LeBron James’ Legacy Will Be The Biggest Carpetbagger In NBA History

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So LeBron James opted out of his contract with the Miami Heat today, which basically makes him a free agent. Again. I mean, did anyone actually think this wouldn’t happen. Close your eyes and picture LeBron quietly choosing to re-up with the Miami Heat. You can’t do it. It’s not the LeBron you’ve come to know. That’s because there is one thing that LeBron loves and craves more than winning and money – attention. He will be the center of attention throughout the NBA draft, up to the moment he signs with a new team, and from every moment thereafter.

This is funny for several reasons. For starters LeBron is such a naniburger that he has absolutely no shame in admitting that he can’t turn a franchise around that just made it to the NBA Finals for the fourth year in a row. Secondly he promised not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven…..and then he didn’t even end up staying in Miami for more than four years, never mind winning eight championships.


Most importantly this is hilarious because it further proves that he will never, ever be mentioned in the same sentence with the greats. His legacy is going to be a guy that has no affiliation with any particular franchise. He’s a carpetbagger and nothing more. He’ll come to your town while your stock is high, use you, and dip town when shit’s not going perfectly. And I mean perfect. Having a surrounding cast that gets you to the NBA Finals isn’t good enough. He needs stars, preferably in their prime. The second his surrounding cast turns 30 he loses interest. So he might go play with Chris Paul in the LA, but in a few years CP3 will be on the decline as well. Then he’ll move on.

When you think of Magic Johnson what team comes to mind? How about Larry Bird? Michael Jordan? Karl Malone? Hell, even Allen Iverson? Some of those guys played with teams other than the franchise we all identify with, but only because they were old and terrible at that point. LeBron is jumping ship in his prime.


Newsflash LeBron, you are more like Popeye Jones than you are MJ. You’re going to look at what situation is most likely to bring you immediate gratification. Then you’ll promise that fan base the moon and the stars. You’ll probably win at least one title wherever you go. Then you’ll dip town again the moment adversity strikes. Because that’s what you do.

With that said I have zero problem with the highly unlikely scenario in which LeBron chooses to come to Boston. Use us for a championship, I don’t really give a shit. You’ll never be Paul Pierce, but it sure beats rooting for us to lose every night in order to get a good draft pick. Not gonna happen though. The weather is too shitty here. LeBron can only play in a place with good weather and celebrities. Tradition, good ownership, building a legacy? Fuck that.

Unfortunately those are our strength.

Oh well, it’ll be good blog material no matter what happens. LeBron is the gift that keeps on giving.

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