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North Shore Eats Part 5: Master Bates Interviews With Turtleboy, Steals $300 From Restaurant, Leaves $4 Tip, Sends Mob After Bank, Tells Advertiser Peabody Cop Says She’s A Crook, Gets Called Out By Cop, Says It Was A Fake Greg Bates Account

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     and part 4.


Before we get into part 5, let me just share with you all a story that someone has come forward with after reading all these other allegations. This has basically turned into Bill Cosby except with gift cards instead of blue pills – all these victims are inspired to come forward:

We confirmed the story. It’s legit. We know where it happened but upon request we won’t divulge. But it happened. And based on all of the things we’ve seen and heard from Greg Bates and his past, it’s entirely believable. It’s also the scummiest thing we’ve read about him to date. This mother fucker extorted $300 worth of gift cards from a new business. He did it deviously and he lied to them about the first card getting stolen. He didn’t even go there for the food to review it, he did it to get drunk. Because he’s probably an alcoholic too, based on what many people (including his ex-wife) have attested to from first hand experience.

Seriously, I’m still mad about this post. A list of the terrible, unforgivable things he did:

  • Used the gift cards before the grand opening as they requested
  • Used gift cards that were not intended for him
  • Conspired to lie to and rip off a local business he pretends to care about promoting
  • Came in right before closing with no regard for the staff, and stayed 2 hours after closing
  • Belittled his waiter for being effeminate
  • Demanded double the value of gift cards because the restaurant is more expensive
  • Told them that one of the gift cards was for the autism raffle, but he ended up using it on booze
  • Tipped the bartender $4 on a $300 tab

What a bag of flaccid penises this troglodyte is.

“Greg is so good in bed.” 


The first time we were ever tipped off about Greg Bates was in early May when Master Bates caused a huge scene on North Shore Eats and used his followers as a weapon to go after TD Bank:

So, just to review:

  • Advertiser gives Greg check for the Autism non-profit, written from her TD Bank account
  • Greg doesn’t have account at TD Bank but tries cashing it there anyway
  • Greg freaks out and calls a standard bank fee “extortion” because evidently he’s confusing TD Bank with a check cashing bodega
  • Greg devises non-sensical, failed attempt at an analogy, in which he for some reason tipped his paperboy $10
  • Greg urges 35,000 people who have never done business with TD Bank to flood their Facebook page with fraudulent one star reviews
  • Greg urges people to flood the phone lines of a legitimate business while they’re conducting normal, routine business with real customers

Yup. This was when a lot of people in that group realized something was not right about Master Bates. First of all, why doesn’t he just deposit the check into his business account? Oh right, he doesn’t have a business account, because he’s just some guy with a Facebook page. And if the check is for ARC, why doesn’t he just send it to them? Why is the middle man cashing a check made out to a charity? How is he even able to cash a check that’s made out to a charity he is not officially affiliated with?

Once again Greg was hiding behind the one thing that he always hides behind when he wants people to think he’s a good guy – Autism. He figures if he keeps mentioning that he’s working to help an Autism foundation no one will suspect him of being a professional con-artist. And it’s worked pretty well. He’s lost a lot of people from his page, but he still has a loyal army of nudniks who refuse to believe that a boy on a turtle is a source of real news. As he states in this post, “my biggest accomplishment is this group has given me the ability to raise thousands for Autism.”

It’s what gets people to keep giving him money and gift cards.

A lot of his lemmings began doing his bidding:

With Master Bates leading the charge:

But leaving bad reviews wasn’t enough for Greg. When people tried to offset his bullshit reviews with a 5 star review, Master Bates started speaking for the group in condemning them:

God I hate this guy. And can someone PLEASE teach him your/you’re? He does it every single freaking time!!

“The post I did today affirms we are all against it.”

No Greg. Most people actually thought you sounded ridiculous for bitching and whining about a standard bank fee for a situation they would never find themselves in. But thanks for appointing yourself the voice the people.

“Looks like we have had our limit with you bankers.”

Does he not know the difference between a banker and someone who works at a bank? Of course he doesn’t. Because he’s a fucking moron, and somehow tens of thousands of dollars flow through his hands and no one started questioning it until now.

Turns out Cody wasn’t the only one who felt this way:

“I’m not one to lay down.”

Oh yea Greg, you’re a regular Ghandi. Notice Erinn’s name is in gray, meaning he kicked her out of the group, likely because she pointed out how stupid he sounded. It’s easy for everyone to have your back when you expel anyone who questions you.

Someone pointed out that it’s inappropriate to use a food review group to organize a mob to attack a business that has nothing to do with food review:

“I I wrote a check to you from my bank I would not expect you to be a member of my bank.”

If I wrote a check to someone I would expect they would deposit that check into their bank account. Because that’s what normal people who aren’t crackmuppets do with checks. Ya know who cashes checks? People who don’t want paper trails. Because if Greg was making money then his ex-wife would get a piece of it and spend it on his kids.

Speaking of, look what he put up on right after he knew we were onto him about the child support:

This tird mongerer puts a picture of a kid who he is intentionally not giving money to the rearing of. He uses his kid as a pawn on his page to try to look like a real Dad. Notice he doesn’t post a picture of him and his son doing something that the boy is interested in. He posts something that is specifically related to Greg’s interests – scamming. This is the value this selfish piece of shit sees in his child. My heart aches for his kids.

Back to the TD Bank incident, check out Master Bates’ response when someone asked him why he was cashing the check to ARC instead of depositing it:

“I’m just wondering if you have raised thousands and thousands too.”

God he’s sick. This is what he does people. People call him out on his scams and the first thing he says is, “I’m a better person than you are because I care about Autistic kids and you don’t.” Has he raised money for the foundation? Yup. But as you will see in Part 6, a good amount of that money is unaccounted for.

Notice that Jen offers to pay the fee if Greg gives her the nonprofit’s information. Of course Greg deflects, doesn’t give her that information, and instead act like he’s the little guy standing up to big banks like he’s the second coming of Granny Warren.

And check out the response to this guy, who was onto his scam much earlier than we were, including the Chrissy Langdon angle:

“I blocked Chrissy Langdon cuz she was a lil too over the top.”

There it is folks. That’s him making it loud and clear that he’s Chrissy Langdon. Chrissy coincidentally supported Greg 100% of the time. There’s nothing Greg loves more than being told what a great guy he is, so why would he ban her? Oh yea, because people were onto him and he wanted to throw them off the scent. He thought kicking her out would make people think that they were different people. He just couldn’t come up with a better lie than “she was a lil too over the top.”

Of course he mixed in the usual lies about not requiring gift cards too. Oh, and bonus points for this line:

“I feel bad for your kids and your poor wife.” – Guy who was sentenced to jail for nonpayment of child support and once kissed his kids goodbye, telling them he was going to commit suicide.

Now let’s talk about the woman who wrote him the check. Gina Goodwin is the owner of a small home based catering organization called G Parties. She was featured in the Patch today. She was extorted for gift cards a while back with the usual sales pitch:

She agreed since everyone else was doing it, and she assumed he was a decent guy.

But she first realized something was screwed up when this nudnik ordered $240 worth of food from her on Christmas Eve, had no intention of paying her, and then didn’t show up anyway:

“Glad to see business is good, it’s about to get even better.”

Translation – “You’re gonna slave away on Christmas Eve to I can eat free food and maybe post about it on my Facebook page. Consider yourself blessed. I’m just that important.”

But notice who he tells her to make out the check to – Suzanna Kosch, his girlfriend. This was the first time we saw him actually demanding cash from advertisers instead of gift cards. And he tells her to stress Autism in her posts on NSE, because hiding behind Autism is what he does best. But yet the check is made out to his girlfriend? Why?

Oh right, because he’s hiding money from his wife and the IRS so he doesn’t have to pay child support or taxes. I forgot.

He goes on to say, “I would still like you to donate to Autism as well.” So he’s charging this woman $150 cash, PLUS more money for his “Autism” fundraisers.

Gina went along with it because she, like many others, was scared of the power he wielded with the mob on his page. She’d seen what he had done to businesses like Hoppy’s, and she didn’t wanna be next. This fears would later be realized when he began to bad mouth her to everyone, including Turtlboy in an exclusive interview.

He was not happy with Gina for writing him a check from her TD Bank account either, and told her she needed to “find a better bank.” But look what else he tells her:

“I am going to say I was trying to cash a check you gave me for the autism fundraiser. I want this on the news.”

And that is EXACTLY what he did:

Except the check wasn’t for the autism fundraiser. He told her to make the check out to him. He conspired to LIE to his followers about raising money for Autism in a post in which he urged a mob to attack a business for a standard fee that he had to pay in order to avoid paying child support or taxes.

Human. Garbage.

But wait, it gets better. Gina, like many others, realized he was insane and defriended him on Facebook. And just like the others who did this, she got an angry message from Master Bates:

First it’s the “I’m so sad you defriended me, but I’m a stand up guy and I wish you will anyway” routine.

And of course he passive-aggressively puts her down too. HE thinks she’s great, but he can’t figure out why everyone else hates her. Including a Peabody Police Officer:

“Officer Harkins insists you’re a crook, and I should remove you from the page and never recommend you”

Yea, this cop wants you gone, but I like you so I think you should stay. See? I’m a GREAT guy!! Fuck 12!!

But here’s the problem – 1) the check didn’t bounce, and 2) SERGEANT Harkins never said that:

Oh. My. God. This was amazing. Didn’t think that was gonna happen, did ya Greg? He figured she’d cry herself to sleep because she got kicked out of his page. Instead she shared it, Harkins ends up seeing it, and Master Bates gets put on blast as the lying, conning maggot he is.

Of course Greg played dumb and said he had a meeting scheduled with the Sgt to figure out the confusion:

But of course this was a lie, because all he knows how to do is lie.

Anyway, Greg actually reached out to us when he heard we were onto him, trying to clear this all up. But he ended up looking much, much worse (drink every time he fucks up your/you’re):

Considered for your family’s safety? You have no family, and you didn’t care about their safety when you were threatening violence around them.

Well Greg, gift cards are a form of payment.

And he’s hiding behind the “I don’t charge restaurants” thing, because G Parties is catering. It’s really just semantics and another con job.

Next we asked him about the cop:

Yup. He’s claiming a fake Greg Bates account messaged Gina and made up a lie that this random Peabody cop was talking shit about her. Obviously this was a lie, but we wanted to catch him in it. And since Master Bates is too stupid to realize that Gina can retrieve past conversations, we had her videotape herself scrolling through the convo, showing the part about Harkins, and then clicking on the link to “Greg Bates” to see where it brought her:

And wouldn’t ya know it – it went straight to his account. Irrefutable proof that it was indeed his account that sent the lie about Sgt. Harkins.

But we held off on showing him that until we could catch him in some more lies:

Oh good, the “autism” check is actually made out to him. And he does have a bank account, he just didn’t wanna deposit it into his bank account because then his kids and Uncle Sam might get some of it.

Notice he keeps talking about how Gina isn’t Safeserve certified. This was the revenge Gina was worried about. Her “business” is more like a hobby. She does some birthday parties here and there but she’s got a full time job. She’s just testing the waters to see if this is something that she could make a living doing. Sure, it’s a little problematic, but this isn’t about Gina. Gina’s not scamming people. Gina’s trying to use her talents to sell food to a couple people here and there to make a couple extra bucks. I don’t give a shit what Gina does, but he kept trying to deflect because he knew we had him.

He kept bragging to us about all the money he’s raised for ARC, like we gave a shit:

Wait….what?? He won’t put money for a charity into his account where there is a paper trail, but he will cash it at someone else’s bank? Oh yea, that clears things up Greg. Keep talking please….

“I donate a lot of my own money to them as well.” Bull. Shit. You have no money.

Now it was time to bring up the video:

This ignorant son of a bitch is STILL saying that it wasn’t his account that sent it. Except the video shows otherwise:

What more do his defenders need to see?? He’s a pathological LIAR!!! Anyone standing up for him should be mocked. Anyone who does business with him is part of the problem. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you if you still give this guy free shit? How obtuse and willfully ignorant do you have to be?

We also asked him about his employment status and child support. He blamed it on fake profiles too:

We don’t even need to revisit all the lies you just read there. You get the point by now.

But as bad as all this shit is, stealing from a charity would be even worse. Stay tuned for Part 6 tomorrow.

6 Comment(s)
  • Screw PC
    June 21, 2018 at 2:08 pm

    This is from the story on Patch.com from yesterday:

    “Goodwin said Bates called her demanding money when her nine-year-old son, who is terminally ill, was being taken by helicopter to a Boston hospital. When she said she was going to take a break from posting on North Shore Eats to focus on her family, Bates started badmouthing her.

    ‘I’m not going to lie — I fear him,’ Goodwin said in a phone interview. ‘When I cut ties with him he started telling people I cooked food in a bathtub and didn’t have insurance.’

    Bates said he never said that Goodwin ‘cooked’ food in a bathtub, then sent Patch a screenshot of the message exchange in which a poster on his site said ‘Do you really want food prepared in someones [sic] bathtub???'”

    Beyond everything else that’s already been exposed, agruably the most egregious transgression committed by Greg Bates is the extorting of a single working nurse with six adopted children, including one terminally ill child, who is attempting to make ends meet by taking on another job.

    And now a word from [not] our sponsor.

    whitepages.com is a very easy way to find someone’s current home address and phone number, should you ever find an occasion where you need to do so. Whether it’s an old friend from high school that you want to catch up with and laugh over the good old days, or it’s a bloodless cocksucker of unfathomable turpitude that you want to expose to the world, report to the IRS and Federal Trade Commission, and shame until he hurls himself off a bridge into the swift and frigid currents of the Mystic River in a maudlin sobbing drunken act of ineffable destitution, the contact information you seek is just a couple clicks away.

  • Screw PC
    June 21, 2018 at 1:27 pm

    “Boo hoo, goodbye kids, Daddy’s going to go make himself die now.”

    Yeah, you fat fucking shit, when the Turtle Army is done exposing your evil to the world, you’ll wish you were dead.

    Bates kids, I recommend you have your real mom change your last names to hers. The embarrassment this vermin brought upon you before is nothing compared to what it will be when this is finally over and Dad has to exile himself to Canada.

  • msheadkracker
    June 21, 2018 at 12:16 pm

    This is just icing on the cake, and its sick! He needs charged with fraud, seriously. I have an 11 year old that is autistic, hes mild, but will still requore support services like ARC if he is going to ever try to live an independant productive life and this shit bag is stealing money intended for ARC. He must like his asshole pounded, cant seem to stay away from crime and wants to go back to jail. What a piece of shit, every resturant that gives gift cards should stop right away and file fraud charges on him, along with ARC, he need to sit in a jail cell for years for this shit! Rot in hell Greg, you are a big piece of dog shit!

  • deflatteddoritodinks
    June 21, 2018 at 9:04 am

    I always cash people’s checks they give me for autism. Then I drive over to the ARC and peel off one hundred dollar bills, which I give to the receptionist there. Then she gives me a receipt. Ooops! I keep losing those darn receipts. LOL!

  • The Professor
    June 21, 2018 at 7:05 am

    If I were Greg I’d incinerate those crates of gift cards pronto. Given the extent to which he over-estimates his own intelligence and as delusional and greedy as he is, my bet is he won’t part with his graft.

    The bursting boxes will look great on the exhibit table at his trial though.

  • Peter Niss
    June 21, 2018 at 12:03 am

    I have autism and I think this guy’s a complete piece of shit. I’m not his fucking shield. I’m gonna be very happy when he gets found guilty of fraud.

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