• Idiot New Hampshire D3 Basketball Player Beats The Shit Out Of Guy On Other Team, Old Groupie Chick Gets Arrested Trying To Stop Him From Getting Arrested

    Idiot New Hampshire D3 Basketball Player Beats The Shit Out Of Guy On Other Team, Old Groupie Chick Gets Arrested Trying To Stop Him From Getting Arrested

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    NH1Dozens of police officers responded to Daniel Webster College to stop a brawl that broke out during a basketball game on Saturday. Three people are facing charges – including Daniel Webster College’s leading scorer – after the player stomped on an opponent who was on the ground. Marquise Caudill, 22 of Massachusetts, was charged with second-degree assault, simple assault, criminal threatening, and disorderly conduct. Elizabeth Morris, 43 of Massachusetts, obstruction of government administration, and Antwaun Boyd, 23 of Connecticut, was charged with disorderly conduct.

    Police said Caudill stomped the downed opposing player, and a police officer who was working security tried to make an arrest. They said Caudill threatened the officer and Morris stood between them, preventing him from being able to make the arrest. Boyd, another player from Daniel Webster, appeared to be inciting an already hostile crowd that surrounded the officer, who had to call for backup. Approximately 25 Nashua police officers were sent to the college in order to control the crowd. Caudill is being held on $50,000 cash only bail pending his arraignment.

    Gotta say, F- job by the cameraperson. First of all, what kind of savage tapes vertically in 2017? How many times are we gonna go over this? And why the hell would they stop right at the best part? I feel like I got into an argument with someone about this last week when they saw those cheesehogs in Lawrence fighting in front of the screaming girl. It’s the duty of the camera person to keep on filming. We don’t need you to be a hero and jump in. Your services are needed by  millions of people that want to see how this shitshow transpired. Don’t get me wrong, you got the best part. But I really wanted to see this moron try to play the hero:

    Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 9.25.47 PM

    Who is Elizabeth Morris and what was she doing at the game? Because I know there can’t have been more than 15-20 people at this game. If you were there it’s because you know someone on the team. So who is she? How come this important piece of information isn’t being reported? And why can’t we find this gutterslug on Facebook?

    Anyway, nevder heard of Daniel Webster College, but apparently this is their final season because they’re owned by ITT:

    This is the final season for the program after ITT Educational Services of Carmel, Ind., the parent company of DWC, said it was shutting the school down last year. Southern New Hampshire University has helped keep the school going. Under a “teach-out” arrangement, seniors will graduate with a DWC diploma; underclassmen will earn a degree from SNHU.

    So yea, I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume that Marquise Caudill and Antwaun Boyd didn’t have to make the tough decision between ITT and Duke. But yea, that attack was straight savage. Charles Oakley never even did that to anyone. Punching him in the face was one thing, but he had about 4-5 seconds to think it over after that and he still chose to go over and stomp the shit out of the guy while he was lying on the ground.

    Hey dipshit – you ‘re playing for a D3 college. None of this mattered. You could’ve won every game and broken every scoring title and no one would give a shit. It’s not worth caring that much about. Good luck getting a job with your ITT degree though. I’m sure there’s a lot of Marquise Caudill’s that will come up ahead of your world star beatdown on Google searches. Keep it 100 fam!!!





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    1. Stephen Michaels


    2. Coach

      Firsties. Now…going to take a dump.

    3. Publius

      the small lower tier private school are struggling and have to grab Pell dollars from inner city. Remember what happened locally with Becker especially once football was brought in. Thugs from Cities were recruited. Lasall in Newton is experiencing the same.

      1. Mirror Mirror

        We used to road trip down to Lasall when it was all female and bang the stupid rich girls that were looking to marry some rich BC kid but also liked slumming with us state school guys. That place was full of chicks like that.

    4. Kaplan University Admissions Officer

      He has exactly the skills we are looking for in our administrative assistant department. Send him our way

    5. ninja turtleboy

      looks like he’s ready for his court case in that second pic

    6. wabbitt

      ITT Tech? Was DeVry full this semester?

    7. Turd Burglestein

      I thought they were renaming the school to South Hampton Institute of Technology.

      1. BlackandWhite

        DWC was not renamed SNHU. DWC was private and founded in 1965. It was having financial troubles and was bought out by ITT (for profit) in June 2009. ITT/DWC declared bankruptcy in Sept 2016. SNHU in Manchester, NH is a private/non-profit founded in 1932. They have a 3,000 student campus as well as many online programs. SNHU “absorbed” the DWC/ITT students so that they could finish their degrees without interruption. SNHU decided to continue with many of the degrees offered by DWC. They are in the process of building a new Engineering wing to their Manchester campus.

      2. BlackandWhite

        Forgot to say: SNHU is Southern New Hampshire University.

    8. David Duke

      Nothing new with the black population…. Niggas just being niggas….

    9. ZephyrCat

      What to say? Different story, same story. Blacks have had 150 years to try to figure out being civilized. Most can’t. I feel bad for the black folks that wanna have absolutely nothing to do with their biological ghetto-creature brethren. New Hampshire & Vermont schools and it’s still blackshit crazy all the time. But I’m racist for pointing that out.

    10. Pam Smart

      Daniel Webster was always a fake college in N.H.

      1. BlackandWhite

        Daniel Webster used to be New England Aeronautical Institute — which was a good school many years ago. MOST colleges have “fake” programs and degrees now — the ones that land you a job at StarBucks and waiting tables at restaurants. Total money scam as far as I’m concerned. This whole “follow your dreams” crap is totally BS.

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