Michael Sam Emasculated Johnny Manziel By Sacking And Taunting Him With His Own Money Sign

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Tomorrow you will be reading this, and BY FAR the biggest story on the internet and TV will be this play of Michael Sam sack-lunching Johnny Rookie Bitch in the Cleveland Browns-St. Louis Rams preseason game.

Do you undersize how big of a chub ESPN just got watching that? A GIGANTIC chubbah!!!! And why wouldn’t it? Who doesn’t wanna watch a bunch of guys, who are about to be cut on two teams that haven’t made the playoffs in the same year since 1989, play a meaningless game that no one is watching and the outcome is irrelevant??

But ya know what? We should be talking about this. I know you wanna complain about all the attention given to these two guys, but I’m not gonna lie – I’m entertained by it. I really wanna see how both of these guys do. Think about it. These two guys cut up the SEC, a conference that would probably go .500 against the AFC East if the Patriots weren’t in it. You’ve got your conference defensives player of the year in Sam, and your Heisman Award winner in Manziel. Both led teams to BCS bowls.

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But for some reason Sam was a seventh round pick and Johnny Rookie Bitch was a first round pick. I dunno, I’m not a scout or anything, but I don’t give a shit what Michael Sam’s vertical leap and 40 yard dash time are. I mean, I do care a little bit, but you don’t not only survive in the SEC, but DOMINATE it, and then get told that you don’t deserve to be on an NFL team.

Meanwhile JRB is obviously showing us time and time again that his NFL career ain’t gonna be a long one. I’ve never seen someone so unqualified for a job. I’m not the most mature guy in the world, but even I know that this guy is about ten years away from being emotionally ready to play in the NFL. His mind is obviously still in college mode. On the weekends he’s thinking about booze and making out with women who don’t love him. He really thinks that football is just something you do. Like he’s gonna roam around in the pocket, evading tacklers and finding guys in the end zone. Then he’ll win everything and the next day he goes out and gets wasted.


That’s the plan in his mind. I dunno if Michael Sam is just better than everyone thought, or if JRB is THIS bad. But if there is no longer any doubt whether or not an openly gay dude like Michael Sam can emasculate someone like Johnny Rookie Bitch by sacking him and then using his money celebration against him.

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