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Moms Of The South Shore: Brainwashed Cult Of Facebook Mean Girl Nazis With LuLaRoe Dictator Who Uses Them For GoFundMe Scams For Free Florida Trips

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A while back I asked the Turtle riders for their recommendations for the most dramatic Facebook groups. I was just curious, ya know? We always want to be up to date on everything, especially scams, and like to be able to give you guys the best. About 24 hours after I asked the question – this woman named Ashley Brady McGrath, from Halifax,  popped on my radar for the first time ever. After researching her I’m shocked she hasn’t been written about before. She looks totally stable.

Almost like she would pull a knife on you if you farted near her without announcing it first. Totally a stage nine tweaker.

We may have found the greatest con artist of all time by posing a seemingly meaningless question on our Facebook page. If someone gets defensive about absolutely nothing it tends to be a giant red flag in my eyes.

It seems that someone recommended her group, Moms of the South Shore, as the most dramatic. She, in turn, sent a vicious group of frothing suburban mothers after the person who recommended it.

Then, she made a post in her little group, MOTSS, about it being in lock down from now on. She made the group secret. Announced she was not allowing new members. She went on to ban the women who posted the screenshots to our page and to make fun of the ones who commented anywhere near it.

Yes, a virtual face slap. How restrained of you.

When I asked Ashley about it, under the TBS account, her response was “she knew what she was doing.” Implying that this woman knew there would be consequences. Some could say you did too, psycho.

They did have some pretty spot-on theories about who we are though!

There are thirteen of us. Most of us are chicks. However, everyone is Turtleboy.

Congratulations for putting yourself on our radar.

Now, I’ve never been one for Mom’s groups. Being a mother of three I’m added to them constantly and tend to promptly remove myself. I had never even heard of this one. I always found them to generally be catty places for birth-givers to roll around in self-righteousness. A place to make yourself feel better about giving your life up to small humans who are thankless. Being a mother doesn’t make you special. The world doesn’t revolve around your kids. It’s not some fucking sisterhood. We all do our best to not raise assholes and life goes on. Mom groups are a breeding ground for snowflakes. Homey don’t play dat.

However, you guys will not believe this fucking woman that rose from that status update. She actually believes that she can keep a group of bored housewives under her thumb.

She punishes anyone who takes screenshots of her group, will talk shit about anyone who breaks one of her hysterical rules, and waits for her fan club to go after anyone who crosses her.

She does all this while preaching her disdain for drama. It’s laughable. I’ve never seen anyone with crazier eyes in my life. Someone actually decided to knock this thing up. Willingly.

The groupthink clique mentality is really something else and I’ve never seen it more prevalent than in Ashley’s creepy cult. You guys should read this article on how fear and exclusion can cause entire groups of people to follow the herd. 

I guess I’m just very confused how a dullard, who can’t tell the difference between “to” and “too,”  can brainwash an entire group of grown women. I guess you don’t have to be smart in order to be a weird dictator.

Well,  Ashley must have pissed off a whole flock of hens, because my inbox has recently been booming with screenshots of her insanity. Let me tell ya, there is no such thing as privacy on the Internet. No matter how many fits you throw, how many people you stomp on, it’s impossible.

Turtleboy is always watching.

Bug-eye Barbie runs her brainless mom’s group with fear and mean girl tactics. If you don’t agree with her then she will delete you from the page and then talk shit about you to 15k of your neighbors.

She’s a real treat.

I have to laugh. A good portion of her “club” are Turtle riders. Why? Because women between 25-40 are our biggest demographic. They love judging other people. It was just a matter of time until a handful of them staged a coup and revolted against Ashley. You can only be a fugly Regina George so long before the someone comes to mow you down.

Now, the reason why Ashley doesn’t want us to expose her group is because it’s all she has. It’s a giant racket for her and anyone she deems worthy. Ashley knows that Turtleboy exposes cons. We just had no idea how long this con was. MOTSS is a meal ticket for anytime Ashley, or one of her ass-kissers, needs money.

She thinks so highly of herself that she believes that she should get paid to run a Facebook group.

LOL. She was actually serious! Worst business plan of all time. From what my sources tell me, this is the second time that she has tried to charge for membership.

So, when that doesn’t work, because people call her out on the con, she spends her time doing pretend charity and then asking people to give her money for “all her hard work.”

Newsflash, Queen crazy eyes, charity is a somber and quiet practice, if your heart is in the right place. You don’t do it for reward. Charity, itself, is the reward. The group actually did donate some money to a needy girl once and she called Fox 25. The chick in need looked mortified she was being made a spectacle of.

The only service you’re providing is being a part of a clique and thinking its your own (albeit utterly repugnant) kingdom.

Ashley actually went as far as to guilt these women in to paying her cash, through HER PayPal, to send her family to Disney!

When she wasn’t scrounging up enough cash from her members to pay for plane tickets – she would have her friends post guilt messages to raise the funds for her. Give me money or I’ll stop being on Facebook all day. Wow. That’s rich. It’s easy to see that nobody loves Ashley more than Ashley.

She can’t even take a piss in her own house without a picture of herself staring back at her.

Look at these dullards just falling all over themselves to throw cash at Skeletor! Do I fit in now? Are we friends?! Barf.

No, Brianna, you can’t ask that question. Why would you even think for a moment that Ashley wants to give money to go to a real charity? You know what’s more important than cervical cancer? Free vacations and gas money for all her “hard work.” As long as it’s one of the “in” clique it’s fine. Don’t think of asking her to extend her hand to your foundations.

This next one was an actual GoFundMe from a family she approved… and Ashley diverts people from donating directly to Heather and has them go to HER baby registry and HER PayPal. Sure, that doesn’t sound sketchy.

Maybe use all these giving women for a chance to do some good? Nah. She doesn’t want people to get taken advantage of …. lol.

Or Ashley will vaguebook about your requests for pediatric cancer baskets because she’s sick of all the requests. She’s only one person, you know! More like she won’t fit in to those PJs you want to send the sick kids.

This is real life! 

She’s milking all these ninnies to fund her vaca (and not cancer) but she’s got enough money to have a whole closet full of $30 a pop leggings though.

Which she admits she paid retail for.

That’s $900 in camel-toe pants. Yes, she is clearly struggling.

Notice how all the money is donated to HER account. Not a single one of them has asked to see proof of what was raised and if it all made it to the intended target. She even used her own baby registry, adding more stuff that the parents didn’t ask for, to have it sent to her own house. Where are the receipts?

Buy the stuff and ship it directly to her. The intended target has no idea it’s coming. Sure, that doesn’t sound sketchy at all.

If you question her for even a moment about why she doesn’t deserve your cash she’s going to kick you out and make fun of you in a new post. How dare you question her scam.

Anyways, back to those $900 in leggings:

Lort help ya if you make a post making fun of a pattern she’s wearing because she, and the lunatic posse of righteousness, will come over to your page and tell you how stupid you are for having your own opinions.

But only when she makes a post to all her members making fun of you and your kids. After all, she gets paid to cut the hair of autistic children (which she says the leggings are for) and so you shouldn’t judge her or dislike her pants. She’s going to go to your personal page to tell you why you should be ashamed of yourself for having an opinion.

Get that? Someone reported this chick to Ashley. Ashley makes a post (now deleted) crying about how someone didn’t like her pants, they block the person from responding, attack her on her personal page, and continue to coddle Ashley on the mom’s group.

BTW those leggings are about as fuck ugly as you and the way you treat people.

Now, this broad is so paranoid that the Turtle has infiltrated her realms, she’s punishing everyone who crosses her. She’s clearly shown she has the brain cells of a turnip. I wonder how she, and her sheep, would feel if they knew that one of their own moderators was sending us screenshots to try and get us to blow up one of their anonymous posters that they seem to covet so much.

Yeah, you heard me. One of your own moderators tried to feed you all to the turtle. Normally, I keep our sources top secret, but the hypocrisy was just too much for me to handle with this one.

Either the moderator is selling them out or they actually tried to use the screenshot to see if there was a Turtle on their page. Either way, one of your leaders, who would get kicked out and shamed like everyone else, submitted one of your anonymous questions to Turtleboy for us to laugh at. How does that make you ladies feel?

Oh, did I forget to mention that these women will send all of these super private questions to a girl they barely know? All so she can ask the group what they think anonymously. People actually think she keeps the secrets. Adultery, fighting family members, awkward situations, financial woes, molestation. You name it. Ashley has dirt on everyone. They literally hand over their deepest, darkest, secrets to her in an effort to fit in.

It’s like Jim Jones with tits. Anyone else want some Kool-Aid or are we off sugar this week?

All of you are being played for an ego trip and free vacations. You’re a cash cow. Have I opened your eyes yet?

Here is some more craziness:

Now, what’s going to happen here is that Ashley is going to have a total meltdown because we just called her out for being a fake-bitch. She’s going to start back tracking.

There are going to be a ton of members that tell her we are just mean assholes with no lives. They’ll dig for who I am. Who we are. I’m sure someone will mention online bulling. They will try and say she does so much good for the community ( by having you donate to her PayPal). They will say that I’m a petty, jealous, bitch. That those who turned her in are the same. She’s going to ban Turtleboy articles on her page even though they have posted every single one of our articles since the dawn of turtle. It’s okay to judge other people but it’s uncool to call them out for being a bunch of hypocrites who fell for a daft hairstylist’s long con.

Ashley is going to make some excuse for her moderator for betraying the “tight-knit” pretend confidentiality and keep her in. It’s not about actually keeping things secret in the group, It never has been, it’s about her blowing smoke up her own ass and feeling faux-powerful.

Then, she’s going to delete a bunch of members, thinking that will block the turtle terrorists.
How many of you are now just staying to sit back and watch? Damn-near all of you. You’ve been waiting for this day to come for a very long time and you’re going to turn on the notifications and enjoy every fucking minute of it. Demographics don’t lie.

But my sources are some of your most active, ass-kissing, members. You don’t know who to trust. They all know how to play the game because of how much they hate her and her entitlement.

I also instructed my moles to defend you as adamantly as they can. So, you’ll never know if those defending you are genuine or throwing off the trail of their own guilt. Even Ashley’s best friends, donation givers, are laughing behind her back. How do I know? Because that’s how cliques work.

If you’ve had a totally insane run in with this girl, and her crew of ass-kissing cronies, I want to hear about it. Don’t worry! Your secret is truly safe with me. I’m going to compile everyone’s stories and throw them in to another blog. Message the TBS page or email SouthShoreTurtleGirl@hotmail.com

Those of you who have been terribly treated – feel free to share this blog on every last community page on the South Shore. Send it national if you want. This blog was for you.

Maybe next time someone will think twice about intimidating someone on my home fucking turf. Don’t poke the turtle.

10 Comment(s)
  • Rick Shaw
    Rick Shaw
    April 30, 2018 at 9:22 am

    Holy overactive Thyroid! This lunatic looks like Garfield. What a shameless douche bag. Asking people to send her stupid family to Disney?

  • Spunky
    April 28, 2018 at 8:32 pm

    Clearly someone from the Coffee Hill Staff forgot to write a return date on this Restart’s weekend pass!

  • Turtleboy sucks
    April 28, 2018 at 12:02 pm

    I don’t care how many writers you have, you all suck. I’m sure you’re all unemployed with too much time on your hands so you go looking for drama to write about. Get a job and do something with your lives instead of being keyboard warriors. You won’t even reveal your own identities, pussies

    • Cuntwrangler
      April 28, 2018 at 2:02 pm

      This is how people with jobs vent now shut the fuck up and wait for your next set of instructions

    • Rick Shaw
      Rick Shaw
      April 30, 2018 at 9:37 am

      Hahaha. Go away lobster eyes. This self-important cult leader thinks she deserves a free ride to Disney just because she runs a twisted FB page? She’s pathetic. I’m sure Turtleboy Sucks is Ashley. Maybe if you had a job or a decent job you could pay your own way to Disney like most people do.

  • Be careful turtleboy
    April 28, 2018 at 9:17 am

    I may or may not have been on a flight from Logan to Atlanta a couple of weeks ago with the leader and when we made eye contact it totally read my thoughts. It knew everything including that I read the other blogs before this one. It would be a mistake to underestimate this one.

  • Mom’s Basement
    April 28, 2018 at 9:10 am

    If it’s possible for an online mom’s group to fall into a synchronized cycle then they must have epic blowouts every month.

  • Kopi Luwak
    April 28, 2018 at 8:08 am

    She has these broads picking the beans out of her crazy civet eyed shit piles.
    Mmmmmm, so good. Best evah, right!?
    I think?
    Don’t you think so?

  • British TG
    British Turtlegirl
    April 28, 2018 at 5:52 am

    The woman is positively certifiable. I wonder if she was always that way or if her role in the group made her feel invincible? She’s like a dictator who is surrounded by ‘yes’ people, and when there is discourse amongst the ranks, they morph into a monster.

  • The Jonestown With Tits Massacre
    April 27, 2018 at 4:51 pm

    This was choice.

    Ashley “Lemur Eyes” Lyn: “I see a target getting placed on my back.”
    Jennifer Maloney McCarthy: “You need to go dark. Fast.”


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