• Moronic Chick Who Doesn’t Realize Sister’s School Is Holding A Fundraiser By Charing $1 To Wear Ripped Jeans Is Also Dating Turtleboy Legend Baby Gangsta

    Moronic Chick Who Doesn’t Realize Sister’s School Is Holding A Fundraiser By Charing $1 To Wear Ripped Jeans Is Also Dating Turtleboy Legend Baby Gangsta

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    More trouble brewing in the Kingdom of Brockton:

    Whoa, kids are being charged money to wear clothes to school? Sounds like quite the scandal. A normal person would figure that something was going on in here, and maybe even ask a question. But in the City of Champions you go right to the Brockton Hub Facebook page first and start slinging mud at the school instead.

    As soon as I saw this I immediately knew what it was – a fundraiser. Had to be. My guess is that the school doesn’t allow ripped jeans, but since ripped jeans are all the rage with kids these days they did a fundraiser where kids can wear ripped jeans if they give $1 to the fundraiser.


    Luckily everyone else was rational and realized that clearly there was more information that wasn’t being presented here. LOL. Just kidding:

    Jacob Tagger isn’t just some run of the mill Brockton sewer guppie. He’s running for Mayor in 2017, just as he did in 2015. He’s a self-described “activist,” who obviously has impeccable instincts. Oh, and his brother is a coke dealer. Good thing he’s rushing to conclusions and feeding into mob hysteria. That’s what good leaders do.

    He wasn’t the only one…

    It’s true. There’s very little difference between a school fundraiser and Aushwitz. It’s pretty much the exact same thing.

    Others said it’s not fair to the poor kids:

    Oh for fuck’s sake. It’s a dollar. A freaking dollar. If you can’t afford a dollar, then you should just give up on life. There’s no hope for you. And the kids who allegedly can’t afford a dollar, can somehow afford ripped jeans, which for some reason cost more money than jeans without holes in them. Because…..priorities.

    Some called it “extortion”

    Because when the mob extorts money from people, they usually just ask for a dollar.

    Then there’s this chick:

    Seven people saw this insanely dumb comment and thought to themselves, “I’m gonna hit the like button anyway.”

    Turns out our instincts were correct – it was indeed a fundraiser day, and the school had sent home fliers to parents so they were aware of it:

    But for some people it’s never enough.

    Hey Jocelyn, the fliers were sent home to parents, and since you’re her sister, that might explain why you didn’t know about it. Just sayin.

    But despite knowing full well how wrong she was, she persisted like Granny Warren, and even started utilizing the caps luck button:

    Oh, and just to show you how bad this poor girl’s instincts are, check out her boyfriend:

    Brandon Jones. Does that name ring a bell? How bout now:

    Yup, it’s Baby Gangsta!! AKA Baby G. The junior hoodrat who stabbed a guy with a switchblade at a Celtics game in March of 2015.

    Reppin the mean streets of Braintree yo!!

    Then again, this is the kind of guy you let inside your penis fly trap when you have instincts like poor Jocelyn Flashner.


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    1. KJDS

      My job has fundraisers like this all the time – “Pay so much $$ and wear jeans all week!!” – what a twit.

    2. Turd Burglestein

      In an unrelated issue my chink friend went to the eye doctor today because he was having trouble with his vision.

      The Doctor said “Oh I see the problem you have a Cadirac” and my friend said “no, I drive a Rincoln.”.

      1. You Suck at Life

        It’s cataract, you dumb fuck… can’t even get the stupid off topic joke right. Die in a fire.

        1. Turd Burglestein

          Whatever, obviously you can’t spell Cadillac. No harm no foul. So hey all jokes aside do like to XBOX?

        2. Turd Burglestein

          Here’s another idea You Suck, why don’t you set your face on fire and put it out with an ice pick!

        3. You Suck at Understanding!

          “You Suck At Life” doesn’t get the joke. Pathetic!

    3. Dipshit Jocelyn!

      Hey Jocelyn,

      How’s that fine upstanding citizen you call a boyfriend doing? Great taste in guys! Until you smarten up and find someone for a boyfriend who isn’t a criminal, then shut your fuckin’ cock-polisher!!!

    4. Savage Squaw Bitch

      That guy looks like a little faggot. Jocelyn sure is a dumb bitch.

      1. BobnMic

        HI there Savage. Welcome to my blog, I really liked your post so do you want to get a private chatroom sometime?

    5. mystressovmayhem

      What a stupid bitch! How about asking? Unless your sister didn’t bring the damned note home cock swallower, Someone in your family knew! Of course maybe they knew and just didn’t tell your ass, because yep…You’re just a sister! The school doesn’t have to tell you shit! Fuck me with this entitlement generation shit!

    6. Jocelyn, You Going Nowhere Fast

      Sounds like Jocelyn never spent much time inside a school. What a fk’n nitwit! Hope she and saggy eyed, soggy brained, Baby G are sterile because that gene pool mix can’t possibly result in anything productive to society. She’s repping Aaron Hernandez. lol And you can always tell the societal dregs when the “in a relationship” status pic is a prison pic. lol

    7. James

      I love your page and what you guys stand for. Keep this shit up. It makes my day.

    8. rollo

      I sort of wish I hadn’t de-friended her on facebook now..

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