Jerry Remy Is Responsible For Raising Murdering Animal Jared Remy And Not Protecting Jennifer Martel

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This article was published in the Boston Herald today by a stooge named Joe Fitzgerald. Basically the message he’s trying to get across is that you can’t blame Jerry and Phoebe Remy for the fact that their son Jared Remy is a psychopath who murdered the mother of his daughter, Jennifer Martel last August:

The noblest moment in yesterday’s marathon of heartache, in which Jared Remy offered an admission of his guilt, was a parenthetical plea from the family of the girlfriend he murdered, Jennifer Martel.

In a statement read by their spokesperson outside Middlesex Superior Court, the Martels “(asked) the press to give all of us, including the Remy family, some privacy.”

Including the Remy family?

That was powerful, revealing a large understanding of a truth too easily brushed aside, especially by armchair quarterbacks who have turned the misery of Jared’s parents into a merciless cottage industry.

“What kind of parents were they?”

“Were they enablers, thus creators of the monster he became?”

“Should Jerry continue as a Red Sox broadcaster?”

It’s contemptible.

As defense attorney Ed Ryan pointed out, “Phoebe and Jerry did not kill Jennifer Martel,” adding, “too many parents have to go through what (they) are going through now.”

The difference is that most of those kindred spirits do not have to “go through” it in the peering eyes of the public.

Alluding to “spinoff culpability,” Ryan noted Jared had urged his parents not to attend yesterday’s proceedings, knowing what abuse awaited them.

“I am the bad apple,” the 35-year-old self-admitted murderer said. “My parents would rather have me dead than her dead.”


Now the Martels will have to move on somehow.

But in their sorrow they reminded us that Phoebe and Jerry will have to move on, too, which might be harder for them because, as they already know, there’ll be very little sympathy coming their way.

If the sins of the father should not be held against the son, which most of us would concur is fair, wouldn’t you think it ought to work the other way, too?

This is a story that needed a breath of fresh air.


Newsflash Joe Fitzgerald – Jerry Remy has been adamant in his desire to stay on as the Boston Red Sox play by play dude. That means he doesn’t get to pick and choose what remains in the public eye. If the Remdog really wants his privacy then he probably shouldn’t continue to pursue a line of work that puts him on the television, cracking jokes 162 days a year.

The bottom line is that Jared Remy is an insane, dangerous individual who his parents loved. That’s not his parent’s fault at all; you can’t help but love your kids. But his parents without a doubt are fair game to be criticized in all of this. Here’s a quick summary of all the shit Jared’s done to have run ins with the law since 1997

  • Jared has a restraining order put out against him after threatening his ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend in 1997.
  • A 19 year old Remy and his juice head friends beat the shit out of a 15 year old friend of his ex girlfriend, nearly killing him. The damaged kid ended up committing suicide.
  • Remy was given court ordered psychiatric treatment, but he refused to take the medication prescribed by the doctor. The Remy’s didn’t make him either. Everything was fine.
  • Remy assaulted his ex-girlfriend while holding their son in 1998. A judge told him to stop being naughty….or else!!!
  • In 1999 he smashed a beer bottle over a friend’s head for talking to his ex-girlfriend. He got a writ of boys will be boys.
  • In 2000 Remy’s roommate took out a restraining order against him after Jared barged into his place of employment, threatening to kill him with a gun.
  • In April 2000 Remy told a cop who was responding to a call that Remy was yelling at his mother, to “fuck off”, he then assaulted the police officer.
  • The next day Remy’s ex-girlfiend filed a complaint that Jared was threatening to kill her if they didn’t get back together. When she didn’t pursue the charges the case was dropped.
  • In 2000 Jared’s ex-girlfriend got sole custody of their child and the court-appointed guardian that investigated the child’s welfare found that “Jared was not doing what the court asked, that his parents were enabling him, and that Tiffany was the better parent”
  • In 2001 when his ex-girlfriend wouldn’t let him bring his son to his new girlfriend’s house he threatened to kill her. He was arrested and despite the fact that he had violated probation by doing so was given the punishment of a promise that it would dismissed altogether if Remy behaved and remained in counseling.”
  • In 2001 he was charged with hitting ANOTHER man with a bottle.
  • With his new girlfriend Jared had many run-ins, including eight times in which police were called. After being arrested for threatening to kill her and punching her repeatedly, he was arrested. After his parents posted bail he immediately called her on the phone and threatened her again. He was once again bailed by his parents and forced to move in with them.
  • In 2003 he attacked his ex-roommate and his father and was arrested.
  • In 2003 he hit ANOTHER man over the head with a bottle.
  • In 2003 he was arrested after leaving COURT for driving with a suspended license and possession of steroids and other drugs.
  • In 2004 he was arrested for hitting a new girlfriend with a cordless phone.
  • In 2004 he was arrested for destroying all his girlfriend’s clothes and the judge gave him a punishment of having to get a job. Jerry quickly got him a security guard gig at Fenway Park.


  • In 2005 Remy grabbed his girlfriend by her hair, dragged her down a flight of stairs, threw her to the ground, threw a cell phone at her, and kicked her in the back, stomach, and face. She was beaten so badly that she suffered a broken nose, a bloodied lip, and had a welt around one eye. 
  • Remy admitted to police that he had “slapped her around”, but dismissed the likely consequences as just “another year of probation”. At his arraignment the next morning, Remy ignored the restraining order against him and walked up to his girlfriend and accused her of cheating. 
  • While in jail, Remy is said to have exchanged his father’s autograph in exchange for favors, such as having his back shaved. After his released from jail, Remy returned to his job at Fenway Park.
  • In 2007 Remy began dating Jennifer Martel and by 2008 they had a child together. She was engaged to him but never married because she was scared shitless of him and was “planning her escape.”
  • On August 13, 2013 he was arrested for pushing Martel into a mirror. He was immediately released by a judge the next day and the Remy parents pressured Jennifer not to put a restraining order out on him so that he could see his daughter.
  • On August 15, 2013 he dragged her down a flight of stairs, beat the shit out of her, and stabbed her to death in front of his daughter.


Ya got all that? Yea, sorry but, fuck Jerry Remy. Adam Lanza’s father recently said he wished his son was never born. That’s what you do when you make an animal. The Remy’s stood by and paid for the best attorneys money could buy as Jared repeatedly beat the shit out of whoever didn’t give him everything he wanted. They didn’t kill Jennifer Martel but they certainly didn’t do anything to stop it. And they certainly could’ve stopped it.

Sorry, but when your adult son is acting like this you don’t give him food and shelter. If they really loved their kid they would’ve committed him to a home when he was 17. They would’ve demanded that the judges do their fucking job. They would’ve gotten him a shitty, court appointed lawyer. But instead they just kept letting him get off the hook. The timeline above is absolutely INSANE.

Like, at what point did his parents think to themselves, “Maybe we should stop giving him shit?” How many people does he have to smash over the head with a bottle before they came to the conclusion that they were enabling him?

Look, I got in trouble when I was younger too. Granted it was nothing like this, but nevertheless the blowback from Mama TurtleBoy was a million times harsher than what this idiot got. One time I pocketed $40 at a summer job that shall go unnamed. They caught me in a sting. Next thing you know I’m in court and I literally got a stiffer punishment than anything Jared Remy got. Because my guilt was undeniable and Mama TurtleBoy made me take my medicine like a man.


But in the end, I wasn’t a psychopath like Jared Remy. Just a mischievous little asshole that needed to get the shit scared out of him in a real courtroom. It did the trick. If I had beaten all of my ex girlfriends with cordless phones I would’ve had my turtle riding privileges revoked for at least six months.

What’s bullshit about this is that all of a sudden Jared Remy did the right thing and spared the Martel family a trial. Why was this? Hmmmmm. Well it is baseball season. Pretty fucking obvious what happened here. Jerry came to Jared in prison and finally had the conversation he should’ve had 15 years ago. He told him that he was done with his shit and there would be no more lawyers, no more family visits, or any help at all unless he plead guilty. Because after all, Jerry is trying to crack jokes on TV, and he can’t be distracted by all this nonsense. In the end Jerry did what was best for Jerry.

What happened to Jennifer Martel was tragic. Women stuck in violent relationships are often blamed (unfairly) for refusing to leave violent men. But she had a legitimate reason to be afraid – Jared Remy could do whatever he wanted without fear of consequence. He literally had to MURDER her in order to spend ANY significant time in jail. None of the shit above did the trick. So she had two choices –

1) Leave him and end up dead

2) Stick it out and try not to get the shit kicked out of her.

She went with number 2 for a while, then when she couldn’t take it anymore number 1 happened. If the Remy’s weren’t begging her not to file a restraining order it would’ve been a lot easier for her to leave. But they did. So it’s largely their fault. That’s why this line from Fitzgerald is bullshit:

If the sins of the father should not be held against the son, which most of us would concur is fair, wouldn’t you think it ought to work the other way, too?

No Joe, I don’t. If your kids are assholes who have no respect for women, that’s largely on you. That’s because it’s a parents job to protect their children from themselves. Pieces of shit more often than not were raised by pieces of shit. Our natural inclination from the moment of our birth is to be selfish, get whatever we want, and to hell with everyone else. Look at little kids. The first time they see another kid touch one of their toys their natural reaction is to smack em around and take it back.

But as parents it is up to you to teach them that this is not acceptable in a civilized society. If they don’t do that, then they become a threat to everyone. The Remy’s didn’t do that. Jerry should’ve resigned LONG before any of this happened to focus on his son. Instead they just kept giving him money so he could keep pursuing his selfish career.

Last thing I’m gonna say is this. Jennifer Martel is representative of thousands of women in this country, who are attracted to juice heads. Now in no way am I implying that this is at all her fault, but it’s never, ever a good idea to date a juice head. The primary reason juice heads get juiced up is so that they can get junior smokeshows. I see it ALL the time. Hot babes go for dudes with big muscles. They feel entitled to hot women because of this. If they didn’t get babes because of it then they wouldn’t take juice. By dating them you’re feeding into the problem. Don’t date juice heads.


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