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  • Local Milford Boob Who Doesn’t Understand How Crosswalks Work Wanders Into Traffic And Gets Nailed By Hit And Run Driver

    Local Milford Boob Who Doesn’t Understand How Crosswalks Work Wanders Into Traffic And Gets Nailed By Hit And Run Driver

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    A turtle rider sent us this video of a hit and run from the intersection of Dilla and Purchase Street in Milford:

    Obviously the video is disturbing because the dude gets hit by a car, and the guy in the truck is a scumbag for not stopping. However, here’s what that intersection looks like from the driver’s perspective:

    Yea, it’s a light, not a stop sign. If you have the green light you have the right of way. And I cannot STAND these idiot pedestrians who don’t understand how a crosswalk works at a light. If there is a light, you press the walk button, or wait until there are no cars coming. Then you don’t get hit by a car. Problem solved.

    Look, there’s no one who respects a crosswalk more than I do. When I see people standing by one I ALWAYS stop. It’s just what I’m all about. All I want is a little wave from you, acknowledging how awesome I am, because most drivers don’t respect a crosswalk, which makes me one of the “good ones.”

    But the rules change if there’s a light involved. At that point you have a fair and safe opportunity to cross the street. You press the walk button, and you walk when the machine tells you to. Then you don’t get hit.

    But so many times I see morons who think that pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way. And this guy was one of those morons. He doesn’t even look, and walks directly into traffic. Next thing you know – POW – vagrant sandwich:

    Even so, the guy driving the truck is still hot garbo for hitting someone like this and just driving off. As it turns out the vagrant was OK, and I’m sure it’s not the last time he’ll be hit by a car while walking directly into traffic.

    But yea, if you know who the owner of the truck is please let us know. And if you are the owner you should probably just check in with the police before we find out.

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    1. Anon

      Honestly, he didn’t get hit by the truck. He walked into it’s rear quarter as it passed.

      1. Webster Turtle Rider


      2. Barney Fife

        In Worcester EVERYONE can’t figure out how crosswalks work, as they cross at an angle, corner to corner diagonally. Sorry but ya gotta stay IN the crosswalk!

    2. Webster Turtle Rider

      Am I the only one who thinks this guy walked into the truck???

      1. RK

        It’s a set up

    3. Taxpaying Turtle Rider

      I can’t see the video because I am at work (so I won’t be featured in this blog trying to buy and/or sell food stamps, heroin, or any other general scumbaggery) and YouTube is blocked by the internet filters. Judging from the pictures, is it possible the driver didn’t know he or she hit that retard?

    4. 2wEntEe

      That driver didn’t skip a beat. Looks like he had no idea that guy walked into his truck.

    5. Sonny's Mom

      It’s been going on for years: they march defiantly across the road, staring smugly at the driver. Or just dart into the street, completely ignoring traffic. And drivers are EXPECTED to stop for them. After all, “pedestrians have the right of way, and anyone who drives a car j. you polluter!”

    6. Miller Lite

      It was just a bum.

    7. MTL

      I saw this happen. My white truck is the second vehicle behind the red truck. The guy walked straight out into the intersection without looking at all and walked into the truck. The guy in the red truck did stop at the other side of the intersection. The guy that was hit got up and sat on the stone wall and a few people checked on him he seemed ok and was saying he was ok.

    8. DJ Trump

      In some parts of some towns…
      You have to just keep going, if there’s evidence, witnesses or you just have a conscience, drive somewhere safe, preferably the police department.
      Some of these motherfuckers jump in front of your car so you’ll stop for their carjacking.
      Hit and split was the rule in Chicago.
      You would be sitting on a corner in the bad part of town with your wig split open just thanking god that nigger didn’t shoot you in the face. You wouldn’t even see the police until they come to your hospital room for a statement hours later. Clearance rates on carjacking reports is laughable….
      They. Never. Get. Caught.

    9. Linda

      Driver gets 20 points.

    10. Publius

      looked like the vagrant hit the puckup.

    11. Fire

      Am I mistaken or did you not write an article about how nobody should ever hit the button when crossing the street a few years ago?

    12. Stunt Penis

      This is what I term “Darwinism in action”.

      The dude was clearly not watching where he was walking, he’s facing the camera, not looking at oncoming traffic.

      Too bad it wasn’t a bus.

    13. Oxford Post Office sucks...

      Reminds me of the hippy pony-tailed old aged white haired postal worker in Oxford that doesn’t even use a crosswalk but runs out in front of traffic on Rt 12 holding his hands up like he’s a cop and everyone needs to stop. He mighta got hit because last time I saw him he was in a truck for a change. He’s stopped me multiple times because his stride is harder to stop than my truck, or so he thinks. Then there’s my carrier who puts my neighbor’s mail in my box, usually doesn’t close it, and I have missing mail…and these mongos expect a holiday tip? Here’s a tip, do your job and stop acting the world spins on your asses.

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