Is It Racist To Point Out That P.K. Subban Obviously Cheated Last Night By Knocking The Goal Loose?

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Yea so, the Boston Bruins lost to the Montreal Canadiens, but of course they had to cheat to do it. With ten seconds left, a shit ton of pressure on them, and all the momentum going against them, P.K. Subban pulled the only move he could – the ol’ knock the goal loose trick:

Dirty faking by a Canadien? No that can’t be it. I must be racist.

So yea, I’m not even mad about it. Typical Montreal as far as I’m concerned. This is why this team can hang with us for 7 games – because they don’t give a fuck about fair play. These are the guys on the bottom of the football pile that are gouging people’s eyes and kicking you in the nuts when the ref isn’t looking. Part of the game. The Bruins basically agreed to it when they agreed to play them. Utlimately the

We outshot them again. We came back from a 3-0 deficit to make a game out of it. They basically got lucky on one goal when Subban just happened to be coming out of the box at the perfect time. On the other two goals Kevin Miller and Torey Krug pulled complete boners and basically gave them goals. They didn’t really earn anything tonight. Because we’re better than them and that’s why we’re going to win this series.

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  • Simon Hockey
    May 7, 2014 at 11:52 am

    Clearly accidental, as per most commentators (who aren’t habs fans). I wanted to participate in your poll, but it doesn’t feature the most obvious choice. Entertaining none the less. And I don’t think Bruins fans are racists. The less we talk about that, the better. Just a waste of time.

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