Lou Roe Holds Back Angry UMass Coach From TurtleBoy Camerman After Devestating Loss To George Washington In A-10 Tournament

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I have nothing good to say about UMass’ debacle against George Washington. The last time George Washington was in Brooklyn was in 1776 and he got his ass kicked and ran to Valley Forge. And you know who saved his ass? The Minutemen. Well, 238 years later GW was back in Brooklyn but the Minutemen were nowhere to be found.

First of all, the UMass students need to step up their game. George Washington had double the fans UMass did, including a shit ton of students. The UMass fan contingent consisted of Josh Brown in a pink shirt, Brian Long, and a bunch of other guys with receding hairlines and bellies. Where were the students? It’s freaking New York. You’re on spring break. Get your ass to the Barclay’s Center. Absolutely no excuse.

This was the entirety of the UMass contingent at the game last night. As usual Brian Long and Josh Brown had to take it upon themselves to start the U-Mass chant.

Like, do these kids realize how lucky they are to have a basketball team that’s relevant? This doesn’t usually happen unfortunately. None of them are even old enough to remember Marcus Camby and the Final Four, so you would think that they would be eating up every minute of this. There were literally more VCU fans in the crowd that UMass fans. Those hooligans were everywhere. Running around the streets of Brooklyn, antagonizing UMass and Richmond fans. And they’re at least five hours from Brooklyn. Hey UMass kids – step up your game. Become famous for something besides getting maced by overzealous Amherst policemen.

This was their second worst game of the year, after the George Mason game. They completely got their ass kicked. GW was better prepared. They figured out the fairly simple formula of stopping Chaz Williams.

On the offensive end, all they had to do was pass the ball around, break the UMass “press”, and hit wide open uncontested threes.

A team named after the first President was led by a bunch of European guys who couldn’t miss from three point land. The refs were once again atrocious and kept any shot of a comeback happening.

I could go on and on about how the refs botched calls like this, which put GW on the free throw lines for three free shots.

Obviously European guys don’t miss free throws. Obviously.

But this one’s on UMass. They simply cannot play like this in the Tournament. They’re likely going to be an 8 seed right now. That’s the official TurtleBoy prediction. They’re gonna go against a team in the first round that’s just as good as GW, and if they win they’re gonna get Arizona, Wichita State, or Florida. Maybe they would actually play up for a game like that. Gotta think positive I suppose.

Well, the Barclay’s Center is an absolute palace. Nicest arena you will ever, ever see. But the people who work there take their jobs way too seriously. Particularly the ladies. They don’t let you walk down to your seat while the ball is in play. I had to tell the girl my wife is in labor, and she for some reason let me go without any followup questions.

There were plenty of empty seats, yet they were selectively making people sit in their assigned seats. Look, this is the classic difference between men and women right here. Men don’t give a shit about anything. Women care about everything and generally like to follow the rules. If the rule says you’re supposed to sit in your assigned seats, well, then that’s where you’re sitting.

Our cameraman tried infiltrating the pep band, but quickly got thrown out of there.

The worst was a young lady who obviously takes her job very seriously. Especially in the final thirty seconds of a blowout game. We tried sitting front row behind the hoop. Over her dead body. She wasn’t having it. So our camera guy just moved an aisle over. As you can see, she is on the right hand side of the picture and it’s eating her up inside that he’s not sitting in his assigned seat, but since it’s outside of her jurisdiction she cannot enforce the rules. Check out the look of death she’s giving.


At ease soldier.

Well, apparently our cameraman was so close to the UMass bench that they overheard a conversation he was having with another drunken UMass idiot. They made the offhand comment that UMass shouldn’t be losing with thirteen coaches on the bench. THIRTEEN COACHES!!! There’s literally nowhere to sit. I’ve never seen such a crowded bench.

Well, I guess the “coach” didn’t like this much at all. He started yelling at the cameraman while the ball was still in play. The two of them went back and forth. For whatever reason the coach couldn’t just let it go. Our guy was apparently yelling, “Why are you talking to me during a game?” over and over again. Not realizing the irony of what was transpiring, the coach continued to engage in this pointless conversation.

Well, on the way off the court, the coach had some words for our camera guy. Luckily for everyone UMass legend/coach Lou Roe was there to break up the dispute before it escalated, and cooler heads prevailed.

That coach had the look of death in his eyes. He was angrier than the girls who saw us in our unassigned seats. You gotta respect the passion he has for the program though.


That is the face of a person who will kill a man for UMass basketball. And you simply have to respect that. Also love how the refs seem to find it compelling that people are yelling at someone besides them on the way out.

Look, we’ll give this coach the benefit of the doubt. We were all worked up. The loss really sucked. It was a terrible, terrible game. We got a little fired up, but we’re all here to root for the same team. Let’s do this in the tournament coach, and then UMass students can go back to rioting and getting beaten up by the cops.

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9 Comment(s)
  • Jackson Steve
    March 16, 2014 at 1:41 am

    8-7 in 17 games UMassFan? Something doesn’t add up here. But agreed that DK is a useless pustule.

  • miketysonchicken
    March 15, 2014 at 2:02 pm

    UMass has NO school pride. Arguably the worst school spirit of any flagship state school of such a large size. We could have been ranked #1 in the country, the students would not have gone to Brooklyn to watch. Complete lack of interest in everything except the new Berkshire Dining Common and Coors Light.

    • miketysonchicken
      March 15, 2014 at 2:13 pm

      Also, black women who wear weaves, as the usher who gave you a hard time was wearing, are idiots. Any woman wearing a whig like that at such a young age is not mentally stable. Look at that weave, it looks like the hair from a horses mane. Garbage. Anyways, I swear 10 out of the 12 coaches on the bench are only on the team to clap and say “Good Job.” But wait until football season. If there is even a 10% chance of rain or the temperature is forecasted to be below 50 degrees on gamesay, the stands at Mcguirk will be empty. Nothing will change that.

    • umassfan33
      March 15, 2014 at 2:20 pm

      that’s just so false. all you hear around campus is talk about this team. it was shitty Timing with everyone leaving yesterday for spring break and UMass doesn’t do anything to help us. they should’ve had a bus or something for us to take as students. instead the school just puts it aside

    • UMassFan
      March 15, 2014 at 7:19 pm

      This loss coupled with the video of the out of control coach just further evidence that DK is in way over his head. Sixth seed, eliminated handily by an inferior team, 8-7 last 17 games-the future does not look bright.But unfortunately we are stuck with this guy for 2-3 more yrs.(hopefully not longer).On another note isn’t it the coach’s responsibility to create some buzz around campus and inspire the students? This guy is a bumbling, inarticulate simpleton who I am shocked graduated form UMass. Adam keep up the good work and thanks for your passion and objectively.I am sick of the DK sycophants on that UMassHoops board trying to positively spin all DK’s obvious short comings.

  • matt
    March 15, 2014 at 1:48 pm

    Certainly didn’t see this coming, not after destroying URI by 4 points.

  • mike
    March 15, 2014 at 12:01 pm

    On a lighter note. St. Bona from nowhere NY was #1 on SportsCenter top 10. Suck it!

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