I Found The Pawsox Version Of Jonny Gomes, Corey Brown Charges Mound After Striking Out Again

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I realize the irony of writing another blog where I rip on Jonny Gomes on a night when he hit a game winning pinch hit home run. It was a beautiful thing. Great managing by John Farrell to put him in for Jackie Bradley Jr. But there was a “brawl” at the Pawsox game tonight. Esmil Rogers, who previously hit Will Middlebrooks and seriously injured him, plunked him again tonight.

That’s when this guy named Corey Brown comes out of nowhere and Jingo Jonny-ed the place. After striking out he stared down Rogers who was walking away, and then charged at him clearing both benches:

I learned a bunch of stuff from watching this video.

  • I had no idea Triple-A teams had brawls that didn’t involve Izzy Alcantara drop kicking a catcher. But seriously, I had no idea that this sort of stuff happened. I assume everyone there generally said, “Let’s not pretend like any of us give a shit about how we do as a team. We’re a dumping ground for crappy MLB players like Will Middlebrooks and Esmil Rogers. The goal of everyone here is to make it to the show so every man for themselves.”
  • Corey Brown is the Triple-A version of Jonny Gomes. Never heard of this guy before. The man has had 40 MLB at bats. He struck out in 15 of them. He wears number five. He has a beard. He enforces baseball’s unwritten rules. He pretends to stand up for his teammates when it’s completely unnecessary to in order to cover up the fact that he strikes out most of the time. He supports the troops (probably). He’s Pawtucket strong.
  • Why the hell were Middlebrooks and Shane Victorino involved in this “brawl.” Hey assholes, we’re in last place and we have the worst outfield in baseball. How bout instead of fighting a bunch of aging 37 year olds from my 1998 Fleer Ultra rookie card collection, how bout you just rehab and get the hell out of Pawtucket?
  • Middlebrooks is done. He’s the new Shea Hillendbrand. Guy can’t stop getting hurt. Hopefully Jenny Dell is making him sign a pre-nup because his days as a breadwinner are over. He’ll finish his contract out and quietly disappear.


  • Brawls in Minor League Baseball are the exact same thing as MLB brawls – a bunch of wannabe tough guys holding each other back and yelling mean things at the other team.

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  • Real Sox Fan
    July 19, 2014 at 8:20 pm

    I do not understand how you feel the “brawls” on the field are any different than what you do with your words. YOU are trying to act like a tough guy and hiding behind your computer. Why do you feel the need to bash all the players (and some much more than others – i.e.: Gomes, Middlebrooks, Victorino). If YOU were a true fan and writing a blog, there are much better ways to express your displeasure with the player’s shortcomings. Grow up.

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