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  • Local Boob Gets Stern Talking To After Pretending To Be On New Orleans Pelicans, Doing Stretches And Shooting Warmups With Team

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    Lot of negative stories on Turtleboy recently, so here’s a video that will make you smile. At least it made me smile. It’s some local boob in New Orleans pretending to be a player on the Pelicans, warming up with the team and taking a shot before the fuzz realized something was wrong here:

    Legend. Still shoots better than everyone on the Pelicans with two separate eye brows who isn’t named Boogie. Hats off to the police for letting this guy keep his courtside seats and punishing him with the same thing I got in 2nd grade for not doing my homework – a stern talking to with a finger of disappointment pointed directly at my face:

    The real question is, who passed him the ball? I’ll tell you one thing – it wasn’t Marcus Smart. He never gives up the ball.

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    1. Alex Reimer

      Are there any players on the Pelicans with kids?

      1. Light One Up

        They all have kids. They just don’t know where they are.

    2. juror seven esq.

      Charles Barkley, man what are doing out there!!

      1. juror seven esq.

        / What are you doing. Sorry

    3. Hugh Jass

      Me and all my friends have a club called The Dole Holes. It is for quadruple dippers like me who have Section 8, SSI Disability, EBT, and MassHealth. We eat cheetos and quaff diet cokes and laugh at all you folks who gring it out to provide our cushy living. Right now it is a club of one, but still… pretty soon TB will be on the dole since DeDe Delgado crushed his FB biz plan.

    4. Wtf

      OK I reeeally just want to be able to read an article, & then be able to go BACK to the home screen that has aaaall the other articles, …so I could see what else has been posted recently & perhaps read another article – however I have yet to find a fucking way to go back, there’s only a menu to my left offering me the “catagories” & not the front page itself; I’m using Turtleboy App on iOS iPhone 7 — is it just me being a fucking maroon oooor anyone else having this problem? 

      1. Vijay Patel

        You mean besides using the back button or clicking on the Turtleboy Logo?

      2. Vijay Patel

        You will need to reinstall iOS on your phone, then go to the genius bar, then buy a new iPhone X before you can do that AFAIK.

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