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  • Local Rhode Island Boobs Murdered This Panhandler’s Snowman By Driving On The Sidewalk

    Local Rhode Island Boobs Murdered This Panhandler’s Snowman By Driving On The Sidewalk

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    Here’s a video of some local boobs in Johnstown, RI driving on the sidewalk and destroying some panhandler’s snowman:

    Boom! Right in the kisser!!

    “Fuck your snowman mother fucker.”

    Welcome to Christmas in New England.

    As impressive as this was I still take the Worcester boobs who sent us their video last year absolutely creampieing a snowman in the middle of Reservoir Rd:

    But then again, anyone who disrupts the day to day comings and goings of panhandlers is OK in my book. These people are a plague of able bodied adults who tie up traffic, contributed absolutely nothing, are a constant eyesore, and spend all their money on their “disease” which is covered by taxpayer funded healthcare that we pay for.

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    1. johnnyb

      All cities in R.I. look like Worcester. A bunch of low-rise shit shacks. They will never, ever be considered “must see” destinations…

    2. Mayor Lynch

      Someone is going to have to shovel that mess!! I sure as hell ain’t!

    3. Troubled Nostrils

      That video of the panhandlers scurrying aside as their crappy snowman gets wrecked has me chuckling. Now, if that had been some kids’ snowman, then no way, but panhandlers? HAHAHAHAHA… fuck’em!

    4. Transplant

      “Panhandler” is too polite.

      Call them what they really are..BUMS and BEGGARS.

      1. New Age Political Correcter

        It’s Hobo-American… you racist.

    5. 2wEntEe

      I see panhandlers in their early 20’s in Boston. Its pathetic.
      Labor ready bro, grow up.

    6. Heat Miser

      Heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to The Snowman family. It was always tough for Crackie The Snowman to live in the shadow of his more successful brother, Frosty.

    7. J

      I live in Johnston* and these panhandlers are well-known. They’re a couple, guy and girl, who are always dancing erratically and generally acting somewhat psychotic wherever they’re panhandling. It’s either mentally disabilities, drugs, or a combination of the two. Regardless of your opinion on begging, they don’t take the usual panhandler approach and stare into your soul until the guilt overcomes you. They just dance around and enjoy themselves from what it seems and if someone wants to give them a handout then so be it. Most people just ignore them from what I’ve seen.

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