New England Patriots Overcome Bieber, Refs, Beach Chargers, Get Ready For Seahawks Or Packers In Super Bowl

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Question – what would be a better Super Bowl? Patriots vs. Packers or Patriots vs. Seahawks? Because those are pretty much the only possible Super Bowl combinations right now. Both would make for orgasmic viewing. No guarantee we would win either one, but after seeing what the Pats did to the San Diego Chargers I think we can all agree it’s impossible for the Patriots not to at least get to the Super Bowl.

Don’t let the 23-14 score fool ya. At no point was that game ever in doubt. It was an absolute white-washing ON THE ROAD against a team that is probably in the upper third of the NFL. We had 24 first downs, they had 13. We had nearly 400 yards of total offense, they barely had 200. They scored ONE touchdown on our defense.

The Pats basically had to overcome two things to win this game:

1) The fact that they were obviously cursed by their interaction with Justin Bieber:

Gronk meets Bieber

Because when you come that close to the antichrist only bad things can happen. This explains why the Chargers were able to get out to a 14-3 lead by returning a fumble for a touchdown:

patriots memes

2) The refs making maybe the most atrocious naniburger call in the history of football:

That’s the only reason that a team like San Diego can play with the Patriots – the refs literally taking a fairly earned touchdown away from them with an imaginary penalty that never happened. The threw that flag for three reasons:

1) Green’s head violently whipped backwards so they came to the conclusion that the only way that was possible was because Brandon Browner used his helmet to hit him in the head.

2) Green didn’t get up.

3) It’s Brandon Browner. Anyone who has ever played for Pete Carroll is assumed to be a dirty, dirty juicehead. And rightfully so too. But it was obvious to anyone that Browner intentionally went out of his way to move his head so as to play nice-nice and follow the NFL rules. Assuming he’s guilty because of his past associations basically makes this the NFL’s version of “stop and frisk” profiling. If you played for Pete Carroll then you are guilty until proven innocent.

Pete Carroll memes

Look, I get why the NFL is trying to protect players from vicious thugs like Bernard Pollard, but this is taking it too far. They see someone get JACKED UP and throw the flag instincitvely. Doesn’t matter if he hit him helmet to helmet. The fact is that he got hit and didn’t get up. Therefore it’s a penalty.

It’s also a joke that it’s not reviewable. Ummm, that play kind of mattered. Pretty simple to take two seconds and realize they completely screwed up the call and reverse it. Luckily none of it mattered because the Patriots could do whatever they wanted to do whenever they wanted to do it.

I also love the fact that all of a sudden we have the best secondary in the NFL. I knew Darrelle Revis was one of the best cover corners in the NFL and I knew that Brandon Browner was gonna bring the pain. Think of what a perfect combination that was. There’s no reason to throw on us anymore. Either Revis is gonna knock it down or Browner is gonna knock you out. You can’t win.

But I had no idea Devon McCourty was that fast and that this unit would play so well together. How is anyone supposed to pass against these guys? That’s why I’m hoping we face Seattle in the Super Bowl instead of Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers is a formidable foe. Russell Wilson is not.

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