I Admit It – The World Cup Has Been Fantastic, Now Here’s Who Will Win

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I truly have thoroughly enjoyed the World Cup. It’s been awesome. Couldn’t have come at a better time too. The Red Sox blow. Football hasn’t started yet, and Aaron Hernandez isn’t running around murdering people. So if it weren’t for the World Cup I’d be bored as shit right now.

With that said the major weakness of the World Cup is that there are no upsets in the tournament. This is an indisputable fact of nature. In the first round of the tournament not a single upset happened. All eight favorites won their games. What kind of shit is that? Not one upset? Awesome story line bro.


What’s the worst of the four American sports leagues? Easy, NBA. Why? Because it sucks. Why? Because only two or three teams can win in any given year. You know who knew the Spurs and Heat would play in the NBA Finals this year? Everyone. There was no point in playing any other playoff games that didn’t involve those two teams going head to head.

Thus soccer takes after the worst of the four American sports, and that’s too bad because soccer isn’t a bad game at all. They need to get rid of flopping and they need to actually stop the clock when play isn’t going on. But besides that the basis of the sport is solid.

With that said this is where the World Cup gets a little more unpredictable. The favorites aren’t big favorites anymore. For instance, Germany was a gigantic favorite against Algeria, but are barely favored against France. Now it’s anyone’s title for the taking. Well, anyone except Costa Rica.


Here’s our picks for the rest of the tournament.

Brazil against Colombia is going to be the best game of this round. Colombia is really, really good, and James Rodriguez is fun to watch. Brazil is Brazil. They’re -300 to win this game, but they’ve looked shaky this tournament. Nevertheless Brazil is the pick.


Germany against France should be real interesting as well. Neither has really been tested so far. France has looked like the best team in the World Cup, but Germany is Germany, and they’re -145 favorites. This one ends like it’s June 1940. France goes down. Germany wins.


Argentina is a -190 favorite against Belgium, which makes zero sense to me. I’ve seen Argentina play a few times. I’ve seen Lionel Messi bail them out against Iran and Switzerland in the final minutes. Meanwhile Belgium is nasty. This is your first “upset”. Belgium advances.


Netherlands is a -450 favorite. Costa Rica is a nice little story, but they are the only team left that has no shot at winning. Netherlands wins easy.

Germany will beat Brazil and the Netherlands will beat Belgium. The World Cup final will be Germany against Holland. AKA Anne Frank’s worst nightmare. The Dutch take home their first World Cup title and Anne Frank finishes her diary this time around.


Turtleboy Sports guarantee, basically as good as gold.

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Turtleboy has gone mainstream. Check out our blogs for WEEI.COM’s Dennis & Callahan’s Producer’s Blog.





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