Nine Year Old Girl Suspended For Shaving Her Head To Support Best Friend Who Has Cancer

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“A 9-year-old girl was barred from coming to school after she shaved her head in support of her best friend, who has a form of childhood cancer. Her elementary school says shaved heads violate its dress code.

Kamryn Renfro chopped off her braids after her friend Delaney Clements, 11, lost her hair due to chemotherapy for her neuroblastoma.

“It felt like the right thing to do,” Kamryn told Grand Junction, Colo., news station KUSA.

But her school, Caprock Academy, says it’s a clear violation of the dress code, which is designed to “promote uniformity.” Kamryn’s mom sent an email explaining the situation, but she was told Kamryn couldn’t return to school until she grew her hair back or wore a wig.

“It makes me sad because she was really happy to go back to school and show people what she did, but now that she didn’t get to, she’s kind of sad,” Delaney said.

The school’s headmaster has agreed to let Kamryn return to school Tuesday, and the board of directors will meet Tuesday night to discuss the situation and the policy.

Update: Kamryn is back in class today. The school told a local news station they’re happy to have her back. The board of directors will proceed with its scheduled closed meeting about the dress code tonight.”


This isn’t real right? I usually don’t like Hitler comparisons, but even that guy let people shave their heads. What exactly was the thought process here? Sure it’s nice that this girl is against cancer, but what about kids who are in favor of cancer? What about THEIR FEELINGS!!??? 

Pretty simple solution for every parent that wants to get back at these idiot administrators: have your kid wear a ridiculous wig to school. Apparently that’s not against the dress code. Boom. Problem solved.

So my first reaction was probably similar to yours after reading about this – what the fuck is wrong with people?? I mean, are you trying to make national news or something? If you’re the administration at this school don’t you kind of see the backlash coming here? How did they picture this one playing out exactly? The Mom would just be cool with her kid getting suspended for supporting her friend with cancer? They honestly thought Mom would look at this punishment and say, “That’s tough, but fair. As long as it’s in the handbook, I am OK with this punishment.”?


If they don’t know, now they know. Because evidently the school did the common sense thing that they probably should’ve done in the first place.

Now at first I only wanted to blame the school, but they’re not the only ones at fault here. Don’t get me wrong, they were COMPLETELY in the wrong, but the mother of this kid kind of got what she asked for. These kids go to a charter school. I’m sorry, but I have ZERO sympathy for one of these parents who takes their tax dollars out of a public school, which MUST educate everyone who walks in the door, transfers them to a charter school that “succeeds” because it chooses who can go there, and then COMPLAINS when the charter school doesn’t let their kids’ express themselves.

You know how I can tell this Mom is someone I wouldn’t get along with? She named her daughter “Kamryn.” That sounds like it should be the name of someone from The Hunger Games. 

Seymour Skinner

Charter schools get to do whatever they want – as long as they keep churning out good test scores. And good test scores are all that matter in life. They can make up whatever moronic rules they want, designed to drive out kids who will question authority and thus bring test scores down. Seriously though, charter schools have to be one of the top five scams ever pulled on the American public. They’re owned by people who are trying to profit and wanna kill teacher’s unions. The fact that I haven’t opened up my own charter school yet is simply unforgivable. Anyone wanna go in the charter school business with me?

Despite the fact that this woman clearly knew what she was getting herself into by sending her kid to this school of morons, the majority of the blame still lies squarely on the shoulder of administrators. Is there anyone with less common sense than administrators? Every time you turn on the news another one of these nudniks is making a name for themselves by making some kind of idiotic decision like this.



Dingleberries like this are the reason I could never become a teacher, and don’t know how you people do your job. I don’t trust anyone that becomes a school administrator. You know why? Because they’re in education for the wrong reasons. They want two main things: 1) More money, and more importantly 2) More power. Why? Because no one listens to them in the real world on account of they’re own idiocy. So they go into administration where everyone MUST listen to you. Or else.

Some people are bitching about “zero tolerance” policies like this. I have absolutely no problem with zero tolerance if it’s used for the right reasons. For instance, schools these days are too afraid of suspending kids because they might get sued by the NAACP or get yelled at by President Obama in his next State of the Union, for not “keeping kids off the streets.” But they shouldn’t be. If a kid yells at a teacher – boom, suspended.


Instead nowadays little Junior gets to talk to the school shrink about his feelings, and what caused him to act out like this. Who gets screwed in the end? Everyone else who has to be around these little dooshnozzles.

This is a scenario where zero tolerance is a good thing. You broke a rule, and you were an a**hole about it. Now you get the mandated zero tolerance punishment. But that’s not the case with this girl. She’s not an a**hole; she’s a sweetheart. No one was offended by what she did and no one got hurt. If anything people were touched by her compassion and love for her friend. THIS is where you push zero tolerance to the side. But then again that requires you to have a brain, which the majority of administrators simply don’t have.


It doesn’t matter that the school rules “promote uniformity.” That’s a stupid rule, and stupid rules should be ignored. You wanna make people wear uniforms? Cool, you’re not the first. But suspending a girl who made a really mature decision to support her potentially terminal friend? If that’s a violation of the rules, then I would expect any rational human being to look the other way.

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4 Comment(s)
  • March 26, 2014 at 11:48 pm

    So yea, we can be rich. Let’s do it. TurtleBoy Sports Academy of Knowledge, Arts, and Science Innovation Facility.

    • YeeeaaahhStan
      March 27, 2014 at 12:12 am

      Turtleboy Academy of Hottakes

  • John
    March 26, 2014 at 11:35 pm

    Are you sure that sending your kid to charter schools pull the money out of the public system? It doesn’t work that way for private schools. Part 2, I’d love to open a charter school.

    • March 26, 2014 at 11:47 pm

      Oh yea and they pay administrators upwards of $500,000 because they set their own salary. Staff though is a constant turnover of unqualified, naive Teach For America 22 year olds who don’t know that going to college and getting a $30,000 salary with no job protection is really, really stupid.

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