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Maine Mooch Donkey Has Been Sharing New Lie Every Weekend About Getting Robbed, Playing The Single Mom Card, So Morons Will Give Her Free Shit

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Meet Tamra Moody:

She’s from Augusta, Maine, and has been running some of the most obvious mooching scams in the history of Facebook. The other day she posted this:

On several community Facebook pages….

And I mean, pretty much every yard sale page in the state.

First of all Tamra, your son is one year old. Not twelve months. One.

Secondly, how much is a “bunch of money,” and how was it stolen from you? Stuff like that would go a long way towards letting people know that they’re not giving their money to a mooch donkey who’s gonna blow it all on scratch tickets and Newport 100’s.

Thirdly, do you understand what a bank account is? Why would you keep all your money in cash inside the section 8 hellhole you no doubt live in?

Fourthly, if you’re this broke, then why do you have pets? Pets are for people who have their shit together, not for degenerates whose life savings are kept underneath a soiled mattress they conceive tax credits on.

Fifthly, if your background story is what you claim it is (single mom struggling to get by) then you qualify for every form of assistance possible. We pay taxes so people like you can sit on their ass all day and eat Cheetos. So no, I’m not giving you any more of my hard earned money.

Then there’s the fact that literally a week ago she was running a different scam for free diapers, and it worked…

This time the money wasn’t stolen from her, it was taken from her imaginary bank account. So….what does that mean? Did you give your debit card to your crack partner and they skipped town with the $284 you’ve been saving? Because when that happens it’s pretty correctable. You just call your bank up and they take care of it. You don’t have to wait for them to catch the imaginary person in order to get your money back. That’s not how debit cards works.

Oh, and she’s “moving to a better place” with her son too, so the timing couldn’t have been worse. And by that she means, “I blew the limited percentage of my rent that the government asks me to chip in for on Henny and Keno.”

But it worked, and a bunch of gullible idiots gave her diapers. When someone pointed out her scam from last week, the ratchet patrol came to her defense….

“Don’t be mean.”

LOL. This is a ratchet default move when they’ve been confronted with two things they hate the most – evidence and facts. Those things are mean. Calling out obvious scam artists is NOT nice. Apparently we should let these people continue to mooch off of the rest of us and defraud caring but gullible fools who don’t read Turtleboy and don’t understand how ratchets operate.

So what does the Maine Mooch Donkey do for work?

She’s a stay at home Mom to her 12 month old and the three kittens of course. Because….fuck working. And even in a state like Maine with a governor that is as close to Trump as you can get, people like this still are able to create a lifestyle of mooching off of the taxpayers.

But it’s not enough. Because it’s never enough. She wants more free shit too, because that’s just how she believes society should function. These people spit offspring out of their baby cannons and then expect the rest of us to take care of them. After all….

….it takes a village.

Of course when someone pointed this out they once again got the “you’re being mean” treatment:

Hey Linda, ever hear the old saying, “Shut your pole polisher?”

“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Nah, I’m an adult so I can say whatever I want. If it hurts your feelings then I’m glad, because people like you need to have their feelings hurt. You’re weak and fragile and the world does not revolve around you. More importantly, there’s nothing mean about warning other people not to donate to a mooch donkey who’s gonna be back in a week with yet another sob story.

The people defending these queef buckets are worse than the ratchets themselves. They’re the ones who should be mocked and ridiculed. It’s like the people who give money to panhandlers. There wouldn’t be panhandlers if people didn’t give money to them. And what this chick is doing is the digital version of what the Burlington Mall Fupaslug does.

Instead they post shit like this to make themselves feel better:

Bitch, you make your kid live in a tent in November. No one cares what your opinion about anything is. Class dismissed.

These people get off on the fact that they’re making a difference, but in reality they’re just enabling these people to continue their self destructive lifestyles.

Of course the real reason the Maine Mooch Donkey is making up lies to get free cash from strangers is because her business ventures thus far have failed. And by business ventures I mean, selling shit no one wants on community yard sale pages. Like nasty used bottles, which of course come wrapped in a large trash bag:

Prom dresses for $10

Monkey soap dispensers for $5

Lamps for $10….

Light bulbs not included.

Boxes full of VHS tapes that you can watch with your kids, because what child doesn’t know how to function a VCR?

People have started to realize that they’re dealing with a Grade A scamburglar, so Tamra had to show up to defend her honor an hour ago…

So let me get this straight. Someone sent you a check for a cabinet you sold on a Facebook yard sale page, and the check bounced. You were gonna use that money to pay the movers to move to your imaginary new apartment. Consequently you need diapers now. Sure thing.

And this part makes perfect sense….

my bank call and say the check bounced after they cashed it said it sh be fine and looks good when I asked and said I didnt know the person personally now my son and I are in debt as they bank won’t help”

Wait…..what? The bank cashed a check that bounced? Then they told you it “should be fine” but yet you’re asking for free shit on back to back weekends anyway. Oh, and her AND her son are in debt now. Because one year olds have credit scores.

Oh yea, this story makes sense. Keep defending this mooch donkey. You’re the good guy!

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  • British TG
    June 4, 2018 at 12:11 pm

    I don’t understand how people have half an animal sanctuary in their home when they don’t even have a pot to piss in.

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