Internet Abuzz About Guy Who Lost $1 Million In World Series Of Poker With Pocket Aces To Another Guy With Pocket Aces

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The internet is abuzz today about this terrible beat that just occurred in the World Series of Poker $1 million entry tournament. Apparently both players had pocket aces, and this is what happened:

First of all, they’re calling this the worst beat they’ve ever seen. Ray Rice begs to differ. According to Stephen A. Smith this bad beat was provoked though, so you can’t really feel too bad for the guy.

I’ve played a shitload of poker in my life, and I’ve seen a shitload of bad beats along the way. But I’ve never seen anything like that before. I mean, I’ve seen aces cracked by Jack deuce off-suit before, but never by two more aces. That’s insane.


With that said, I just wanna take this moment to point out that the worst people you will ever encounter are poker players who wanna tell you stories about their bad beats. I go to Foxwoods and play cards whenever I can. And every single time I go I always get stuck with one nudnik who wants to tell the entire table his bad beat story from three years ago. Replays every single aspect of the betting before the flop, the raises after the turn, and then how he got porked on the river.

Meanwhile no one is listening to a word he’s saying because none of us give a shit. It’s like, yea dude, we get it. If you play a lot then bad shit like that happens sometimes. Shitty players win and it feels like a kick in the balls. Get over it bro.


You know what I never hear? People telling stories about how they screwed some guy on a bad call and took all their money. So that’s what I do at the table. While dooshnozzle McGee is regaling us with his story about the guy who hit the gunshot straight on the river, I purposely try to ruin his day by being THAT guy he is referring to. Usually I just tell a story about how some guy reraised pre flop and I called with Queen-5 off suit on a whim because it’s my lucky hand. Then I keep calling his raises raises on the flop and turn because I had the five of clubs and I’m going for the flush. Then I hit it and take the guy’s money and he flips out and walks away.

This story never fails to make dooshnozzle McGee’s blood boil. So yea, ultimately this guy can afford to buy into a tournament with a $1 million entry fee and he gets to play poker for a living and thus I don’t feel bad for him at all.

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  • Joey G
    July 30, 2014 at 10:29 pm

    Shit no one wants to hear about… ever:

    Bad breaks in poker
    A stock you bought too late or sold too early
    When one of your fantasy football players had a bad game

    Please do not tell stories about any of these things under any circumstances.

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