I Can’t Stop Staring At This Facebook Map Of Every County’s Favorite MLB Team In America

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I can’t stop staring at this map. It displays the top MLB teams in each county according to polls conducted by Facebook.


Here’s some things I find interesting about this:

  • The Yankees are easily America’s de facto favorite team. I figured they’d win New York and New Jersey but how are they the de facto team for Louisiana, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, New Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, and Nebraska?
  • The Red Sox are easily America’s number two team. They dominate Oregon for some reason (at least the part where no one lives). According to this map Utah is basically the same thing as Connecticut; a state that’s divided between Red Sox and Yankee fans with no real identity. Idaho, Alaska and Montana are the same situation except with some random Seattle Mariner fans thrown in there. We need a good ol fashioned Civil War out there to decide whose bandwagon reigns supreme in these western territories.
  • I would’ve assumed the Cubs were Chicago’s team, and the White Sox the outside areas. Turns out the White Sox run the city and the Cubs are holding down Iowa and Indiana like you read about.
  • The Oakland Athletics are the most popular team in no counties in America. Including Oakland.
  • The Mets are the most popular team in no counties in America. Including New York. I figured the Yankees would dominate Jersey, Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn and New York State. But the Mets aren’t even the most popular team in Queens of Nassau county? Why do they even exist? Do they just give malcontents who want to piss off Yankee fans something to do instead of completely selling out and rooting for Boston?
  • The Braves seem to be the official team of the South. If they’re so popular how come no one goes to their games, even when they’re good?
  • I’m actually really surprised by two states: Connecticut and Rhode Island. I figured CT would be almost entirely Yankee fans. I’ve been to Hartford a couple times, and it’s pretty much hood rat city there. Anywhere that urban culture dominates it’s usually Yankee territory. And RI? Weird, weird state. I mean, they’re kind of mass holes, but they’re kind of wannabe New Yorkers too. Figured this state would like Utah.
  • How are the Blue Jays not the most popular team in Buffalo?
  • This map proves how truly, truly useless and moronic Florida is.

Anything else I missed? Feel free to share your thoughts to keep the conversation going.

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  • StePHen
    April 1, 2014 at 8:54 am

    Why are you surprised by Connecticut and Rhode Island? The Red Sox won the World Series six months ago. Lol, bandwagon-ing begins right before the Postseason, and it lasts until the other team wins it all. So, if the Yankees are making a run going into the Postseason this year (prob not though), and the Sox are at the bottom of the AL East (or close to it), then the colors in CT and RI will change drastically by early September. FACTS


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