MIAA Refuses To Reschedule Methuen-Chelmsford Baseball Game, Kids Must Skip SAT’s, Graduation So MIAA Can Make More Gate Revenue

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As part of our ongoing crusade against the MIAA, TurtleBoy Sports brings you the latest shenanigans of the “self-governing”, self-serving bunch of dooshnozzles who sit upon the thrones of the mighty in Franklin. We encourage that if you do go to an MIAA game you REFUSE to pay. Click here for tips to get into MIAA games for free. 

Boston Herald:The Division 1 North baseball final is currently scheduled for Sunday night at Fraser Field. Andover knows it will be there. What remains to be seen is whether the Golden Warriors will have an opponent. Both Methuen and Chelmsford have threatened not to appear for Saturday morning’s semifinal contest at 10 A.M. The crux of the argument is the fact that a combined 10 players on both teams will be taking their SATs at the same time, combined with the fact that Chelmsford High graduates at 4 p.m. “Right now there is no change,” said Methuen coach Eric Cyr. “It’s disappointing for everyone that the MIAA is taking a hard line and not changing the game.”Right now, according to Cyr, unless something changes, LeLacheur will play to an empty house Saturday morning. Will update as soon as we hear from Chelmsford officials, the MIAA and Genualdo.


Barstool wrote about this earlier today and Portnoy couldn’t figure out why they were doing this:

There is no rational explanation as to why not to move it except they just want to be hardos about it.

That’s because Portnoy’s a fucking idiot and another example why Barstool should stick to making me “Guess That Ass.” If he was a literate human being he would’ve seen this in the article from the Herald:

“As athletic directors, we do have to think on our feet at times,” said Methuen athletic director Jim Weymouth. “Since Andover was playing on Wednesday, it’s only a one-day advantage and it’s really not that big of a deal. They told us if we played on Tuesday, they would have to play the game in Lynn and we would not get a big crowd. I told them people who want to see the game are coming regardless. We played Lynn Classical in football down there and had more than 300 people at the game.

See Davey, there is a really rational reason. The MIAA is a bunch of crooks that wants to make money. That’s all they give a shit about and all they’ve ever given a shit about. Ya see if they played on Tuesday in Lynn like the coaches wanted, instead of playing on Saturday in Lowell, then Bill Gaine believes less people might show up because it takes 43 minutes to get from Chelmsford to Lynn

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 11.20.05 PM

and 39 minutes to get from Methuen to Lynn

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 11.27.52 PM

but it only takes 18 minutes to get from Methuen to Lowell

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 11.28.05 PM

and 11 minutes to get from Chelmsford to Lowell

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 11.28.20 PM

Think of how moronic this is. Who goes to these games besides students and parents? No one. Newsflash – parents are going no matter where it is. They’d jump on a plane and go to Florida. There isn’t a single parent sitting at home saying, “I really wanna see this game, but it’s just so far away. Guess I’m gonna have to skip Billy’s baseball game, because he’s just not worth the gas money.”

And the students? They’re going either way too. It’s June. No one’s doing any homework on a Tuesday. They don’t care where the game is, they’re going. Well unless it’s on Saturday. Then the hundreds of kids who are taking the SAT’s will definitely not be giving the MIAA the limited money they have from working six hours a week at Market Basket. None of them will be there and the MIAA won’t be able to steal their money in order to finance Bill Gaine’s $138,000 salary.


So ironically the MIAA just fucked itself over in it’s never ending pursuit of the almighty dollar.

But more importantly here the MIAA is proving once again that they don’t give a fuck about kids. They’re a bunch of out of touch assholes who only care about swinging their junk around to show you that they have the biggest cahoonas in the room. Here’s a link to a Boston Globe article that literally kisses Bill Gaine’s ass. Because what else would you expect from the Globe? This is the same newspaper that bought into the PK Subban racist tweet bullshit, only to read Turtleboy Sports and completely change their opinion. Obviously it’s flattering when a major newspaper blatantly plagiarizes you, but you would think they might wanna take their foot out of their mouth one of these days. Here are his career highlights that they mention:

Walter “Butch” Hriniak, who became a legendary athlete at Natick High, was part of the group, tow-headed with a crewcut, and just plain better than any kid in town.

“Every day at Brown School, behind Butch’s house, his father would throw us batting practice,” said Gaine. After a while, the kids had their fill, but not Hriniak. “He’d bat all day. We had to shag the balls he hit.”

Hriniak made it to the big leagues, briefly, with the Braves, and spent decades as a hitting coach with the Red Sox and White Sox. Gaine wound up spending his entire adult life in athletics too, but far from the shine of the big leagues.

On June 30, the 68-year-old Gaine will retire after 33 years as a mover and shaker with the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association, the last 16 as deputy executive director.

Gee golly, isn’t this guy just a genuine slice of Americana? “Tow headed with a crew cut.” I would imagine this was the image the author wants us to develop:

Wayne Jacobson, Rugby, North Dakota ca: 1960

Yup, Bill Gaine is just your average all-American boy who grew up playing stickball with the neighborhood kids before going on to coach the Red Sox and run the MIAA as a “mover and shaker” for 33 FUCKING YEARS!!!

Ya got that? That’s who’s running the show here. Some asshat who has NEVER worked in a school his entire life. Someone who forces schools to give him money so he can pay himself triple what a teacher makes. Someone who has made a career out of running an arbitrary body that is unwilling to compromise. Someone who sits in an office all day in Franklin and thinks of more ways to hurt kids. Someone who is as far removed from children and education as you can possibly be. Is it a surprise that he doesn’t give a fuck if kids have to choose between playing in the biggest game of their lives or taking the most important test of their lives – one that’s required to get into college?

It shouldn’t. Because Bill Gaines doesn’t give a fuck if your kid gets into college. All he cares about is letting the Athletic Directors who pay his salary know who the boss is around these parts. Sure he gets paid $138,000 a year and could easily have just scheduled the game for Tuesday, but that could potentially cut down on gate receipts. And the MIAA doesn’t exist so kids can go to college. It exists to make money, and ironically they can’t even do that right.

As of right now the game is still on for 10. Shame on the spineless Atheltic Director from Chelmsford, Scott Moreau, who refused to do anything about this. Newsflash dooshnozzle – you have the actual ability to force change here. If Methuen and Chelmsford wanted to send a message to the MIAA that they don’t have any right to fuck over kids like this, then they would’ve refused to play in this game. They should’ve hired their own umpires and played the game Tuesday in Lynn as planned. They could call up the MIAA and tell them who won the game and the MIAA could update it on their website. If the MIAA didn’t accept their winner then it would be Andover’s turn to tell the MIAA to go fuck themselves by playing the winner anyway. This is what people with spines do. Athletic Directors have the power to do something about this. Are there ANY Athletic Director’s out there who have the minerals to actually do this? I have faith. We just need less people like Scott Moreau, and more people like Methuen AD Jim Weymouth who actually was willing to go through with the boycott.

Feel free to share your thoughts to keep the conversation going.

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Turtleboy has gone mainstream. Check out our blogs for WEEI.COM’s Dennis & Callahan’s Producer’s Blog
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