Losers Whining That ESPN Is Showing Kids Cry At LLWS, Worcester Kids Got Over Losing In Little League World Series Final To Kentucky

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Is the Little League World Series exploitative of kids? Is ESPN’s coverage of the LLWS immoral because they like to show kids crying on TV? Most of you would say, “No, of course not. What kind of stupid question is that?” But apparently some goober who writes fro the Chicago Sun Times named Rick Telander thinks it is. Here’s some of the gobbledy-gook he wrote in his most recent column:

It’s too bad the Jackie Robinson West Little League team was roughed up 13-2 by a powerful Las Vegas team Sunday in a game halted after four innings by the mercy rule. It’s not over for the Chicago kids, but they’re now in the losers’ bracket and have to win out to make it to the Little League World Series championship game in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Alright, so right away we can see where this guy is REALLY coming from. He’s butthurt because the hometown team got facialized by a bunch of superior children from Vegas.

Danon Radcliff, Robley Corsi III

Then he wrote this:

But some of what I have seen so far in this tournament seems to rub up next to exploitation, almost like low-level child abuse.

Ummmm….child abuse? Really? I always envisioned child abuse involving actual abuse, not a bunch of 12 year olds having the time of their lives playing a baseball game. But let’s see why he thinks that:

These are, after all, 11- and 12-year-old boys (and girls), with a handful of 13-year-olds whose birthdays came after May 1. In other words, they’re kids. But we subtly and gleefully have turned them into symbols, things they clearly have been given no control over. ESPN is there with more cameras than we see at many major-league games, with lenses that zoom in on these kids until their eyelashes are the size of telephone cables. And the cameras linger there, pandering, quivering, praying for even a single tear drop.

Newsflash – these kids are loving every single minute of this. Do you understand the tail these kids are gonna get seven years from now because of this? A lot of those Vegas kids are gonna end up setting pins at the bowling alley for the rest of their lives. This is it for them. This is the pinnacle. This is as good as it gets. But for whatever reason Rick Telander can’t just leave it at that. Instead he has to make up the latest faux-outrage to get the PC crowd fired up. Because you know who is not complaining about kids crying on TV? The kids who are crying. Hey Rick, please find me ONE kid who feels exploited because he was crying on TV when he was 12. I’ll be waiting in downtown Worcester on my magical turtle.
LLWS Pennsylvania Georgia Baseball
And of course it sucks when they cry. But guess what? That’s part of life. Learning how to handle defeat is one of the most important things a kid can learn. Because it’s gonna happen a shitload to you the rest of your life. We live in a world where every kid gets a trophy just for having a pulse. The LLWS teaches kids about the ecstasy of winning, and the debauchery of defeat.

My question is, when did a kid crying become this catastrophic event? Because last I checked crying irrationally is what makes a kid a kid. That’s literally all newborn babies do. Then they learn that they don’t have to cry to communicate, and they only cry when they don’t get what they want. Then they realize that crying isn’t an appropriate way to handle not get your way. Then they cry in situations like this. Then they learn not to. It’s all part of the learning process. It’s not some terrible thing when a kid cries. He or she will get over it, and then we’ll all go out for milkshakes.

Thirty or 40 years ago, any rational parent would have said this is too much for kids, too big an invasion of privacy, too close up for unformed pre-adolescents. But that was before reality shows became routine, before glorified slatterns such as Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton could make careers out of little more than arrogance and sex tapes, before TV demanded everything from everyone it focused on.

Wait, wait, wait. Is this dingbat really comparing the LLWS to Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton’s sex tapes? LOL, yea that’s not a stretch at all. Newsflash – 30 or 40 years ago parents would’ve gladly signed their kids up for this if ESPN covered the LLWS like this. And that was way before we all saw Paris Hilton getting steamrolled.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 7.26.09 PM

The Chicago kids got smoked by a long-armed pitcher who stands 6-2 and weighs 168 pounds. He was throwing 76 mph pitches from 45 feet away, the equivalent of 100 mph on a major-league diamond. How the South Side kids even put their bats on the ball, I don’t know.

Translation: It’s not fair!!!

So the other team’s kid was bigger than your kids and made them look silly. Get over it. Those kids from Chicago have been beating everyone their entire lives just to get to this point. Now they get to Williamsport and they found out there’s a bigger kid on the block. Welcome to life.

Then he threw this gem in there:

Las Vegas has a kid named Payton Brooks, who is 4-9 and 75 pounds. When he came to bat, he looked like a large puppet. Teammate Austin Kryszczuk, who hit a home run of nearly 300 feet and has seven homers in his last eight games, was interviewed as though he were Mike Trout, and you could see the budding mustache on his upper lip in the Pennsylvania sunlight.

So let me get this straight. Rick Telander thinks it’s mean to show kids crying in defeat, but he’s cool with calling poor Payton Brooks a “large puppet?” Yea, that makes tons of sense. And Austin Kryszczuk should be interviewed as if he’s Mike Trout. Because most likely he’s not gonna be Mike Trout. This is it for him. Let the kid have his moment. It doesn’t mean we’re over glorifying these kids. It just means we’re being entertained by something that’s fun to watch before football starts.

LLWS South Dakota Nevada Baseball

Finally he left us with this:

These kids from Chicago were the feel-good story of the tournament. and ABC seemingly televised the game with the expectation that the Chicago kids would continue the dominance they showed in the opener. The world wanted it.”

Yea, ya see the world didn’t give a shit if Chicago won that game over Las Vegas. The world just wants to see gigantic twelve year olds who they will never hear about again, smash 250 foot home runs. That and black girls from Philly who strike everyone out and Korean kids who pimp bat flips like you read about.

AP_mone_davis_jtm_140815_16x9_992 kspwjp3dm2k65p4lxqqh

You may recall in 2002 that Worcester’s own Jesse Burkett Little League made it all the way to the championship game of the LLWS. After beating Harlem in the semifinals they lost to a powerhouse team from Louisville, Kentucky that had two freak shows on it. One was Zach Osborne, who pitched the shutout in the championship game against Worcester and went on to play shortstop for the University of Tennessee


and now plays in the Colorado Rockies farm system


But the kid who almost single handedly crushed Worcester’s dreams was Aaron Alvey.


He still owns a LLWS record for most strikeouts in a game (19), in a 2-1 win over Fort Worth Texas in their 2-1 semifinal win, in which he hit the game winning home run. He also hit the game winning home run in their 4-0 win over Worcester, and then pitched a shutout to beat Japan in the international finals. And look what he made the Japanese kids do:


And guess what? All of those Japanese kids are fine today. They probably own the factory where your car was made and have better health care than you do too. Defeat was certainly shameful when it happened in 2002, but it taught them to hate losing. And people who hate losing always turn out to be winners in the end.

Don’t forget, Worcester didn’t get to the finals without crushing dreams too. Ryan Griffin hit a game winning home run in the semifinals to beat Harlem, and left them with this sad face:


Because in life there are losers, and there are winners


It’s important to learn what it feels like to be both. The LLWS teaches kids this invaluable life lesson. Most of these kids don’t grow up to be Zach Osborne. He’s the only one on that Louisville team that isn’t doing construction or selling used cars. But it’s what they will remember for the rest of their lives – win or lose. Aaron Alvey never played in college. As a matter of fact he never even played in high school. He has however worked relentlessly on his selfie game:

1656370_1410569025857427_1536914947_n 10563150_1480407688873560_4606760225894385261_n

and he’s still got the home run pose:


So for kids like Aaron Alvey the LLWS is all they will ever have. He recently passed that home run ball from the Worcester game onto some other kid from Louisville:

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 7.04.45 PM

It’s funny with all this talk of “child abuse” Aaron Alvey had some wise words about this topic:

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 6.04.06 PM

Ya got that? They won because they practice 12 hours a day. You might call that abuse, but they are champions for life. So all the people whining about having to watch kids cry can go back and live in their fantasy world where there are no losers, and defeat doesn’t sting so much. The rest of us will learn what it tastes like to lose, and never, ever wanna lose again. Because all of those kids from Worcester got over this happening


and they wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.

Feel free to share your thoughts to keep the conversation going.

P.S. Aaron Alvey was rumored to be in Worcester on the day that the Jesse Burkett team was honored with a parade in downtown Worcester. Some think it might be a 20 year old man who happened to look exactly like him and did an entire interview on the WB News pretending to be Aaron Alvey. We are currently looking to find the video and it should feature in a follow up blog.

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  • Johnny
    August 21, 2014 at 9:30 pm

    Does it suck to work for a news company no one has ever heard of? Ever?

  • Jim Myers
    August 20, 2014 at 12:37 am

    If you cut your blog length down 75 percent and quit spewing takes from every other local outlet, you would still blow.

    • Joey G
      August 20, 2014 at 9:09 am

      Soooo… you are saying you want to read Barstool. You can do that. They use nice little words and never write more than two paragraphs. Plus, if you are a good boy and finish the article, they let you guess an ass!

      • Jim Myers
        August 20, 2014 at 11:16 pm

        Soooo… You seem to know a lot about Barstool… I bet you never read it and hate it though. A couple of their writers are good. There is a lot of other junk on there to sift through. Didn’t mean to personally offend you Joey G… Just giving feedback on this site. I gave it a shot… And then I read how often the term “hot takes” was used, and wanted to shoot myself. Also, Turtleboy’s obsession with Felger and Mazz was borderline stalker-ish… He has a few funny lines but they are watered down by the 10,000 word blogs. I’ll visit every once in a while when a friend shares a story on FB, but I won’t really expect much. C

        • August 20, 2014 at 11:22 pm

          We’re fucked now!!!!

          • Jim Myers
            August 21, 2014 at 1:04 am

            Get over yourself, nobody expects you to care about negative comments. At the same time, nobody expects, well… Anything. You run a no-profit blog. Cool. I look for new blogs to be entertained by… So far, you’re nowhere near the Mendoza line. Hey, at least you’ve got me coming back to comment. So that’s a win??

    • August 20, 2014 at 11:21 pm

      Translation: reading hurts my brain. More boobs please.

      • Jim Myers
        August 21, 2014 at 1:11 am

        Cool translation bro. Wished you were more clever here.

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