Is This CEO a Giant Fraud Or Nice Guy For Pretending To Be Homeless And Giving Cash to Do-Gooders?

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NYDailyNews: A high-flying Iowa businessman braved the freezing cold to pose as a beggar on Christmas Eve and hand out cash to anyone who showed him charity. Jonnie Wright, who made his fortune as CEO of sales consulting firm The Buyosphere, reportedly gave out $1,000 in $10 or $100 bills to 50 unsuspecting Des Moines do-gooders who sent their spare change his way. 

“I thought this was a way to acknowledge those who give, who do so anonymously,” he told KCCI. With each bill, he enclosed a letter asking the recipient to “pay it forward. 

“This has been a bucket-list thing for me for some time. I always knew I wanted to give back,” he added.

Rob Taylor was just one of the residents to receive the incredible goodwill gesture.

“I was blown away,” Taylor told the station. “The first thing that I did was call my wife on the phone, and I could hardly talk to her on the phone. I said, ‘You wouldn’t believe what just happened to me!'”

Taylor also said the encounter had reminded him “about the meaning of Christmas” — that it “wasn’t about gifts, but about giving back.”

But Wright wasn’t done yet.

He took all of the cash he was given by strangers, doubled it, and donated it to a local homeless shelter, the Bethel Mission.


So let me get this straight – a millionaire CEO is some kind of hero because he gave 10 bucks to a bunch of people who are contributing the homeless problem in Des Moines? Don’t get me wrong, at TurtleBoySports we promote charity and philanthropic causes, but giving money to bums doesn’t fix any problems, unless you were hoping to stimulate the Mom and Pop heroin economy.

Every time you get off the highway and are greeted by yet another inebriated individual with a cardboard sign. It’s one of the more awkward situations you’ll be in, as you sit there and try not to look at the person standing directly to your left.  You know what will get them to stop doing that and thus eliminate this awkward encounter? Rehab? Detox? Jobs? Nope. Just stop giving them money. Pretty simple concept. If they don’t get paid then it’s not worth their time. Boom, no more bums.


The fact that he’s contributing to the bum problem is just one of the many reasons TurtleBoySports sees right through this guy’s shenanigans. How about the fact that he’s a millionaire and he’s giving out 10 bucks to people? Gee whiz, thanks Mister!!

Or how bout the fact that he gave each unsuspecting do gooder a note that said “pay it forward.” Yea dude, because instead of the hard working do gooder spending on their family, they should just give it to this guy:


And I don’t know many people from Iowa, but I have seen The Music Man several times, and I’m under the impression that people there are often fooled by con men selling bands and roller coasters. This was confirmed after reading about these poor people. One of these poor schmucks was so blown away he called his wife to tell her all about it? How’d that conversation go?

Hey hun, you’ll never believe what happened!! I was gonna give our hard earned money to some junkie but it turned out to be a millionaire who gave me $10!! Looks like I’ll be retiring early now and Johnny’s finally gonna get those braces!!”

The biggest this guy is such fraud city is the fact that this became “news” in the first place. Instead of just taking that money and giving it to charity quietly, he collected money from a bunch of charitable nudniks, threw 10 bucks at them, and ran to the media to tell them all about it. And I love how the story ends – he gave the money he collected to a homeless shelter? What a nice freaking guy. I mean, the millionaire could’ve easily just pocketed the 85 cents he collected, but instead he donated the money that other people gave him fraudulently, to people in need.

Cool story bro.

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