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  • Lowell Vigilante Dad Plays Race Card When We Won’t Blog About Him Confronting Neighbor He Accuses Of Trying To Diddle His Daughter, Becomes Blog Topic Himself

    Lowell Vigilante Dad Plays Race Card When We Won’t Blog About Him Confronting Neighbor He Accuses Of Trying To Diddle His Daughter, Becomes Blog Topic Himself

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    Last night a father in Lowell sent us a video of himself and his wife confronting a neighbor who they believed was planning on doing bad things with their 13 year old daughter:

    Here’s the video:

    We get a lot of messages like this on a daily basis and we blog about what we can get to. We try to pick the most entertaining and informative stories. Most importantly we are looking for stuff that can be backed up and verified. We’re not gonna accuse someone of being a child molester if we don’t know for sure that they are one. Attorney Richard N. Vulva would take us to poundtown in deformation court.

    And quite frankly this video was just missing a couple things. For one, there’s no proof any of this happened. The dude denies all the salacious stuff. He admits to speaking with the girl when he sees her in passing. He admits going to this guy’s house and asks the kid if her parents are home so he can talk to them. He admits to offiering her a gig making some cash doing laundry for a crippled friend of his. They accuse him of telling the girl she’s beautiful. He denies it. They claim they have video of him telling her that. A video they decided not to send us.

    Finally the Dad starts yelling at him about taking it to the physical level, which let’s be honest, was the main reason he did this to begin with. To physically confront him and accuse him of being a pedophile. Granted, I still think the guy is a good father who obviously cares about his kids and seems to be well respected in the community. But he’s acting out of emotion and love for his daughter, and we don’t blog based on emotion alone.

    Long story short – this story is not turtle worthy. I mean, what’s our take supposed to be? “Dad accuses neighbor of being a pedophile for speaking to daughter without him being around, neighbor denies bad intentions”? Granted the dude does look like every Level 3 sex offender who’s ever lived:

    And quite frankly he didn’t deny it nearly as adamantly as I would’ve if I was confronted like this and didn’t have bad intentions.

    But yet here we are writing about a story we said we’re not writing about. We’re only doing this to show you, a) the shit we deal with every day, and b) the difference between a good story and a bad story.

    We’re not in the business of destroying people’s lives without proof that they’re bad news bears. There’s nothing worse you can be accused of than being a pedophile. There’s no coming back from that, and rightfully so. Thus we’d have no problem shaming a kiddie toucher. But there’s absolutely no proof that that’s what this dude’s intentions are. So we’re not gonna dig through his life and destroy him just because we can.

    So we told him that, and initially he seemed to understand:

    Yes, if this guy came to my house and started asking sketchy questions to my daughter I’d probably tell him to stay away from her too. And once again, I’d LOVE to see that tape. Conveniently it wasn’t provided. But if it was, THAT would be a Turtleboy worthy story.

    But Andres seems to disagree with us, and he’s not happy about it:

    Hey ding-dong, we don’t automatically write about every vigilante hardo who sends us a video. Try Fox 25 News. They love to report on one-sided bullshit.

    Naturally he played the race card by accusing us of not writing about it because we view his child as his “little spic daughter.”

    I am interested in this story though:


    If you got secret files on those assholes at PETA then send em over brotha. In the mean time chill the fuck out and just understand that we blog about what we wanna blog about. And that usually involves stories that are clear and backed up by facts. Your story was backed up by nothing, which is why we chose not to blog about it. Until you went postal and we decided that the real story here was you.

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    1. Publius

      Pathetic. All the worst of social media. Shameful.

    2. Webster Turtle Rider

      Something tells me no one was going to call or text anyways.

    3. Ran Dather

      Running out of stories TB? This article is a waste of time.

    4. whatevuh

      PETAFILE? LMFAO go back to your home country you low-life scumbag

    5. Jenifer Lopez labia

      He does have one thing right. Nobody gives a fuck about his stupid spic daughter.
      If there is legitimate wrong doing don’t call Turtleboy call the police.
      I’m considering calling dcf on the dad, he seems unhinged.

    6. Rub Adub

      Any pics of #MerrimackVallery ? She sounds like a beast! is she from the Merrimack Valley?

    7. Monkey ballz

      Hey Andres we have 13 yr. old hispanic girls standing outside convenience stores asking for money at night in Worcester too! We call them ……….

      and no you are not a candidate for father of the year.

    8. Andres Gonzales

      Nobody lays a hand on my beautiful sexy daughters but me! Grrrowwllll…

    9. your name here

      “We’re not in the business of destroying people’s lices without proof that they’re bad news bears.”

      Give me a fucking break. That’s all you do. Make shit up and publish it.

      1. SpellcheckkkkkMatterssss

        Today, lices everywhere were breathing a sigh of relief.

    10. Hanginpossum

      The angry father had it right. TB didn’t call the guy a pedo but between the back story and the video there’s really only one conclusion to draw.

    11. Mom’s Basement

      If the dude was baking cookies when he answered the door then we’d have a smoking gun but he was cooking a steak… or at least that’s what he said. To the dad: did it smell like cookies or steak when he opened the door?

      1. Al Gore

        I like steak and cookies, definitely hang out with this guy

    12. Hispanico Privlege

      Andres Gonzalez typical hispanico temper tantrum, didn’t get what he wanted goes ape-shit on innocent bystanders and shifted the focus from the creepy neighbor to himself. Haven’t met a hispanico that doesn’t have this self destructive trait or a liberal that doesn’t give in to it.

      Perv neighbor creeping on your young daughter you call the police and make a report, simple. Step 2, train your daughter not to open the dam door for strangers or speak to this guy. Reporting incident to TB is only for the most experienced internet lawyers.

    13. Here’s your racism

      A guy confronts a would be child molester of a young Latina and the comment section goes after Hispanics. This doesn’t define the turtleboy affinity group but I can certainly see how the occasional reader might think so.

      1. What a Dumb Ass

        Andrex Gonzalez refers to his 13 yo daughter as “MY LITTLE SPICE DAUGHTER” on social media when a goofy blog won’t write about his dirty little corner of Lowell.

        And…. TB and the commenters are racist?? WTF…. Check the plank in you’re eye bruh.

        Gosh should I call the police or get the school counselors involved??? Nahhh I’ll make vids and send them to bloggers then freak-out on facebook and call my own daughter a “little spic” that should teach turtleb…. errr ahhh the neighbor a lesson.

        This douche nozzle has more issues with TB than the neighbor’s alleged acts.

    14. Read between the lines

      Turtleboysports told the story by saying why they couldn’t tell the story. It’s like when a prosecutor get’s something admitted into evidence that shouldn’t have been.

    15. Penise Nose

      from the grainy picture at the top of the story, it looked like a woman with massive saggy breasts, got excited for a moment

    16. spanish is the new black

      Expanola new bully on the block

      1. love that vid

        “you can’t take a joke you’re in the wrong motherfuckin place”

        as far as this article, i think it’s great, as is the video of the man and his wife confronting the jackass (but they were wrong in attacking the blog for not publishing it and calling it racist)

    17. check this

      We found the real life Herbert the Pervert wooot! Except he likes girls what a weirdo.

    18. SRR

      As a journalist I can attest to the fact that there was not enough incriminating, hard evidence to write in a legitimate public news forum, that the elderly man whom had supposedly propositioned Mr.Gonzalez’s daughter was in fact a pedophile. I don’t know if the Gonzalez’s were able to provide the man’s name, so doing some investigative work into his background would have been possible to find out if he had ever propositioned other young girls. I understand Mr.Gonzales frustration and anger. Calling the police and asking them to speak to the overly friendly neighbor would have been the best way to handle the situation.

    19. 2wEntEe

      WHY CAN’T a man with 2 broken legs fold laundry?

      1. chrissy


    20. We Investigate

      In an attempt to follow up on this story we looked up the name Gonzalez in the Lowell phone book. Unfortunately there are over 2000 Gonzalez’s in Lowell so were not sure where to fucking start!

      1. I like Turtles

        The fuck’s a “phone book”?

    21. Todays Poll

      Granted Lowell is a shit hole but is it as bad as Worcester?

      Lets see, thumb up if Worcester is shittiest, thumbs down if Lowell takes the crown.

    22. What the actual fuck

      If I was going to tell TBS about an incident and want them to blow someone up , I would A) provide the fucking surveillance video and B) provide the fucking police report I made as soon as I heard the video and prior to messaging the turtle. It’s called Credibility.
      above all I would teach my
      13 yr old daughter not to open the fucking door to he/she’s with an extreme muffin top or saggy goo boobs. It’s super hard to tell by the video which it is. But see Dad went to the neighbor first. If Dad had wanted daughter to go to police the story may have changed a bit , because I do not believe there is any kind of video.

    23. To many questions

      I don’t believe this story for a minute. It’s lacking facts like if she’s 13 and Puerto Rican why doesn’t she have any kids?

      1. Stephen Hawking

        The proper question is: “if she’s Puerto Rican and 13, why doesn’t she have grandkids?”

        Next time check your math.

    24. omg

      Andres K Gonzalez in his own words.

      “turtleboy sports thinks this perv that tried to get at my daughter didn’t do shit wrong”

      “but my little spic daughter is wrong and morally out of line”

      “I try to get this story out there to protect other children but you shut it down”

      “I’ve notice how many of yall didn’t stand up for me or my daughter. Don’t call or text me”

      Complete raging nut case, take your meds and try decaf.

      1. chrissy

        it’s steroids maybe lol

        whatever it is he said a bunch of lies about our turtleboy >:(

        but i think he’s heartbroken, cos he said, “turtleboy is a hero in our hood” so he’s just another turtle groupie with a broken <3

    25. Lawtown Killah

      This clown is a wannabe rapper/producer/ director/ political activist from Lawrence

      Dude is a Thug.. former gang banger.. Roid head

      He’s also friends with that punk ass Daddy Dunk’s… Wonder where he got the idea from to reach out to Turtle Boy!!

      Guess he wants to be Turtle famous too!!

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