John Calipari Prank Called Mike Francesa’s Show As “John From Kentucky,” Gets Hung Up On By Grumpy Old Man

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If you thought some talk radio in Boston was insufferable, try moving to New York. At least up here we have people who can stay awake on the air and don’t hang up on sports icons after 30 seconds. The tri-state area has this really old guy named Mike Francesa on their only talk radio station, WFAN. Well the other day Kentucky head coach John Calipari called up his show using the name “John from Kentucky.” What happened next was a perfect example of what not to do when one of the most legendary coaches in NCAA history calls into your program:

Note to self – when John Calipari calls up your show with a fake accent and wants to debate with you and defend his honor on the air, don’t hang up on him. I mean, how the hell is this idiot on the radio? Francesa would last about five minutes in Boston because no one wants to hear an old guy with a Long Island accent say “Can I talk?” No, Mike, you can’t talk. Actually, how bout you shut the fuck up for 90 seconds? You talk for four hours straight on your show. How about you let the pure gold that is coming out of Calipari’s mouth continue and you take a nap?


And how about this one liner by Calipari:

You know what they call me? Cal the magician.” 

You can’t make up lines like that. This is why he gets the best recruits in the country every single year people. This is why UMass made the Final Four. Because this guy can sell you my horse ranch in Nantucket without you ever having to see it.


Remember in 2011 when John Henry busted into the studios at 98.5 and confronted Felger and Mazz for talking so much shit about Red Sox ownership? That was one of the most epic days in sports talk history. They kept him on for an hour and after he left they pretty much only talked about that for the next week. Because John Henry is bigger than any sports talk radio show. Even though he’s a moron, you still wanna soak in every second you can when he voluntarily invades your show to defend his honor. Because it’s great radio.

But does it get any more annoyingly arrogant than Francesa though? You’re hanging up on Calipari? Who the fuck are you bros? Cal’s a legend. You’re an old guy on the radio who literally fell asleep on the air last year:

Then instead of laughing it off and saying “shit happens” you told all the people prank calling you that you were awake because you are richer than them:

I have to admit, watching this guy get mad is hilarious. He just gets so frustrated with it all. The more I watch this guy the more I think I understand why he’s on the air. I have to be honest, I wish there was a cranky old guy on the radio that I could prank call when I’m bored. Because the guy gives you the reaction you want every single time. It’s actually great entertainment.

So I can understand that Francesa wants to hang up on the 20 year old kids prank calling him from New Jersey. But he gave all these dopes more time to make fun of him than he did a coach who has made five final fours.

It’s too bad because the topic of conversation was one that we’ve discussed several times in our blog. My buddy B-Long is probably the biggest Coach Cal supporter that has ever lived. Dude swears by him. I’m with Francesa. I think he’s far and away the greatest recruiter who has ever lived. The man will do whatever it is he has to do to make sure you play for him. He’ll get your family whatever it needs – season tickets, cars, quarries, Russian brides, tractors – in order for you to trust your kid with him for one year. Two at most.

But I’m still not convinced the guy is anything but a slightly above average X’s and O’s coach. He oversaw the biggest choke job in the history of the Final Four when Memphis BLEW the national championship against Kansas. At UMass he beat Kentucky in the regular season, and then got out coached by Rick Pitino in the rematch. Even last year as impressive as their tournament run was, they had no business being an eight seed, and he ultimately got beat by Kevin fucking Ollie in the championship game. Give me Shaka Smart ANY day of the week if the teams are evenly matched talent wise.


So yea, the topic of conversation was a good one. He had the subject, who had disguised his voice and pretended to be a regular schmuck from Kentucky, on the line ready to engage him an argument. And then he just ended it because he’s a grumpy old man. Yet another reason I’m so grateful that I never had to live anywhere near New York.

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