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Mr. Last Place Bill Coleman Wants Clemency For Kelley Square Protesters So They Don’t Become “Martyrs”

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MassliveOn Tuesday, two city residents called upon City Council to ask prosecutors to drop disturbing the peace charges against protesters who blocked traffic in Kelley Square in January.

The four protesters, Robert Blackwell Gibbs, Kevin Ksen, Julius Jones and Sonya Conner, are due back in court on July 9. They have each pleaded not guilty to one charge of disturbing the peace. They face a fine if found guilty of the misdemeanor.

The charges stem from a large demonstration on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in which protestors locked arms in Kelley Square and refused to let traffic pass for more than four minutes. 

In April, City Manager Edward Augustus Jr. said the city had tried to reach an agreement with the protestors. The city offered to not file charges if the protesters promised not to block city streets in future protests. The group refused, with some saying the deal was meant to silence their voices.

William S. Coleman III filed an official petition with the City Council on Tuesday asking that all charges against the demonstrators be dropped “as an olive branch to diffuse tensions in our community regarding race and public protest.”

“There is an emotional a balloon in the city of Worcester that is about to burst,” Coleman said.

Coleman was referring to the dialogues on race, which he said were slow to start, but now that people have gotten comfortable with each other, real discussions are about to start.

About 280 people attended Monday’s meeting on education, he noted.

He was joined by Idella Hazard, who said if they were “her children, she would be proud of them.”

The protestors were “expressing their voice sand their freedom,” and while they “may have gotten a tiny bit rambunctious,” they caused no damage, nor harm, she said.

Hazard attributed the dialogues on race directly to the protest, saying the city “should be proud of them” and that they “should be honored, not criminalized.”

“The city of Worcester owes these young men. Let’s extend an olive branch,” she said.

Coleman said he sees beyond the label of protestors and demonstrators to the quality of people being charged. He sees a veteran, a poet, a college professor, a father, a youth worker and a community activist who works with labor, he said.

The racial tension in the city is such that “the bubble is ready to burst,” he added.

“You have the potential to make them martyrs, when you really don’t need to,” Coleman said, adding that dropping charges would not only save the taxpayers money, but “might be a nice way to diffuse some of (the racial) issues.

“Everybody has made their point and learned the lessons they had to learn,” Coleman said. “We know what happened, we get the point. Let’s move on.”

Ultimately, Mayor Joseph Petty said the council has no authority in the matter at his point and the request was filed.

Martyrs? Martyrs? Umm newsflash – martyrs die. That’s a pretty big part of being a martyr. If these four clowns are found guilty then they have to pay a fine. Which is apparently the same exact thing as the guillotine to these hippies.What is Billy Coleman smoking? Get me some of that good stuff pronto!!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – these are the fakest protesters in the history of the protest game. You know you did something illegal. That’s what made the whole thing appealing. You couldn’t get our attention from legal rallies because no one gives a shit what you have to say, so the only way you could get our attention was by breaking the law and taking away our freedoms. You KNEW that. That’s WHY you did it. Just own it, say your peace, and move on with your hippie lives.

Let’s start with the most obvious thing here. Ed Augustus offered them a get out of jail free card and they didn’t take it. All they had to do was pinky swear never to block traffic again and things would be all set. But they couldn’t do that, because they’re literally the most stubborn people on earth. They just don’t have it in them to compromise. They’re right. Everyone else is wrong. So they can’t give in.


I wonder if they realize that no one of any importance has their backs. Maybe Sarai Rivera, but that’s about it. They had a potential ally in Petty and Augustus, but they wouldn’t cop to their plea agreement so now they’ve burned that bridge too.

So who do they got left besides Old Man Gordy and the Sunshine Kid? Bill freaking Coleman. The guy who invented last place. Billy is running for City Council in November. It’s a semi-annual tradition like none other. He’s run before, finishing 8th in 2013:

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 1.06.42 PM

9th in 2011:

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.35.30 AM

11th out of 11 in 2007:

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.36.47 AM


8th in 2005:

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.37.13 AM

7th in 2003:

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.37.54 AM


8th out of 8 in 2001:

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.38.43 AM

9th in 1997:

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.41.12 AM


11th in 1995:

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.42.11 AM

and 8th in 1991:

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.43.23 AM

Hasn’t even come close to winning yet. He’s like the Worcester version of Ralph Nader. Sure, some hippies will have his back, but ultimately he’s here for our amusement. The only thing more depressing than Bill Coleman’s finishes in City Council races is the fact that Jordan Levy was the top vote getter in 1991 with over 20,000 votes, and the top vote getter in 2013 couldn’t even get 9,000 votes.

But that’s only because up until this point people haven’t found a reason to vote. But now we’ve got property taxes through the roof (no pun intended), an incompetent moron running the schools, and a never ending threat of hippie blockades if we don’t give into their demands (whatever those demands are). So people ARE going to show up to vote in November, and they’re gonna vote the Turtleboy ticket, which will be announced next month.

So enjoy your last few months with your cronies in charge hippies. Because all you’ve got left is Bill Coleman. But hey, maybe 10th time’s a charm!!!

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 1.21.39 PM

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11 Comment(s)
  • oneopinion
    June 20, 2015 at 1:45 am

    If they do get fined then RBG can for once in his life give back a very small portion of what his life costs the good people.

  • jroux
    June 18, 2015 at 2:20 pm

    turtleboy is just a conservative propaganda blog for white republican teabaggers who live in the fox news bubble to bitch about liberals and their facts and how minorities are “taking over” the city. coleman won’t win but you know who else won’t win, your boy councilor Micheal TEABAGGER Gaffney. i look forward to voting against the turtleboy ticket and seeing your bullshit revolution go down in flames ;}

    • Wabbitt
      June 18, 2015 at 5:41 pm

      I wasn’t aware I was a Republican Tea Bagger. I must be bad at it since I voted for Obama twice, Kerry before that, and Libertarian Harry Browne in 2000. And I voted for Ed Markey twice and Elizabeth Warren once for Senate.

      Man… what kind of shitty Tea Bagger am I?

      Might want to grab something to catch your little pea brain since I just BLEW YOUR MIND.

      • jroux
        June 19, 2015 at 9:19 am

        ohhhhhhhhhhh shit my mind is so fuckin blown right now!!!!!!! cause you know, a silly wabbitt told me who he voted for even though theres no way i can fact check that. guess ill just have to take that one on faith. ;}

        • Finnish Goalie
          June 19, 2015 at 9:21 am

          I’ll have to have faith that you’re even a resident to vote.

        • Wabbitt
          June 19, 2015 at 5:37 pm

          Well, seeing as how you have nothing to say, I’m going to guess that you’ve never voted once in your life. Whereas I have voted in every election since I turned 18. Mostly Democrats or Libertarians, but Republicans quite a bit as well. Including Baker for governor last year. Because I, unlike you apparently, actually look at all the issues instead of just blindly voting for one party.

          I’ll let Chris Rock sum up my thoughts on the armed camp mentality of American politics.

  • RealYank
    June 17, 2015 at 4:41 pm

    Bill Coleman is the coward that called out Turtleboy, claiming a former school community member is the mother of all turtles.

    • TurtleBoySpurts
      June 17, 2015 at 6:25 pm

      Of course, this genius meant “committee”, not “community”. And, of course, Bill Coleman was right.

  • RSoxGuy
    June 17, 2015 at 4:38 pm

    #1 – In order to be a martyr, people have to give a shit about you and your cause. Nobody does.

    #2 – They had the opportunity to have the charges dropped but instead they acted like asshats thus they will pay the price and no 7th rate wanna be local loser can change that. Ask Old Balls and Ksen. They cant get shit done either. Even Sonya has ditched them and gone with her own lawyer and swears she wasnt even there. Some loyal movement indeed.

  • Sam Burnside
    June 17, 2015 at 2:59 pm

    Any relation to Gary Coleman?

  • RJ
    June 17, 2015 at 2:24 pm

    No, going forward with charging people with a misdemeanor doesn’t make them martyrs. That’s just stupid. If you break the law, you get the punishment. That’s sorta the deal with this thing I like to call “society”. If you let them off the hook, it only emboldens these fools to keep doing it because, hey, no consequences.

    For evidence that the charges have at least made some kind of difference, they haven’t tried to block anything since they were filed. Well, except for a parking garage that no one was going into anyway. Heh.

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