Notre Dame Fans Who Don’t Want Jameis Winston Suspended For Saturday Are The Worst Fans

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ESPN: Even as Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher says he believes that quarterback Jameis Winston didn’t sign autographs for money, a source tells ESPN that the university’s athletic compliance department has begun to look into how so many Winston autographs were authenticated by a single company.

ESPN has learned that after the team’s 38-20 win Saturday against Syracuse, Fisher approached Winston and asked him whether he signed autographs for money. Winston told Fisher, according to the source, that he did not.

Fisher then told reporters he wasn’t concerned that an autograph-authentication business, which recently was linked to suspended Georgia running back Todd Gurley, also was linked to Winston.

James Spence Authentication certified more than 500 autographs of Gurley, who is being investigated for allegedly taking money for signings.

A cursory search on JSA’s website found more than 340 certified Winston autographs. An additional search later on Monday revealed 600 more Winston autographs that had been authenticated and logged into the company’s website verification system for a total of more than 950 autographs.


Hey it turns out Jameis Winston is the guy who spams every article ever written – Jameis earns $20,000 a month while working at home and so can you!!

Seriously though, is there any player in the history of college football who is more ready for the pros than Jameis Winston? Sexual assault, theft, racketeering, “fuck her right in the pussy” rants in the middle of campus. I’ve never seen a more complete NFL resume than the one Jameis has put together in just a season and half.

So this story pretty much made my day today. Notre Dame is now ranked #5 and plays reigning national champion #2 Florida State Saturday night. They are undefeated because God loves us more than everyone else. I’m not kidding either. That’s the only way to explain how we win some of these games. I still don’t know how Pitt missed that kick two years ago.

Now at the beginning of the season I figured this game wouldn’t really matter. We’d be 4-2, and get facialized on the road. Now all of a sudden this game means the world. But realistically with Jameis playing, we didn’t really stand much of a chance.


That all changes if he FINALLY gets the boot. Did anyone see what FSU looked like against Clemson? Their backup quarterback might as well be playing for Everett High School. Guy is not ready for primetime. Notre Dame can beat a team led by him, but not a team led by Jameis. So here’s hoping they can link this dumbass to the cash before kickoff. Because one more fuck up and not even Jimbo Fisher can cover for him anymore.

First, let’s be real – obviously he accepted money for his autographs. And there might not be anything in the world I give a shit less than than I do about that. Jameis should have every fucking right to sell his autograph for money. It’s his fucking signature. The school isn’t paying him. It’s an off campus job that the NCAA shouldn’t have any authority over whatsoever.

But they do. Because the NCAA has to get their cut. So even though I don’t give a shit about this, the fact of the matter is that he clearly violated a rule and it’s only a matter of time until he’s busted. I just really, really hope it’s before Saturday.

And how full of shit is Jimbo Fisher? There is absolutely no fucking way he believes Jameis. That is a bold faced lie. Jimbo thinks Jameis is a dumbass. This is a nudnik who actually dressed for a game he was suspended for, and had to be told to go in the locker room and change while the cameras were rolling during warmups:

Jimbo knows that Jameis rode the special bus as a kid. He knows he’s lying, but he knows that he needs him to beat Notre Dame. So I’m not mad at Jimbo, but I’m insulted by all the idiots out there saying that we should wait until there is evidence. Like this moron:

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 6.42.01 PM

Yea sorry Daryl. You have a lovely family and all, but you’re obviously drunk on Seminole koolaid. Just admit that your star player is a fucktard who doesn’t take no for an answer. Obviously he got paid for all those autographs. Why wouldn’t he? Crab legs don’t grow on trees. And the NCAA isn’t gonna pay him shit despite profiting off of him, so in his mind he might as fucking well.

Anyway, my biggest beef is with self righteous Notre Dame fans who are saying shit like this:

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 5.48.25 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 5.48.57 PM

Jesus H. Christ, will you people please give it a rest with all this academic nonsense? Did you enjoy watching Tommy Rees reinvent the term “suckbag” last season when Everett Golson was suspended for….wait, what the hell was he suspended for? They never said exactly what. Just wasn’t being Mother Theresa, which apparently is some sort of crime in South Bend. Yea, as a fan who wanted to see the Irish win football games I sure was glad that Notre Dame kept it’s academic integrity. Especially when Tommy fucking Rees threw all those INT’s at home against Oklahoma. That was academically AWESOME!!!

First of all, all these people are full of shit. They watch the games and cheer these guys on when they play football. Question – do they stand outside of their final exams and cheer them on for that too? No? Oh, you mean they only support them on the field? Gee, I wonder where athletes get the idea that sports are all that matters. Maybe it’s from fraud fans like this who expect these kids to magically get all A’s while preparing to play the #2 team in the country.


Last time I wrote something about Notre Dame the Irish footy pajama wearers came out of the woodworks. They kept telling me I wasn’t a real fan because I was in touch with reality. Newsflash – being in touch with reality is the number one sign of fandom. That’s what separates the men from the pink hats. Has Notre Dame looked good? At times. But it turns out Michigan was actually terrible. Purdue put up too much of a fight then they should’ve, since they obviously suck. A fourth quarter comeback was needed to beat North Carolina. And the Stanford win was nice, but they’re barely a Top 25 team. That’s not exactly the resume I was looking for.

And do any of these delusional morons remember what happened the last time we played an SEC team? Remember when we ranked “#1” and we got creamfaced by Alabama? How the hell is this year ANY different? Same exact shit. Barely beat Stanford, took down some ragtags, and then – BOOM – Roll Tide facial.



Not that Florida State has exactly set the world on fire either. But at least this team beat Auburn last year. We know they’re capable of. And they’ve got big name players who hate learning. Players who fear reading and writing like the plague are a dangerous, dangerous group of individuals on a football field.


And please Notre Dame fans, for the love of God, stop saying shit like this:

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 6.56.46 PM

Newsflash – we’re not as good as Florida State, especially in Tallahassee. If Jameis plays we don’t win. Plain and simple. It’s nice and all that the Irish are ranked 5th, but yea, even the most delusional fan can’t possibly think that Notre Dame is the 5th best team in the country. If ND was in the SEC, they might not be the fifth best team in that conference. Put it this way, Notre Dame is ranked ahead of Auburn, Alabama, Georgia, and Oregon. You’d have to be on crack to think that Notre Dame could stand a chance against any of those teams.

Any Notre Dame fan who isn’t praying that Jameis gets suspended isn’t a real fan. Enough with this “I wanna beat them with Jamies playing” bullshit. I want them at their weakest. I want what gives us the best shot at winning. Playing a Heisman winner who has won a national championship on the road sounds like a pretty shitty Saturday night to me.

Feel free to share your thoughts to keep the conversation going.

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