I Can’t Stop Watching This VCU Pep Band Girl Dominate Life On The Trumpet In Brooklyn

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So in Brooklyn the other day we went to the Barclay’s Center to see WTFIGO. We obviously got some great material from St. Bonaventure fans, but their fan base is obviously filled with delusional nudniks that want to get as drunk as possible and swear at old ladies.

But lost in the shuffle was the absolutely dominant following of the VCU Rams. Their following is like none other. I’d put it up against anyone in the country. And it’s impossible to hate these people because they’re all just really nice Virginia folk. They love talking college hoops, and they love their team. But unlike the St. Bonnies degenerates they actually have a f***ing clue what they’re talking about.

Their pep band is worth the price of admission itself. For a game that tipped off at 4:00 PM, the band was outside the Barclay’s Center playing a free concert that began at 11:00 AM. They absolutely dominated, playing every possibly 90’s and early 2000’s hip hop song imaginable.

But it was one of the members in particular that I just could not stop watching. A ginger babe with a trumpet. Girl had moves like none other. Check this out:

Completely redefining the motion of the ocean. She did that for four hours straight. St. Joe’s might’ve won the game, but that girl was easily the grand champion this weekend.

Their fans came dressed for success too. The outfits just kept getting better….


and better……


and better…..


I take back what I said before. This guy^^^^ WON the Atlantic Ten Championship last weekend.

Hell, even Spike Lee came out to see his new favorite team at the Barclay’s. I’m sure the fact that VCU is all of a sudden his team of choice, has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that their coach is an articulate African-American man. If we know anything about Spike Lee, it’s that he doesn’t take notice of race very often.


Brooklyn is the only one of the five borough I’d never been to before. I heard all about it in the rap music I listen to though. Where Brooklyn at? Apparently it’s just south of Queens. The Bronx is the cut through borough. Manhattan IS New York. Queens has both airports and the Mets. Staten Island has a free ferry from Manhattan that counts as a cheap date.

But Brooklyn? All I know about Brooklyn is that it’s gigantic, and it’s where Spike Lee is from. I’d also read that Spike isn’t happy that Brooklyn is getting “gentrified,” AKA white hipsters are moving in.

So our cameraman did a jog and blog, and ran from the hotel to the Barclay’s Center taking pictures of strangers along the way. You might call this creepy. We call it investigative journalism. Brooklyn it turns out is  in fact being taken over by a combination of hipsters, Moms with four kids who are all the exact same age, and trust fund babies with tiny dogs. Everyone has a tiny dog. They’re everywhere.

The average day in the life of a Brooklyn hipster consists of waking up, going to a coffee shop where the disgusting organic crap you can buy is written on a chalkboard…


drinking your $8 latte with another one of your aspiring artist friends while sitting with your tiny dog on your lap like it’s a real human being…..


and then sitting around with other hipsters on your laptops where you can go on Gawker and let out all the guilt you have about being a privileged white person in America……


The weapon of choice for the mobile Brooklyn hipster is of course the guitar….


Because you never know when you’ll get invited into an impromptu jam session.

Others just sit in the park all day and do karate by themselves. Because mainstream conforms AREN’T doing that…

After our trip to Brooklyn I am so very grateful that Worcester’s hipster population simply couldn’t flourish here with all the chain restaurants. It’s a nice place to visit and hippy watch, but I wouldn’t wanna live there.

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