just looking for a fight. She didn’t really care about having a person of color for a pelvic therapist. She just wanted to see if she could get someone to point out that it was racist so that she could then fire back with this:

“How it that harmful to you personally?”

Great question Julia. I guess I could ask you how it’s harmful to you personally if Applebees says they’ll no longer serve black people. Do you have a problem with them doing that? If so then you better keep it yourself, lest you project your insecurities. If you object to this sort of racial discrimination then you are racist and your post is violent. Go get you some education.

The entire point of her post was to find someone like Lily who she could call a racist for objecting to racism. Or, finding someone like Kathy here who pointed out that if someone said they were looking for a white therapist, they’d probably get ripped to shreds.

Yea Kathy, go back to your Klan rally and cry your white tears, you cracker ass ho!

Then there was Corinna Algier Miner.

“If someone feels more comfortable in a very intimate setting with a certain person, they deserve that option and shouldn’t be harassed for it.”

Yea, except no one is harassing her, the fact that she doesn’t feel comfortable around people based on the color of their skin is racist, and if the roles were reversed Corinn would be leading the charge to have their lives ruined. Fuck off Corinn.

Anyway, people like Julia Demillones are racist, but they think they’re not capable of being racist because they aren’t white and they’ve been brainwashed into thinking this way by reading Vox bedtime stories. I’m just here to remind her that she is in fact a bigot, and we won’t tolerate her hatred and racism any longer.



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