Is China Not Being In The World Cup The Biggest Disgrace Ever?

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Yahoo:It is quite difficult to be excused from work with a chronic case of “football fever,” so many Chinese workers are heading online to buy fake hospital sick notes so they can catch the action from Brazil.

A pad of sick notes can be bought for as a little as 1 yuan ($0.16), but an authentic-looking note with a hospital stamp and doctor’s signature can cost up to 300 yuan ($50).

The Telegraph managed to purchase one of these notes, which would give time off during England’s match with Italy this weekend:

The apparently legitimate note and accompanying medical record purport to be from the respiratory department at Shanghai’s Ruijin Hospital, one of the city’s best.


“Diagnosis: upper respiratory tract infection. Suggestion: one day of sick leave,” reads a dark blue scrawl on the document, alongside no less than four official-looking stamps.

Dated June 15, the note was actually produced more than a week earlier by fraudsters from a company called Shanghai Sick Notes.

The sick notes are highly illegal to produce, and can result in five years of jail time for the counterfetiers, which is why they cannot be found under a direct search for “fake sick notes” on Taobao. World Cup fans will instead meed to look for much more subtle-souding “proof of diagnosis” notes.

The notes may help plenty of Chinese evade their responsibilities to enjoy the beautiful game, but they do not have a 100% success rate.“A fake. My company discovered and now I’ve been sacked,” says one unlucky commenter on Taobao.


Fucking China. Is there anything they CAN’T come up with? Fraudulent doctor’s notes? No problem. Plenty more where that came from. My question is why are these people willing to pay so much to watch Italy play England? Does anyone in China really care about the outcome of that game?

Not gonna lie, I totally fucking forgot about China. How the fuck are they not in the World Cup? Dude you’re China – you compete in EVERYTHING. Doesn’t matter what it is – chess, gymnastics, basketball, ping-pong, whatever. If it exists then the Chinese should at least be top five in the world at it. I mean, what the hell is their excuse? It’s my understanding that there are basically no rules for the government in China. If you have a tall kid then Uncle Mao’s taking him to get ready for high intensive volleyball training immediately. Oh, he wants to be a singer? Too bad. You’re tall so you play volleyball now. America’s beating us in school? Now you live at school.


The bottom line is that China should be a mainstay at the World Cup. They should be up there with Germany and Brazil as one of the classic greats. How is this even acceptable to the Chinese government? Since when do they accept not being one of the top 32 countries in the world in ANYTHING, let alone the world’s most popular game? Has Red China gone soft on all of us? Back in my day Red China didn’t put up with this shit. They’d send a legion of tanks to your house and make you train to play left fullback 16 hours a day. How hard could this possibly be China? Get your shit together.

Here’s another thing I don’t get about China – what kind of bootleg fucking communist country is this? Bro, I’m not a history expert or anything, but doesn’t the government just make you a farmer in a communist country? Isn’t that why communism sucks? These people have real jobs that they can get fired from? Sounds like capitalism to me. Doesn’t everyone get the same amount of pay no matter what job you do in China? So who gives a shit? Get a job at McDonald’s and make just as much as the doctor down the street. If China doesn’t work this way then everything I learned about communism in school is bullshit.

Regardless, China not being in the World Cup is the biggest disgrace to the world’s largest country right?

Feel free to share your thoughts to keep the conversation going.

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  • Joey G
    June 18, 2014 at 7:56 am

    It is, exactly as you said, a bootleg communist country at best. They got a taste of capitalism in the 1970s when they set up special economic zones, which were essentially areas that allowed freer trade and more western-style economics. Since then there has really been no turning back. The only thing communist about this country is the fact that it is run by the supposed Communist party and that they can confiscate your property whenever they feel like it.

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