North Carolina School Biology Test Asks Students If “LaShonda” Will Pass Her Big Booty Traits Onto Child “LaPrincess”

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NBC – Officials in a North Carolina school district have pulled a class assignment in a genetics test that referred to a “big bootie.” WBTV in Charlotte reports the test was administered Nov. 3 at Ardrey Kell High School. One question referred to “LaShamanda” with a “big bootie” and her husband Fontavius and his “small bootie.” It said the two had a baby named LaPrincess and asked about the probability that she would have “her mama’s big bootie?” One parent complained, calling the language inappropriate. She said her daughter felt uncomfortable with the question. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Ardrey Kell High School officials said in a written statement the worksheet didn’t appear to be created by the school system and has been removed from circulation. They also said teachers have been asked to stop using it.


This can’t be real right. No way would a big bootie be the dominant allele. Everyone knows big booties like that are hard to find.

Somehow this happened four days ago and I’m just finding out about it now. Ummmm, did the NAACP take a week long power nap or something? How is Al Sharpton letting this one go? Because I remember learning about this stuff in middle school, and usually we just did punnet squares for widow’s peaks and stuff like that. Maybe things have changed since back then, but never did we have to figure out the size of LaPrincess’s booty.

Oh yea, and only ONE parent complained about this? Whoever made this worksheet was obviously trying to be offensive just to see what would happen. And of course the only parent who loves her kid is the one that actually makes sure they do their homework.

I love how at the end the school threw this gem in there –
“They also said teachers have been asked to stop using it.”

What kind of dumbass teacher needs to be told not to ask questions about passing on big booty traits from LaShamanda? Shouldn’t that just be something that comes naturally? Like, if you don’t have the common sense not to make up a worksheet like this, and then have to be explicitly told to STOP using it, then maybe teaching isn’t the best line of work for you.

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  • November 19, 2014 at 9:43 am

    Here’s how much the worm has turned. Back at the onset of this “politically correct” garbage, stuff like this would have been flame-roasted by the Sharptons of the world, and the numbers of parents who were screaming about this would have been astronomical.

    Now, there are people who would have been the ones to be up in arms about this fifteen years ago who actually now see shit like this as being “inclusive.” It’s the Bizarro-world inverse of the logic that said years back that standardized testing was “racist” because every cultural example was based in middle-class white America.

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