Leicester Elementary School Not Punishing Savage Kids, Relocating Entire Classrooms Of Children Instead

Leicester Elementary School Not Punishing Savage Kids, Relocating Entire Classrooms Of Children Instead

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A lot of people have been talking about this situation in Leicester at Memorial Elementary School.

Contrary to recent heated allegations made by a contingent of concerned parents, School Superintendent Judith J. Paolucci said the Memorial School is absolutely a safe and secure learning environment. On Tuesday, several parents said their children are verbally or physically bullied by classmates at Memorial School, so much so that they are afraid to return to school.

Alright, so a bunch of people have contacted us about this story, but we haven’t written about it because at this point it’s a he said, she said thing. Parents are hearing second hand information from their kids that other kids in the class are out of control and bully their kids. We get emails about this stuff from parents all the time and don’t write about it specifically because we cannot verify a second hand account from an elementary school child. The superintendent says things are fine, the parents say they’re not. We can’t pick a side based only on that information. 


Some other stuff from the Telegram’s article have kind of tipped us off a little more, as to what this superintendent is all about:

As for the alleged troublemakers, Ms. Paolucci said Wednesday they are talking about “less than 10 kids” who are exhibiting “pretty poor behavior,” many of them “repeat offenders of poor behavior.” The Memorial School has 340 students, she said.


Ms. Paolucci said she spends an hour a day at the Memorial School to check behavior logs and to monitor what is happening there.

Alright first of all, no one cares that you go to the elementary school for an hour a day. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing and more superintendents should do that, but it doesn’t prove anything. Obviously kids aren’t gonna act up and go buck wild if the superintendent is sitting in the classroom. 

“Part of my role of being at the Memorial School is seeing where is the cutoff at which you call in and you have the child go home,” Ms. Paolucci said. “We don’t want to be sending kids home every five minutes. We want to be able to deal with the issues that are in our school and turn these kids’ life around. But, when things get out of control, for a child, they need to go home and be out of that environment to regroup.”

See that right there? That’s a pretty big indicator that the superintendent has bought into this nonsense that schools can’t discipline their way out of problems. Instead they’ve bought into this hippie bullshit that we shouldn’t punish kids because they’re emotionally damaged, and it’s our job to turn their lives around. Pure bull. The job of the schools is to educate all children. If some kids are preventing that from happening and denying other kids their ONLY OPPORTUNITY at a public education, then the troublemakers need to be removed. End of story. 

As usual, I blame the parents. If your kid is in the 2nd grade and he’s making everyone’s life a living hell, then you suck as a parent. Your tubes should be tied until you can figure out how to raise a normal kid. Instead it’s incumbent upon the schools to do the job that should be going on at home. Schools shouldn’t have to train kids not to be savages. Parents should. 

While school officials recognize there’s a problem at Memorial School, Ms. Paolucci said, they are not talking about “mayhem” there.


“There have been some kids, who have, in response to our efforts, to control their behavior, acted out even more and thrown things around the room,” Ms. Paolucci said. “At that point, we have a choice of either restraining the child in front of everybody else and removing him to safe room, or we can remove the class, which is often the best thing because they’re the audience, calm him down and then bring the class back again.”

Oh OK. We’re not talking about “mayhem” here. Just some kids throwing objects all around the room. No big deal. 

Wait…..what?? Why is this woman talking so much? Doesn’t she realize that she can just say “no comment” to the Telegram? It’s a confidentiality issue. End of story. Instead she decided to make herself look like the problem to people like Turtleboy, who don’t know what side to join. 

This is one of the more disturbing things we’ve ever heard from an administrator. Her policy when it comes to crazy kids who throw shit at other kids, is to remove the entire class, and bring them back in once the crazy kid has decided to end his tantrum. What planet am I on right now?? How did schools get like this?? This is nothing more than terrorism, and she’s admitting that it’s going on. So everyone else’s education has to be put on hold because of one asshole kid whose parents would rather give him an iPhone than a spanking? Yea, that makes TONS of sense. 

“We want to solve this problem. We don’t want to just lash out,” Ms. Paolucci said. “That’s what’s happening with the children. The children are frustrated. They lash out. The parents are frustrated. They lash out. Neither is an appropriate measure.”

Did she really just go there? Did she really just equate parents frustration with savage children throwing objects at their kids? “Neither is an appropriate measure?” Huh? Newsflash – parents frustration with their kid’s learning environment is absolutely 150% appropriate and always will be. A second grader tossing a pencil sharpener across the room like he’s training for the javelin is in no way shape or form comparable to this. 

Here is Judy Paolucci’s previously work experience according to her LinkedIn:

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 4.40.29 PM

See that? That’s a bad sign. When your resume is filled with administration positions instead of teaching positions, it tells me you’re one of them. You don’t understand the realities of the classroom because you sit in an office all day and get paid more money to do less work. Leicester brought her in from Yarmouth, Maine, because she had experience as a superintendent.

This is a prime example of why the Worcester Public Schools are doing the right thing by hiring an internal candidate. School districts need people who understand how the district works. Not some Broad Institute climber who is jumping from district to district, hoping to get the bigger and better position. 

One last way we can tell this lady is probably bad news – she has a blog. A long and boring blog, filled with data, stats, and charts that no one cares about. It’s very Tracy Novick-esque.

Anyway, we would need to know more about this situation to really comment further. For example, if a teacher were to come to us anonymously and tell us stories, like the Vernon Hill teachers did, then we’d have more to go on. So yea, if you’re a teacher at Memorial Elementary, feel free to email us at or message us on one of our functional Facebook pages. 


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13 Comment(s)
  • XX Chromosome
    March 14, 2016 at 8:53 am

    Turtleboy….you claim to be a feminist blog, but you sometimes make ultra sexist comments like this one. I stopped reading this article after this doozy:

    “As usual, I blame the parents. If your kid is in the 2nd grade and he’s making everyone’s life a living hell, then you suck as a parent. Your tubes should be tied until you can figure out how to raise a normal kid. ”

    Why should TUBES BE TIED? Because it’s a WOMAN’S fault? How about wording it like this:

    “As usual, I blame the parents. If your kid is in the 2nd grade and he’s making everyone’s life a living hell, then you suck as a parent. Your balls should be cut off and your dick shoved up your ass until you can figure out how to raise a normal kid.”

    There ya go!!! That ought to solve a whole lot of those sucky parent issues you have.

  • Sterling Turtle Rider
    March 13, 2016 at 3:13 am

    This policy is taken from the mental health system – when you have a patient who is acting out, getting violet, etc. in a common area, you remove the other patients to remove the audience and -ideally- lessen the stimulation. That being said, it is almost impossible, since when you have Johnny Methhead tossing furniture, you can never get the truly sick patients to leave, as they are either calling him out on his bullshit, or too enraptured by the free floor show to go to their rooms, which they (rightly so) feel is a punishment on them. So sad to see how we are being held hostage by the bad behavior of a few on every level now.

  • Borg
    March 12, 2016 at 10:29 am

    I was bullied since second grade all the way up to graduation it is good for the people who were never picked on but I was. The worst part is when the school decides to take my entire class outside and tell them of my medical problems which is a violation of HIPPA. I have evidence to back up every situation and in one case I had to bring another student to court for physical abuse

  • Independent Thinker
    March 12, 2016 at 8:50 am

    Makes perfect sense. Punish the entire class when one person acts up.

    But this is good because they will be future prisoners, and we need to have prisoners because without prisoners, prisons would be empty and we wouldn’t be able to justify the ever increasing budgets required for crime fighting, which in itself is a big business.

  • Rabid Fox
    March 12, 2016 at 7:53 am

    State and Federal Laws also ridiculous. The liberal laws in place allow disrespectful kids more rights than Jesus himself. With that said, the Leicester administration is weak! It’s not just JP’s fault. It’s also her puppet principal at the Memorial School. They all live in the Land of Make Believe which is easy to do when you get paid well and don’t have to do much. Maybe you should try supporting your teacher’s stress levels Mrs. Boss (irony in that last name). Maybe JP or Lady Elaine Fairchild should actually plant her office in a school and maybe visit the school, not just when she knows she has eyes on her.

    • Tee
      March 13, 2016 at 12:14 pm

      Not that it matters but the memorial school is grades 3-5 in Leicester. They just don’t discipline anymore!

  • Teacher2
    March 11, 2016 at 9:50 pm

    I heard rumors that the Superintendent left Yarmouth under sketchy circumstances. Something to check into. She pissed off a teacher there who was married to a school committee member. Bye, bye Judy. Don’t have to worry about that here though, the school committee echos everything that Judy says and does. She can do no wrong. It’s embarrassing. I kind of feel bad for Tyler Keenan though. He’s just a naive kid who is very easily led around by his tail. No excuses for the other members. Shame, shame, shame.

  • SMH
    March 11, 2016 at 5:56 pm

    FYI…we are talking about very young children…Grades 1-4. Most violence directed toward staff.

  • SMH
    March 11, 2016 at 5:46 pm

    Hate to tell you, TB. Removing the entire class is very common practice in Worcester. They go into another classroom and now you have 2 classes not learning a thing. Can’t believe this is shocking to you. Kids throw things like desks, chairs, books,…hit, kick, bite, punch and every little thing in between. Schools can’t do a thing – everyone is afraid of being sued. Parents don’t answer their phones, don’t come when they actually do, and my personal favorite…send the kids when they are suspended and refuse to come and get them!The law is not on your side 🙁

    • Jake from State Farm
      March 12, 2016 at 6:32 am

      Good post. Sad what this society has turned into. Do you think our country needs to be more liberal or more conservative? Rhetorical question

  • Parent
    March 11, 2016 at 5:16 pm

    Oh Leicester’s problems go beyond the Memorial School. They don’t discipline kids, period. As a parent to two kids in that school system I watch kids get away with loads of crap and they hit send kids on through to make their numbers look good. I’ve *asked* them to back me up as a parent and hold my kid responsible for things at school but their handbook is never followed and I don’t think detentions are ever actually given because one of my kids has been on the deserving end and has never received one. Hell, they hardly report the behavior to the parents. I hear from the other kid and can tell from the grades something is up. But just push ’em on up to the next grade so it looks like everything is awesome. It’s bullshit.

    Turtle boy should look into the whole system. This is the tip of an iceberg.

    • Uhhhh
      March 11, 2016 at 9:36 pm

      Stop depending on other people to handle your kids

    • Ted
      March 13, 2016 at 11:28 am

      Every single school system in Mass is required to have a written bullying policy in place and they do. But almost no one follows it. A few million dollar lawsuits (several school depts in Mass have suffered million dollar plus losses) might wake up the out of touch, way overpaid administrators.

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