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Lonzo Guthrie Verdict Proves Anyone Who Couldn’t Get Away With Murder Before 2003 Is A Moron

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The other day we wrote about the not guilty verdict for murder suspect Lonzo Guthrie in the stabbing death of 21 year old Eileen Ferro 42 years ago in Shrewsbury. It’s a fascinating case and we encourage you to read about it on our link. But ultimately the jury had it’s hands tied and could not convict Lonzo Guthrie for the murder because the blood they found on the ground which matches his DNA could have gotten there when he delivered a hutch to her house the previous day.

Personally, I think he did it. Why would the Anthony and Eileen Ferro not clean up blood they found on the ground? How do you cut your hand delivering a hutch? I can understand a bruise if you bang your hand into a wall, but a cut?? It would have to be a pretty decent size gash for him to bleed that quickly on the ground. Doesn’t make much sense.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 12.35.37 AM

Anyway, we still have a shitload of questions about this case. What was Guthrie’s alibi on the night of the murder? Did he have cuts on his hand? Were they examined by the police? Were there any other suspects questioned?

But one thing we do understand is that the primary reason this was a not guilty verdict was because Deval Patrick-appointed judge Janet Kenton-Walker ruled that Lonzo Guthrie’s previous CONVICTION for raping and stabbing a young woman in California, just two months after Eileen Ferro was killed, could not be brought up during the trial. At least one juror went on record with Dianne Williamson today to admit that this would have swayed his opinion, which is probably the reason it was excluded.


Look, if this guy was simply accused of raping and stabbing someone in California, that would be one thing. But he was convicted. He did it. And he did it less than 2 months after Eileen Ferro was killed under similar circumstances. The analogies to Aaron Hernandez’ trial are ridiculous because Hernandez has never been convicted of shooting anyone else. This guy has been convicted of stabbing a woman. There’s a huge difference.


Anyway, it made us come to this conclusion – anyone who murdered someone before the year 2003 and got caught is a moron. (We picked this year because I feel like that’s when having a cell phone became a thing you had to have). Do you realize how easy it was to get away with murder back then? There was no DNA testing, no cell phone towers, no cameras everywhere, etc.

Here’s what would’ve happened today if Guthrie had killed Eileen Ferro in the same house in 2016:

  • The police would know the exact time of death. As soon as he fled the house he would’ve gone through a shitload of lights on Route 9. Every one of them would’ve gotten him on camera. They would’ve been able to put an indisputable timeline together as he came to and left the house.
  • His cell phone would’ve pinged at several towers, giving away his exact location at exact times.
  • Neighbors with home security systems would’ve had their tapes confiscated and they would show his car driving to and from Eileen Ferro’s house at the time of the murder.
  • The scene would’ve been better preserved and the DNA tested immediately.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 1.20.12 PM


These are the key pieces of evidence that got Aaron Hernandez convicted. They had time stamped pictures of him at traffic lights and on the highway of him driving to Odin Lloyd’s house, and then driving back to North Attleborough. His cell phone was pinging off of towers the entire way, providing detectives with an easy to put together timeline of the murder. If Lonzo Guthrie did in fact commit this murder in 2016, he would’ve been tried and convicted within 2 years and he’d be spending the rest of his life in prison.


Just look at the OJ Simpson case. That was back in 1994 when you could murder people until the cows came home. Ever since FX started this OJ show (which is phenomenal by the way) Turtleboy has had OJ on the brain. OJ left a Goddamn glove at Nicole Brown Simpson’s house, right near her and Ronald Godman’s dead bodies. The cops found the same exact matching glove at his house. That’s how much of a moron you have to be to even be put on trial for murder in the 90’s.

And he STILL got away with away with it!!! OJ’s alibi was that he was taking a nap at the time of the murder, thus no one could confirm it. But if OJ killed her in 2016 they would know his exact GPS coordinates as he drove to and left Nicole Brown’s residence. It would prove that his alibi was bullshit.


So the bottom line is that the fact that Lonzo Guthrie’s rape conviction wasn’t presented at trial wasn’t the primary reason he got away with murder. The real reason he got away with murder is that he killed someone in 1974, when only complete morons couldn’t get away with murdering someone.


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