• Meet Maurice Butler: The Most Racist Piece Of Human Garbage From The South Shore Who Makes Fun Of Little Biracial Girls And Their White Stepdads

    Meet Maurice Butler: The Most Racist Piece Of Human Garbage From The South Shore Who Makes Fun Of Little Biracial Girls And Their White Stepdads

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    Racism is abhorrent. We hate racism at Turtleboy Sports more than anyone. We hate it so much that unlike the SJWs who throw the word around so much that it becomes meaningless, we wait until we find someone who is legitimately racist and humiliate them for the world to see. Enter Maurice Butler from Berkely, AKA Murder Max Moe:

    Murder Max is part of a Facebook group called Diesels of New England. In that group is another man from Taunton named Ryan Brown. This is Ryan Brown’s girlfriend:

    They each have one child, and Jayme’s daughter is biracial. But it hasn’t stopped Ryan Brown from stepping up to the plate and raising and loving them both as his own though.

    But apparently this has triggered Maurice:

    And Maurice has been basically rewriting the book and things you should never put on Facebook in 2017, unless you want to become Turtleboy famous:

    Bart Nicolo just referred to a small little girl as a “chocolate baby.” Ladies and gentlemen, this is what a bleached asshole looks like:

    They continued:

    Up until this point Maurice hasn’t gone full racist yet. He’s just being a cocksmooch and minding business that isn’t his. More than anything he’s suggesting that his girlfriend cheated on him, even though her biracial daughter was conceived before Ryan Brown was ever in the picture.

    After that though, things took a turn for the worse…..

    Touch of class from Bill Harvey there.

    What the fuck planet are these people living on where they think you can say something like this on a public forum and everyone will just be cool with it? See all that? All this does is prove that Adam Jones is a liar. This guy used the n word once and it stood out like a sore thumb. A bunch of people screenshotted it and sent it to us. Now imagine a fat bastard yelling it so loudly at the top of his lungs for 9 innings, at a player that was 30 yards away from him. Yea, someone would’ve noticed that. Just sayin.

    Maurice was just getting warmed up though. He continued to call this innocent little girl the n word:

    Then he claimed that Ryan Brown butt dialed him while he was arguing with his girlfriend about his “dark baby”:

    Then he propositioned Ryan’s girlfriend to bang on top of Ryan’s sleeping body, called the child a “nigglet,” and told her that she should be ashamed of herself for having a biracial child:

    Finally he accused her of spending Ryan’s money by going to the zoo and getting impregnated by a monkey:

    So there you have it folks from the Berkely-Taunton are. If you see this guy around:

    Make sure you call him out for being humongous piece of Brontosaurus excrement. It’s bad enough he was being intentinoally racist, but let’s not gloss over the fact that the guy was making fun of an innocent little girl, and the guy who is raising her. It takes a big man to pick on a little girl like that. More than anything I hate this guy because people like him just fuel the “racism is an epidemic and the number one issue in American right now” crowd. Racism is very real, and it’s alive today. But it’s such a small percentage of the population, and the rest of us reserve the right to shame and humiliate these relics of the past into submission.


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    1. Vin Diesel of New England

      Diesels of New England. I’m not on Facebook, but let me guess – this is a group of those needle dick ass clowns who roll around town in lifted diesel pickups, rolling coal, showing off neck tattoos, and generally being gargantuan piles of SHIT. All of these guys have major insecurity complexes, want a fight, and always end up on the losing end. Might as well have gotten “Born To Lose” tattooed on their faces in the maternity ward. None of these shit bags could last 2 minutes in the ring with a real man.

      1. Strata

        AKA …. “Non-contributing members of society” The girl smiling in the photo must be a real loser to be hanging with him

        1. TIG OLE BITTIES

          She’s a prostitute. She used to suck dick at strip club for $50. I bet my life he met her there

          1. Respectfully anonymous

            She was never a prostitute. Get your facts straight. She’s a good person just obviously needs to smarten up and stop dating a jerk like Maurice. Your comments are offensive too and she did nothing wrong. Keep the bashing to Moe since he’s the one making racist comments publicly.

    2. J.cole

      You should do all your homework…….. this guy stole from this guy’s boss and his girl the next day tried stealing out of his truck ……. get your facts

      1. Vin Diesel of New England

        What the in the hell are you saying? What I’m saying is, ANYONE who wears a t-shirt with brass knuckles on it is obviously a SHIT BAG who couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag.

      2. Annoyed Anonymous

        So that makes it alright to run racist remarks about a child?

      3. Wicked Woke

        Not sure what you’re trying to say in that broken English there, J. Cole, but regardless of who stole what from whom (if it even happened) it doesn’t excuse calling a sweet little girl hateful, racist slurs. Unless you think it does, in which case I hope you’re the star of next TBS blog.

        1. Duff

          I love how in the article they make a point of again denying that anyone yelled anything racist at Fenway, even though it had nothing to do with the actual topic. They also fail to point out how no one, not one single person defended the victim in that forum post. The reason that racism is an issue isn’t the small percentage of people who are actively racist, it’s the majority of people who can’t be bothered to call them out on it.

      4. Mongo Shepard

        “You should do all your homework”…Fucking moron

      5. Jejcifbdhcj

        Had stuff stolen from me by Ryan brown they are thieves and will take whatever they can get their hands on I would check your sources before you go making some people out to be harmless I’m staying out of the other shit but I wouldent make ryan brown or his girlfriend to be anything but scum either

    3. Jimmy C.

      Yo Maurice, your girl looks like a stripper I used to fuck from Centerfolds, tell Diamond I said hmu haha you fag. How’s my cock taste bitch.

      1. Johnny5

        Megan Tangaro is a hoe and this dude is a geek, he’s marrying the first piece of pussy he ever got

    4. Murder max

      Done is a secret group on Facebook. Not a “public forum” FYI but seems you could fuck up a wet dream

      1. Gtizzle

        Oh, so you’re not publicly a racist? That makes it ok then, right? Fucking cunt.

      2. Stu Pidazzo

        I guess it wasn’t all that “secret” since you got outed. Fuck off, ass clown!

    5. Your moms and them

      J. Cole you and Murder Max can suck my motherfucking dick

    6. Big Bubba

      Maurice has a sloping forehead and looks slightly neanderthalish. I’d bet his gene pool is shallower than the kiddie pool at the water park, so he ought to shut his cum catcher and go rub one out to his dad’s National Geographic magazines.

      Also, diesels is slang for heroin, so he’s probably a worthless junkie to boot.

    7. Nope

      Might want to read up on your sources, Ryan Brown is a theif and if you’re getting your info from him or his girlfriend, I’d take what they’d have with a grain of salt. Myself and friends have personally had our property stolen from him.

      1. Neal rigger

        Ryan brown is a dope feen and try’s to sell the baby formula for dope money. Kids a scumbag loser get yours facts straight people

    8. Angelina

      The worst part is moe is cape verdean himself so he’s just a boushy ass nigger himself lmfao

    9. Chip Striker

      Ryan Brown and his chick could be scum, but why make fun of the young girl?

    10. LocalYokel

      That Maurice dude looks like the most closeted homosexual I’ve seen since the mid-to-late ’00’s metrosexual fad.


      Probably all dope fiends. Doesn’t justify racist remarks about a little kid. Regardless of anything the adults do. Even Scarface didn’t mess with the kids. Idiots. I love how posts like these can bring the spotlight of inner/outer ugliness of entire shitty social circles to random people not even involved.


      It looks like he tried the club/gym scene phase but it got overran with the junkie hillbilly phase.

    13. Ryan brown

      The past is the past that baby was conceived during a cuckhold (a sexual fetish/fantasy of mine) had no idea she would get pregnant regardless no one should talk about my daughter like that! It’s just wrong!

    14. Cm

      I gotta have it to you Bart, owning a business (Nicolo Carpentery) and posting shit like this on Facebook. I hope your business allowed you to bank some cash, cuz as soon as this shit goes viral, good luck getting another job. Karma is a bitch, Kudos TBS for putting this group of scumbags on blast. Personally I hope you give each of these guys a full piece.

    15. Cm

      B Nicolo Carpentry
      (860) 228-1111

      Incase anyone needs work done or wants to say hello to a racist scumbag


        Haha I love it

    16. mystressovmayhem

      I don’t give a rat’s hairy ball sack what her parents have done. Who they fucked when for how many cookies either. That’s a little girl! You want to go after them bring it, but going after an innocent little girl makes you look like a pussy assed bitch! Of course if the parents are as bad as some say, one has to wonder why the little girl is all that was chosen to talk shit about. Leave the damned kids alone!

    17. Berkley Survivor

      I grew up in the same town as this asshole and he was a piece of shit as a kid too. He has a son that he never even took care of and never even seen. His sister announced on Facebook that he used to rape her. He will forever be a loser.

    18. Cumdrop

      Any of you boyz wanna practice making another mixed baby hmu lmk

    19. Anti White Trash Brigade

      These white trash idiots on here defending themselves by trashing the parents?! Your making it worse. I don’t give a FUCK if they stole from your 80 year old granny… you don’t say that shit about their daughter for one and second, talk like a racist piece of shit unless you want your face kicked in. Hope you all lose your jobs due to these “FB warrior posts” Pussies.

    20. The Executioner

      Karma says that this butthole will have a daughter that gets pregnant by some flat-brimmed Bulls fan of African descent…and then things come full circle.

    21. Joel

      No one has ever heard of talking mad trash before???!!!!
      And this is after the “mom” was caught trying to break into Maurice’s personal truck at Walmart.

      I don’t blame him for talking shit at all. Only scum steal.

    22. BostonBrawlerSouthShoreChapter

      Wow, I know who this dumbass is and I already know a handful of dudes already looking for him. Lol this dude is about to get his shit stomped in badly, hope he’s enjoying his last few hours eating solid food. I’m not kiddin either, these dudes aren’t joking and they are no joke, they’re looking for him and when they find him, holy fuck, it’s gonna be bad. I’d feel bad if he wasn’t a bigotrous piece of shit, but he is, and he’s about to be unrecognizable to anyone that knows him. Wish I was could be there to see it too, lol thinking about it makes me laugh bc this dude is and always has been a giant fucking tool. Can’t wait to hear he got this absolute shit kicked out of him.

      1. The guy that commented above me sucks cock

        No they won’t you are a pussy just as well as the rest of those big lipped cocksuckers your lucky I don’t whip the piss out of you ya fuckin coon

        1. Bosto—ehJustWantToLaughAtTheMouthBreatherAboveMe

          Aaahhhaa I’m not African American first, second your a big tough guy eh? I’m just going to let you know that not on your best day could you whoop me on my worst, but whatever makes you sleep better lol. And last, I could care less about this Duden and what he said, he made his own bed, I just figured I’d shout out a warning that people are looking for him lol. Not me looking for him. Clever name too lol that’s all have a wonderful evening of sitting at your computer searching pot hub till 3am. Nighty night, smooches!

        2. Someone Pound this douche...

          Shut up Maurice. Your ghettoism is showing….

    23. Martin Luther king

      I had a dream

    24. Tired of Don't Snitch Pussies

      Self-loather. This guy’s obviously half black. The dark skin, the hair and hair line, and that name! When’s the last time you met a white guy named Maurice?

      1. That guy there

        He’s portguese… Maurice is a portguese name.

        1. Laughing at You

          Oh yeah? Didn’t realize Maurice is portagee for pussy. Is he named after Maurice Gibbs?

    25. Kris

      Has anyone sent this to his employer? Or any of these 3 guys’ employers? The harassment alone turns anyone off, but evidence of racism is a fireable offense. Most companies, especially with everything in the media nowadays, don’t want to be associated with racist individuals.

    26. Barry Baker

      Yo, lay off Maurice, man! He and me are best buds. We like to go around sucker punching bi-racial girls with epilepsy.

    27. Ryan brown

      I’m Ryan brown and I don’t know what all the fuss is about the kid ain’t mine

    28. Bill harvey

      That was some funny reading. Murder max moe let y’all have it. This made giggle like a school girl

    29. MsAngelinaReigns

      @biggy bigz whoever u r, shame on u for dragging me into this dumb ass shit, stop sharing my images at once I own them u do not. I do not need to defend myself against your ignorant remarks, I’m mixed n I embrace it, I have friends of all races who’s only opinion of me matters, so I suggest u grow the fuck up realize the law, and realize how ignorant n dumb u look for trying to drag me into something that has nothing to do with me at all, they r all wrong, n Mr Brown n his gf should b ashamed of themselves I lost my kids 4 much less than grand larceny n I’d give anything to have them back that’s just disgusting, but there was no need dragging someone’s child into it regardless of whatever remarks me brown made about Megan she is an adult n can so the idoicy in the argument in the first place, they all need to grow the fuck up b4 the state is oon your door step taking your children away based on false accusations or true ones whatever the case may b

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