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  • Leader Of “United Front White Allies” Has Declared War On Turtleboy From Utah And Says We Will Beg Her To Stop If We Blog About Her

    Leader Of “United Front White Allies” Has Declared War On Turtleboy From Utah And Says We Will Beg Her To Stop If We Blog About Her

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    The Turtleboy Sports Facebook page AND the Lost Boys of Turtle have been unpublished. While we fight to get them back please make sure to like and follow the Turtleboy Sports Fallout Shelter Freedom Page page by clicking on the image above, as well as our other backup pages the Turtleboy Refugees, Turtleboy Sports Safe Space, and Turtleboy Smiles And Sunshine.








    Bad news turtle riders, we’re about to be attacked by a group called the United Front White Allies. It’s apparently a bunch of white “allies” led by the Utah version of Didi Delgado – Lex Scott:

    It’s basically just a bunch of white guilt Wendy’s getting offended by everything and plotting to mass report any pictures they find unpleasant, like this one:

    Hey shithead, it’s NOT OK to be white. Now take out the checkbook and hand over your reparations check.

    And the general is leading the troops against Turtleboy, completely destroying our ever so important rating on our fourth string Facebook page:

    Oh Lex, we have been taken to court for defamation of character. Our record is currently undefeated at 2-0. But you seem to be the legal expert so we anxiously await our day in court with you too!! You said that if we dare “come after you” that you will “have them in court so fast their head will spin.” So, just so I can clear my calendar, what kind of turnaround are we looking at here? That sounds really fast. Like, Wednesday at the latest.

    She’s also amassing the United Front infantry for a full scale invasion:

    Uhoh, y’all are gonna be BEGGING her to stop. Especially if she busts out the microphone!!


    Dox is currently the most overused and misinterpreted word amongst SJWs. But they love to say it. FYI, doxxing means you take someone whose name is unknown on the Internet because they’re using anonymity, you find out who they are, and then you reveal that information to the masses. Have fun doxxing the likes of Bret Killoran. That always works out well.

    Here’s a bunch of other wypipo admitting that they’re violating Facebook’s terms and conditions by maliciously reporting a page for the sole purpose of shutting down something they disagree with:

    Lex did warn her soldiers that by going to war with the turtle they risk themselves being doxxed:

    But now she is finally unleashing the “power of the United Front.” Which means it would really be a shame if someone started doing the same thing back to them and mass reporting their page for the hell of it. Don’t do this to their posts:

    For real this time. We’re all gonna die in this war. It’s totally not worth it. Hey Lex, can we get a peace treaty? All we wanna do is just write some blogs and highlight and expose terrible people doing terrible things to great and decent people. Can I live? Believe me, we’re getting tired of writing about you people, and the boss says he would rather let you psychos alone. But believe me, the Turtleboy army is the wrong army to attack first. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it.

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    1. Didigojumpabridgebitch

      People from Utah are not even human! They are not even normal people. Didi and her Moran possee need to be put in a hole. They are all sick and senseless no human beings!

      1. Lou P

        Please do not indict all people from Utah. That is just not so.
        I LOVE TurtleboySports, and despise these type of SJW’s.
        This looney witch, Lex Scott, is certainly not typical for the majority of people in Utah.

    2. Savage Squaw Bitch

      Another fat fucking cunt who ain’t got shit better to do than be an e-warrior. Fucking pathetic.

    3. Twat Tickler

      No offense Lex but you are a stupid asshole

    4. Didi is a dog

      Somebody just needs to bump into this Didi bitch, and beat her ass. I’m so sick of her trash. Better yet since she is for giving out heroin, let’s start by giving it to her. A hot shot

      1. Dididoxer

        Hot shot? Just give her straight carfentanyl (it’s for elephants after all, should be strong enough for fupas like Didi), the hell with heroin. To paraphrase the Soup Nazi – “NO NARCAN FOR YOU, DIDI!!!” F-ing bitch.

    5. Don

      Dox and drag…what happened to our world? These people live in fantasy land.

    6. Itsjustme

      Didi and Lex are the two whitest blacks I’ve ever seen. Did they have white fathers that took off so their moms taught them to hate all white people.
      I don’t even understand how these groups can exist. If I wanted to open a group just for white people even if it wasn’t a racist hate group I couldn’t because it’s illegal. Yet they have their own TV channels, their own awards, their own clubs, their own scholarships, their own schools, their own history month. All of which is illegal for white people to do.

      1. Huwhite

        It’s probably their white heritage that allows them to be even slightly intelligent/articulate…otherwise they’d have sub-85 IQ’s like most blacks and only be worried about the next welfare check to “pay fo dey salefoam bill” or whatever.

    7. Race traders

      Omg these Didi bitches. How can any white woman be part of this shit? How do they become followers of someone who hates them openly? I don’t get it.

      1. Huwhite

        Cultural Marxism causes whites to hate themselves and think that they deserve whatever is coming to them. That’s why we have
        To purge the universities of commies and Jews and shout the 14 Words from the hilltop!

    8. Chuck

      Brainwashed clones. Go to a psychiatrist and your local ‘Fat Farm” too.

    9. Turtle Rider

      Is she aware that Didi hates white women?

      1. Lex and Didi are the two of a kind

        I think she hates em too

    10. Mayor Lynch

      We shall overcome!! We shall oveeeerrrrrcooommme!

      Overcome… Sounds like what I did to David last night… He looked like a glazed donut that was left in a hot car in the summer… Ahhh… Good times.

    11. SRR

      Idle hands are the devils work shop!
      People like Didi Dildo and lex do not work they don’t have real lives,they don’t know the feeling of satisfaction of job well done.
      To much time on their hands, hate in their hearts and handouts of cash from the gullible sheep that blindly follow them. It should be mandatory to perform some sort of work if you receive money and food stamps, Everyone is capable of doing something productive like reading to the blind,even a wheelchair bound person can do That. For able bodied people like Didi they can fill water pitchers at a hospital or nursing home or pick up trash on the roadways,this would give people like didi some much needed exercise which would also cut costs by helping prevent medical expenses related to a sedentary lifestyle. Perhaps if these people didn’t live on Facebook they could go out and meet real people, rid themselves of some of their hatred and realize there are actual problems in the world and white privilege is about as real as Bigfoot!

      1. Angel of mercy

        Would you really trust Didi to serve white people water? Elderly white people with dementia who were alive during segregation? Although, if the goal is to lower healthcare costs and free up bed spaces that probably would work

    12. Lex is a sexy tiger

      If I emulate her and buzz the hair on one side of my head, will I become as enlightened as her?
      I’ll give it a shot.

    13. AngryTurtle

      The UF’s page has all of 2K members… LOL! What a joke!

    14. Stan the man

      Lex you have a problem.
      You’re going to have to explain what “cease and desist” means to Didi.
      Bring a lunch.

    15. Miller Lite

      Party Waren Kebber, How you doin’? Mmmmmmmmmm.

    16. Lou P

      Any Turtle rider can email to looney Lex Scott directly at:
      [email protected] at her gmail account.
      Let her know how you feel ….

    17. TeChnoViKinG


    18. you voted trump

    19. DJ Trump

      Funny “United Front” used to be a skinhead clic from the southeastern States all the way up to around D.C. till the early 90’s
      Thousands would show up for their multiple day concert events from around the country.
      Ah, the good ole days. Oi! Oi! Oi!

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