All-Star Criminals Nudniks WTF

Last Weeks Fire Was Intentionally Set By A Repeat-Offender Nudnik Who Enjoys Arson, Aiming Guns At Motorists, Criminal Threatening And Smashing The Windows Out Of His Own Vehicle

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This guy is the worst.

James “Jimmy” Eddy is an early riser who enjoys pairing his morning coffee with arson.


Last Monday the Laconia PD and Fire Department were called to 391 S. Main Street with reports of a fire in the 2nd floor apartment. The building is a mix of residential apartments with a tax prep/accounting business on the first floor. Everyone was fine, the FD was able to put out the fire and there was minimal damage to the other units.

One of the other tenants said Jimmy came downstairs and was acting all sorts of shady.

Ok. So… Dude starts a bunch of mini fires in his new apartment and then knocks on his neighbors door like “Hey man, I left my water running. There’s like, a fire and stuff. I gotta call the cops”

Seems like a normal Monday morning activity. Some people throw housewarming parties but Jimmy lights fires in order to introduce himself to the neighborhood. His 2 week residence was short lived.

This is far from his first encounter with the Laconia police and it’s not the first time he’s attempted to light a building on fire. Look at all the great field trips he’s taken to the Laconia Police Department!



Back in 2011 Jimmy got himself in a pickle when his then-girlfriend went to her friends house saying he assaulted her. They tried to convince her not to leave with him after he showed up, buzzed their bell, met her in the hallway with a baseball bat, wrangled her into the elevator and threatened to kill her friends. He dented up the elevator doors, smashed her cellphone and managed to convince her to go back to his place before the cops showed up and arrested him. I guess you could say he struck out that day… (see what I did there?)

Then in 2015 he was back at it, trashing his own car and mayyyybe trying to set his house on fire:

The LPD found him standing in the middle of Route 3 with his dukes up but convinced him to cooperate and he was arrested. He ended up dodging jail on the condition that he be admitted to the State Hospital since he had already been treated at Genesis Behavioral Health.

Cut to the beginning of this year when Jimmy was arrested yet again, this time for standing on a street corner, pointing a rifle at cars and acting like he was going to shoot at them.

(Also, I have never had a stronger urge to trim a strangers nose hairs in all my life.)

Yep. That’s Jimmy’s brother swooping in to say that the story was totally bogus but in the SAME COMMENT verified that his brother was, in fact, holding a BB gun. (it was confirmed to be an airsoft gun.)

You do realize that everyday civilians driving by in a vehicle cannot tell the difference at first glance, right? And publicly waving around any sort of gun is a pretty sure-fire (see what I did there?) way to accidentally get shot by police. You only see that shit on the news EVERY SINGLE DAY lately but yes, tell me all about how it was someone else’s fault that it happened.

Clearly Jimmy is a little coo-coo for cocoa puffs.  Now, after his 2015 arrest for the 2×4 incident it was mandated that Genesis be involved in his release plan. The articles said he lived close to his parents when it happened. His brother showed up on social media and threw his 2 cents in and after the Airsoft gun incident he was to “adhere to his mandated mental health treatment.

There’s 2 possible scenarios here.

1) This guy ACTUALLY DOES have mental health issues. If so, why the hell is he living alone, left to his own devices and given the chance to start a cluster-fuck apartment fire? He’s already endangered a whole bunch of people with his rogue shenanigans. What if he hadn’t pulled the Home Alone, Wet Bandit card and that house caught fire and someone died? At what point is it enough to say that he doesn’t get any more chances? Is he going to continue to get reduced punishments because of his MH status, have nothing done about it and have the opportunity to put more people at risk?

2) His “mental health” issues are a total cop out and he’s just a serial shithead with poor decision making skills and disregard for everyone around him. He’s been ordered to abstain from drugs and booze for a reason, no? And now he has a curfew. Does this look like an in-bed-at-9pm-with-chamomile tea kind of guy?

Not so much.

I’m waiting for the P.C., have-a-heart warriors to come barrel-assing in and give me a whole bunch of crap because I’m a big ol’ meanie-head for calling this chode out. I’m not sorry. If he torched a building, killed 15 baby orphans, a litter of puppies and a couple of nuns I don’t think anyone would be going soft on him and defending his actions.

If he’s sick, he needs actual help. I know if one of my turtle brothers or sisters were getting themselves into this kind of crap I’d be stepping up to the plate to get them sorted out, not defending them on social media when they wave an Airsoft rifle at vehicles.



4 Comment(s)
  • Sterling Turtle Rider
    June 28, 2017 at 3:22 am

    It’s an unfortunate problem today that our mental health system has no teeth to it – it’s very difficult to get anyone mandated treatment, especially in a long-term facility. Funding and advocacy groups have reduced mental health treatment to short stay, revolving door stints, which have an abysmally low success rate at actually treating people like this who cannot seem to keep themselves out of trouble.

    • Worcesterite
      June 30, 2017 at 4:33 pm

      Same with drug addicts!

  • Pennsrant
    June 27, 2017 at 8:48 am

    BB guns cause damage too.

  • Pennsrant
    June 27, 2017 at 8:45 am

    BB guns can do damage as well.

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